with napoleons guard in russia the memoirs of major vionnet 1812

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With Napoleon S Guard In Russia

Author : Louis Joseph Vionnet
ISBN : 9781848846357
Genre : History
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Major Louis Joseph Vionnet's memoirs of Napoleon's disastrous 1812 campaign in Russia are readable, detailed, and full of personal anecdote and vivid glimpses into the life of the nineteenth-century soldier. His account concentrates in particular on the retreat from Moscow, but he was present at all the major actions and followed the entire course of the campaign from the opening moves in July 1812 to being chased through Prussia by bands of Cossacks in early 1813. He was present at the destruction of Smolensk, toured the battlefield of Borodino and witnessed the great fire in Moscow. Vionnet was a major in the Fusiliers-Grenadiers, a regiment of veterans in the Imperial Guard, and his account provides a wonderful insight into the élan, morale and cohesion of this elite fighting force. Jonathan North has translated Vionnet's memoirs for the first time for this English edition. In addition to providing detailed explanatory notes, he quotes from the accounts left by five other soldiers from the same regiment, and these extracts allow the reader to follow the ups and downs of the unit as a whole. Louis Joseph Vionnet, Vicomte de Maringoné, was born in Longueville in 1769, the son of a peasant and a lace maker. He joined the artillery in 1793 and was promoted to captain in the line in 1794. He fought in Italy in 1796, in the line infantry in 1798 and the Guard grenadiers in 1806, and campaigned in Prussia, Poland and Spain. In 1809, he joined the Fusiliers of the Guard, fought again in Spain in 1811 and then, with the rank of major, he took part in the 1812 Russian campaign, which he survived. He retired in the 1830s and died in 1834.

Russian Eyewitness Accounts Of The Campaign Of 1807

Author : Alexander Mikaberidze
ISBN : 9781473850163
Genre : History
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After his crushing defeat of Prussia in 1806, Napoleon marched into Poland to forestall any Russian attempts to come to the aid of their ally. There then followed the bloody battle in a blizzard at Eylau on 8 February 1807, which decimated both armies. Operations resumed in the spring and on 14 June Napoleon wrecked the Russian field army at Friedland. Napoleon and Emperor Alexander met at Tiltsit, and French mastery of north-west Europe was confirmed.??This is the first book to bring together dozens of Russian letters, memoirs and diaries, with authors ranging from the commander-in-chief (Benningsen) to NCOs. We see the brutal conditions of the winter campaign at first hand, and gain fresh insight into the infamous Treaty of Tiltsit and the diplomatic manoeuvring that followed it.

The Reader S Encyclopedia

Author : William Rose Benét
ISBN : 0713649852
Genre : Art
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A revised one-volume encyclopedia with over 10,000 informative entries,covering biographies of poets, playwrights, novelists and essayistsfrom Aristophanes, to Toni Morrison, from Chuang Tzu to Gabriel GarciaMarquez. There are plot summaries, sketches of principal characters,myths, legends and folklore, biographies of artists, musicians andhistorical personages, as well as accounts of significant schools andmovements in literature, and recipients of major literary awards.

Practical Power System Operation

Author : Ebrahim Vaahedi
ISBN : 9781118394021
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 85 MB
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Power system operation from an operator’s perspective Power systems are operated with the primary objectives of safety, reliability, and efficiency. Practical Power System Operation is the first book to provide a comprehensive picture of power system operation for both professional engineers and students alike. The book systematically describes the operator’s functions, the processes required to operate the system, and the enabling technology solutions deployed to facilitate the processes. In his book, Dr. Ebrahim Vaahedi, an expert practitioner in the field, presents a holistic review of: The current state and workings of power system operation Problems encountered by operators and solutions to remedy the problems Individual operator functions, processes, and the enabling technology solutions Deployment of real-time assessment, control, and optimization solutions in power system operation Energy Management Systems and their architecture Distribution Management Systems and their architecture Power system operation in the changing energy industry landscape and the evolving technology solutions Because power system operation is such a critical function around the world, the consequences of improper operation range from financial repercussions to societal welfare impacts that put people’s safety at risk. Practical Power System Operation includes a step-by-step illustrated guide to the operator functions, processes, and decision support tools that enable the processes. As a bonus, it includes a detailed review of the emerging technology and operation solutions that have evolved over the last few years. Written to the standards of higher education and university curriculums, Practical Power System Operation has been classroom tested for excellence and is a must-read for anyone looking to learn the critical skills they need for a successful career in power system operations.

