three dimensional separated flows topology singular points beam splitters and vortex structures

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Three Dimensional Separated Flows Topology

Author : Jean Délery
ISBN : 9781118579886
Genre : Science
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This book develops concepts and a methodology for a rational description of the organization of three-dimensional flows considering, in particular, the case where the flow is the place of separations. The descriptive analysis based on the critical point theory of Poincaré develops conventional but rather unfamiliar considerations from aerodynamicists, who face the understanding of complex flows including multiple separation lines and vortices. These problems concern industrial sectors where aerodynamics plays a key role, such as aerospace, ground vehicles, buildings, etc. Contents 1. Skin Friction Lines Pattern and Critical Points. 2. Separation Streamsurfaces and Vortex Structures. 3. Separated Flow on a Body. 4. Vortex Wake of Wings and Slender Bodies. 5. Separation Induced by an Obstacle or a Blunt Body. 6. Reconsideration of the Two-Dimensional Separation. 7. Concluding Remarks. About the Authors Jean Délery is a Supaero (French National Higher School of Aeronautics and Space) engineer who has worked at Onera (French national aerospace research center) since 1964. He has participated in several major French and European aerospace programs, is the author of many scientific publications, and has occupied various teaching positions particularly at Supaero, the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin, Ecole polytechnique in France and “La Sapienza” University in Rome, Italy. He is currently emeritus adviser at Onera.

Physics Briefs

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015027857286
Genre : Physics
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Optical Cdma Networks

Author : Hooshang Ghafouri-Shiraz
ISBN : 9780470665176
Genre : Science
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This book focuses heavily on the principles, analysis and applications of code-division multiple-access (CDMA) techniques in optical communication systems and networks. In this book, the authors intimately discuss modern optical networks and their applications in current and emerging communication technologies, evaluating the quality, speed and number of supported services. In particular, principles and fundamentals of optical CDMA techniques from beginner to advanced levels are heavily covered. Furthermore, the authors concentrate on methods and techniques of various encoding and decoding schemes and their structures, as well as analysis of optical CDMA systems with various transceiver models including advanced multi-level incoherent and coherent modulations with the architecture of access/aggregation networks in mind. Moreover, authors examine intriguing topics of optical CDMA networking, compatibility with IP networks, and implementation of optical multi-rate multi-service CDMA networks. Key features: Expanded coverage of optical CDMA networks, starts from principles and fundamentals Comprehensive mathematical modelling and analysis from signal to system levels Addresses the applications of modern optical networking in the current and emerging communication technologies Greater focus on advanced optical multi-level incoherent and coherent modulations, spreading codes, and transceiver designs Detailed hardware specifications, system-level block diagrams, and network nodes? functionalities This book appeals to researchers, practicing engineers, and advanced students. It is a practical resource for readers with an interest in optical communications and networks.

The Finding Guide To Aiaa Meeting Papers

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ISBN : UOM:39015030235983
Genre : Aeronautics
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A Guided Tour Of Light Beams

Author : David S Simon
ISBN : 1681744368
Genre :
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From science fiction death rays to supermarket scanners, lasers have become deeply embedded in our daily lives and our culture. But in recent decades the standard laser beam has evolved into an array of more specialized light beams with a variety of strange and counterintuitive properties. Some of them have the ability to reconstruct themselves after disruption by an obstacle, while others can bend in complicated shapes or rotate like a corkscrew. These unusual optical effects open new and exciting possibilities for science and technology. For example, they make possible microscopic tractor beams that pull objects toward the source of the light, and they allow the trapping and manipulation of individual molecules to construct specially-tailored nanostructures for engineering or medical use. It has even been found that beams of light can produce lines of darkness that can be tied in knots. This book is an introductory survey of these specialized light beams and their scientific applications, at a level suitable for undergraduates with a basic knowledge of optics and quantum mechanics. It provides a unified treatment of the subject, collecting together in textbook form for the first time many topics currently found only in the original research literature.

Natural Focusing And Fine Structure Of Light

Author : J.F Nye
ISBN : 0750306106
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A new kind of optics has grown up during the last 25 years. Geometrical optics has been studied for centuries (the law of reflection was known to the ancient Greeks) and wave optics (heralded by Huygens' Treatise on Light) has been studied for more than 300 years. But in the mid 1970s it began to be understood that when natural processes focus light, as when sunlight is reflected from the sea at sunset, the light caustics that are produced have a systematic behavior previously unrecognized. Natural Focusing and Fine Structure of Light: Caustics and Wave Dislocations provides a definitive account of how classical optics has been reconstructed in a modern way by emphasizing the hierarchy of singularities that exists in light fields. The book discusses the singularities of geometrical optics and their systematization by catastrophe theory. It explores the diffraction patterns associated with caustics that are dominated by wave dislocations, line singularities of the phase, and analogous to crystal dislocations. The book is a perfect blend of mathematics and physics, combining theory, computer simulation, and beautiful experimental photographs of the phenomena studied.

Handbook Of Industrial Mixing

Author : Edward L. Paul
ISBN : 9780471451440
Genre : Reference
File Size : 56. 39 MB
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Handbook of Industrial Mixing will explain the difference and uses of a variety of mixers including gear mixers, top entry mixers, side entry mixers, bottom entry mixers, on-line mixers, and submerged mixers The Handbook discusses the trade-offs among various mixers, concentrating on which might be considered for a particular process. Handbook of Industrial Mixing explains industrial mixers in a clear concise manner, and also: * Contains a CD-ROM with video clips showing different type of mixers in action and a overview of their uses. * Gives practical insights by the top professional in the field. * Details applications in key industries. * Provides the professional with information he did receive in school

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