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Wine Myths And Reality

Author : Benjamin Lewin
ISBN : 1934259594
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Wine Myths And Reality

Author : Benjamin Lewin MW
ISBN : 1535396776
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s wine an artisanal creation or industrial product? Wine Myths and Reality goes behind the scenes of winemaking to reveal the truth about what goes into a bottle of wine. Extensively illustrated with photographs, maps, and charts, its approachable and entertaining style immediately engages the reader in the wine universe.Panoramic in its scope, magisterial in its treatment, and meticulous in its research, Wine Myths and Reality explodes the world of wine. From monks treading grapes in the middle ages to the latest research into grapevine DNA, this compelling book presents the authoritative account of how wine is really made. Practices in viticulture and vinification come under the microscope, the tricks of the wine trade are revealed, the methods of the new and the old worlds are scrutinized, and their wines are discussed.An overview of all major wine-producing countries extends from the powerful wines of the new world to the classic wines of France or Italy. Does terroir really matter? Is the international style taking over? Will global warming destroy the existing wine-producing regions? And extrapolating from current trends, what will wine be like in the next decade?For this edition the book has been divided into two parts. Part 1 contains three sections dealing with Viticulture, Vinification, and the Wine Trade, with chapters on The Grapevine; Cultivating the Vineyard, The Mystique of Terroir, Global Warming, Turning Grape Juice into Wine, Cultivars, Global Wine Trends, The International Wine Trade, Fraud and Scandal.. Part 2 contains sections focusing on the wine regions of Europe and the New World, with chapters on North America, Australia & New Zealand, : Chile & Argentina, Bordeaux and Burgundy, The Rhône and Languedoc, Italy, Spain & Portugal, Sweet Wines, and Truth in Labeling. Each part contains a full index. Photographs in this reprint edition are in black and white.

Extreme Wine

Author : Mike Veseth
ISBN : 9781442219243
Genre : Business & Economics
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In Extreme Wine, wine economist and best-selling author Mike Veseth circles the globe searching for the best, worst, cheapest, most expensive, and most over-priced wines. Mike seeks out the most outrageous wine people and places and probes the biggest wine booms and busts. Along the way he applauds celebrity wines, tries to find wine at the movies, and discovers wines that are so scarce that they are almost invisible. Why go to such extremes? Because, Mike argues, the world of wine is growing and changing, and if you want to find out what’s really happening you can’t be afraid to step over the edge. Written with verve and appreciation for all things wine, Extreme Wine will surprise and delight readers.

Raw Architectural Engagements With Nature

Author : Solveig Bøe
ISBN : 9781317071372
Genre : Architecture
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Through cross-disciplinary explorations of and engagements with nature as a forming part of architecture, this volume sheds light on the concepts of both nature and architecture. Nature is examined in a raw intermediary state, where it is noticeable as nature, despite, but at the same time through, man’s effort at creating form. This is done by approaching nature from the perspective of architecture, understood, not only as concrete buildings, but as a fundamental human way both of being in, and relating to, the world. Man finds and forms places where life may take place. Consequently, architecture may be understood as ranging from the simple mark on the ground and primitive enclosure, to the contemporary megalopolis. Nature inheres in many aesthetic forms of expression. In architecture, however, nature emerges with a particular power and clarity, which makes architecture a raw kind of art. Even though other forms of art, as well as aesthetic phenomena outside the arts, are addressed, the analogy to architecture will be evident and important. Thus, by using the concept of ’raw’ as a focal point, this book provides new approaches to architecture in a broad sense, as well as other aesthetic and artistic practices, and will be of interest to readers from different fields of the arts and humanities, spanning from philosophy and theology to history of art, architecture and music.

The Spirituality Of Wine

Author : Gisela H. Kreglinger
ISBN : 9780802867896
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Explores the unique place of wine in a healthy, faithful Christian spirituality Wine plays an important role both in Scripture and in the Christian church, but its significance has received relatively little theological attention in modern times. This book fills that gap. Having grown up on a family winery in Bavaria, theologian Gisela Kreglinger artfully brings together the world of wine and Christian spirituality in this book. Viewing wine as a gift of God's created bounty and as a special symbol used pervasively throughout Scripture, Kreglinger canvasses the history of wine in the church, particularly its use in the Lord's Supper, discusses the fascinating process of winemaking, and considers both the health benefits of wine and the dangers of alcohol abuse. Offering a vision of the Christian life that sees God in all things -- including the work of a vintner and the enjoyment of a well-crafted glass of wine -- The Spirituality of Wine makes a unique contribution to a full-bodied Christian spirituality.


Author : Gareth Glover
ISBN : 9781473838345
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 59 MB
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More has probably been written about the Waterloo campaign than almost any other in history. It was the climax of the Napoleonic Wars and forms a watershed in both European and world history. However, the lethal combination of national bias, wilful distortion and simple error has unfortunately led to the constantly regurgitated traditional 'accepted' version being significantly wrong regarding many episodes in the campaign. Oft-repeated claims have morphed into established fact and, with the bicentenary of this famous battle soon to be commemorated, it is high time that these are challenged and finally dismissed.?Gareth Glover has spent a decade uncovering hundreds of previously unpublished eyewitness accounts of the battle and campaign, which have highlighted many of these myths and errors. In this ground-breaking history, based on extensive primary research of all the nations involved, he provides a very readable and beautifully balanced account of the entire campaign while challenging these distorted claims and myths, and he provides clear evidence to back his version of events. ?His thoughtful reassessment of this decisive episode in world history will be stimulating reading for those already familiar with the Napoleonic period and it will form a fascinating introduction for readers who are discovering this extraordinary event for the first time.

Yeltsin S Russia

Author : Lilii͡a Fedorovna Shevt͡sova
ISBN : 0870031279
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Yeltsin's Russia: Myths and Reality is the most current and comprehensive account of the achievements - and failures - of Boris Yeltsin's Russia. Combining keen political analysis with the unique perspective of a native observer, Shevtsova's book also offers a valuable assessment of the forces that will shape the post-Yeltsin era.

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