Novelists And Novels

Author : Harold Bloom
ISBN : 9780791093733
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46. 23 MB
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Read what Bloom had to say on the world's great novelists including Miguel de Cervantes, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemmingway and more.

Blue Eyed Child Of Fortune

Author : Robert Gould Shaw
ISBN : 9780820342771
Genre : History
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On the Boston Common stands one of the great Civil War memorials, a magnificent bronze sculpture by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It depicts the black soldiers of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry marching alongside their young white commander, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. When the philosopher William James dedicated the memorial in May 1897, he stirred the assembled crowd with these words: "There they march, warm-blooded champions of a better day for man. There on horseback among them, in the very habit as he lived, sits the blue-eyed child of fortune." In this book Shaw speaks for himself with equal eloquence through nearly two hundred letters he wrote to his family and friends during the Civil War. The portrait that emerges is of a man more divided and complex--though no less heroic--than the Shaw depicted in the celebrated film Glory. The pampered son of wealthy Boston abolitionists, Shaw was no abolitionist himself, but he was among the first patriots to respond to Lincoln's call for troops after the attack on Fort Sumter. After Cedar Mountain and Antietam, Shaw knew the carnage of war firsthand. Describing nightfall on the Antietam battlefield, he wrote, "the crickets chirped, and the frogs croaked, just as if nothing unusual had happened all day long, and presently the stars came out bright, and we lay down among the dead, and slept soundly until daylight. There were twenty dead bodies within a rod of me." When Federal war aims shifted from an emphasis on restoring the Union to the higher goal of emancipation for four million slaves, Shaw's mother pressured her son into accepting the command of the North's vanguard black regiment, the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts. A paternalist who never fully reconciled his own prejudices about black inferiority, Shaw assumed the command with great reluctance. Yet, as he trained his recruits in Readville, Massachusetts, during the early months of 1963, he came to respect their pluck and dedication. "There is not the least doubt," he wrote his mother, "that we shall leave the state, with as good a regiment, as any that has marched." Despite such expressions of confidence, Shaw in fact continued to worry about how well his troops would perform under fire. The ultimate test came in South Carolina in July 1863, when the Fifty-fourth led a brave but ill-fated charge on Fort Wagner, at the approach to Charleston Harbor. As Shaw waved his sword and urged his men forward, an enemy bullet felled him on the fort's parapet. A few hours later the Confederates dumped his body into a mass grave with the bodies of twenty of his men. Although the assault was a failure from a military standpoint, it proved the proposition to which Shaw had reluctantly dedicated himself when he took command of the Fifty-fourth: that black soldiers could indeed be fighting men. By year's end, sixty new black regiments were being organized. A previous selection of Shaw's correspondence was privately published by his family in 1864. For this volume, Russell Duncan has restored many passages omitted from the earlier edition and has provided detailed explanatory notes to the letters. In addition he has written a lengthy biographical essay that places the young colonel and his regiment in historical context.


Author : Paul Britten Austin
ISBN : 1853672467
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 7 MB
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1812: The Great Retreat tells the story of the end of the most famously disastrous campaign in history, using the words of the survivors to describe their desperate withdrawal from Russia. Napoleon's campaign had begun with more than a third of a million men setting out on what was to be a long and terrible march to the glittering city of Moscow. Only 100,000 were to reach it. Forced to turn back in the face of winter's onset, almost nothing of the drastically reduced army lived to recross the Niemen River. Using the words of 160 of the participants, Paul Britten Austin brings unparalleled authenticity and immediacy to his unique account of the end of Napoleon's dramatic and tragic 1812 campaign.

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