theurgy and the soul the neoplatonism of iamblichus 2nd edition

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Theurgy And The Soul

Author : Gregory Shaw
ISBN : 1621380726
Genre : Philosophy
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Iamblichus was once considered one of the great philosophers. The Emperor Julian followed Iamblichus's teachings to guide the restoration of traditional pagan cults in his campaign against Christianity. Although Julian was unsuccessful, Iamblichus's ideas persisted well into the Middle Ages and beyond. His vision of a hierarchical cosmos united by divine ritual became the dominant worldview for the entire medieval world. Even Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that he expected a reading of Iamblichus to cause a "revival in the churches." But modern scholars have dismissed him, seeing theurgy as ritual magic or "manipulation of the gods." Shaw, however, shows that theurgy was a subtle and intellectually sophisticated attempt to apply Platonic and Pythagorean teachings to the full expression of human existence in the material world.

Encyclopedia Of Early Christianity Second Edition

Author : Everett Ferguson
ISBN : 9781136611582
Genre : Reference
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First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor and Francis, an informa company.

Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece

Author : Nigel Wilson
ISBN : 9781136788000
Genre : History
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Examining every aspect of the culture from antiquity to the founding of Constantinople in the early Byzantine era, this thoroughly cross-referenced and fully indexed work is written by an international group of scholars. This Encyclopedia is derived from the more broadly focused Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition, the highly praised two-volume work. Newly edited by Nigel Wilson, this single-volume reference provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the political, cultural, and social life of the people and to the places, ideas, periods, and events that defined ancient Greece.

Philosophy And Theurgy In Late Antiquity

Author : Algis Uždavinys
ISBN : 1597310867
Genre : Philosophy
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The ancient philosophy, in its original Orphico-Pythagorean and Platonic form, is not simply a way of life in accordance with the divine or human intellect (nous), but also the way of alchemical transformation and mystical illumination achieved through initiatic 'death' and subsequent restoration at the level of divine light. To use another mythical image, philosophy restores the soul's wings and leads the purified lover of wisdom to Heaven. As a means of spiritual reintegration and unification, ancient philosophy is inseparable from the hieratic rites. Therefore those scholars who themselves follow the anagogic path of Platonic tradition are more or less firmly convinced that their philosophy ultimately derives from the Egyptian and Mesopotamian temple liturgies and rituals, reinterpreted and revived by the Neoplatonists under the name of 'theurgy' in late antiquity. The theurgic 'animation' of statues appears to be among the main keys for understanding how various royal and priestly practices, related to the daily ritual service and encounter with the divine presence in the temples, developed into the Neoplatonic mysticism of late antiquity. The traditional theory of symbolism still stands on the Neoplatonic foundation established by Iamblichus, Proclus, and Damascius. "This book clearly establishes three things: that traditional myth (as the Neoplatonists maintained) is the symbolic expression of metaphysics, as metaphysics is the exegesis of myth; that Greek philosophy was not an isolated 'miracle' but a reinterpretation of perennial themes common to the ancient Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Indian, and especially Egyptian religions; and that Platonic philosophical discourse was but one-half of a whole which included an invocatory/contemplative practice known as 'theurgy'. It was not merely the ancestor of western speculative philosophy, but an askesis, a yoga-a way of realization (though no longer a living tradition) worthy to be included among the great spiritual methods of all places and times." Charles Uupton, author of Knowings "In this most stimulating and wide-ranging work, Algis Uzdavinys, drawing on the resources of his enormous learning, leads Neoplatonic theurgy back to its roots in Ancient Egypt, thereby setting Platonic philosophy in a new and wider context. Students of Neoplatonism will find themselves much indebted to him for this, and all readers will find their outlook on life significantly changed.- Prof. John M. Dillon, Trinity College, Dublin, author of Middle Platonists


Author : Lucas Siorvanes
ISBN : 0300068069
Genre : History
File Size : 62. 41 MB
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Proclus (410-485) was the last great Greek philosopher. In this study, Proclus expert Lucas Siorvantes sets out to strip away the complexities surrounding this traditionally difficult philosopher, with the intention of providing an accessible introduction to his work. Based on extensive study of the primary sources, he takes the reader through Proclus' metaphysics and epistemology, introducing the results of original research as well as explaining the more difficult passages. Sorivantes surveys the philosophical climate of Late Antiquity dominated by Aristotle and Plato, and points out the direct influence Proclus had on the subsequent work of Kepler and Copernicus.

De Mysteriis

Author : Iamblichus
ISBN : 9781589830585
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 31. 64 MB
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It takes a whole team, and several years, to translate work by the Syrian native Iamblichus (250-330), because his writing is neither eloquent nor graceful. They use the Bud text of douard Des Place as a basis for facing pages of Greek and English. The work attempts to combine the teachings of revelation literature with those of Neoplatonism, and t

Kissing The Limitless

Author : T. Thorn Coyle
ISBN : 1609250699
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 62. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book was written to be used in concert with whatever pagan tradition you are currently involved in. There are at least three levels to it: part one will help you strengthen the foundations of your spiritual practice, part two will ensure that you are sound in body, mind, emotion, sex, and spirit, and have developed will and ethics, and part three will lead you further into connection with your Godhood. . .The tools used to do this are breath work, dream work, pendulum work, aura reading, tarot, meditation, spells, and others. The goal of the book is to help guide you through the stages of personal consciousness that will then enable you to step into inclusive consciousness—a consciousness that encompasses the personal, political, environmental, social, mental, and transpersonal. [It is this] inclusive consciousness [that] enables us to reach the limitless, the divine, Goddess or God.

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