the truth of all that is the angel book to enlightenment and personal transformation

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The Truth Of All That Is

Author : Amelia Bert
ISBN : 1530353165
Genre :
File Size : 53. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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You have been guided here now. Nothing is random. In this book, the Angels respond to all your inquiries, thoughts and prayers. They share their wisdom, enlighten and empower. There are lessons to be learned, benefits to be gained, assistance to be given, truth to be revealed. They talk to you directly, if you would only allow the words to move through you, you will succeed your own personal transformation. This book is a direct Angel narration by intuitive Amelia Bert. It is the result of her spiritual journey of months of meditation and connection with lighted spirits. This is a spiritual book, that links all the peaces together by revealing the truth of the cosmos. NOTE FROM AUTHOR: As I am an angel intuitive, the Angels wanted me to write this book for all of you. They said: I should let all of you come on your own, when it is your time to read it. This way you will benefit the most. If you fell drawn to the cover or description, then it will enlighten and assist you on your path. If it is your time, read on. INSIDE YOU WILL DISCCOVER THE TRUTH OF: God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self Reincarnation Afterlife Fifth dimension Different galaxies Law of attraction Chakras Personal success Angel communication Time and Space and more HOW TO: Manifest your desires Find happiness Reveal your life's path Remove blockages Connect with your divinity Communicate with spirits Create a life you want Shield yourself Remember past life skills and more EFFECTS: Awakening towards the universal truth Personal transformation - - move to the fifth dimension Establishes connection with angels of the light Transition of high energy Enhances spirituality Expands awareness beyond the physical plane Awakens divine power Motivation CAUTION: The contains of this book provide powerful information that will lead to spiritual growth and transformation. You are advised not to proceed if you hold negative intentions, fear and/or uncertainty, as the information provided will not be of benefit. *The information given are for the advantage of those who are ready for its content. This book is not intended to provoke nor offend.

Journey Of The Angels

Author : Geoffrey Hoppe
ISBN : 9781609258764
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 23. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tobias is the entity who first appeared to Geoffrey Hoppe on an airplane in 1997. Tobias is an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth and came back through the angelic realms for what he calls the “biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced.” He lovingly assists those who are going through spiritual transformations, seeking to integrate their divinity with their humanity, and rediscovering the God within. His spiritual and inspirational messages have been delivered through Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe for many years. Journey of the Angels is an allegory told by Tobias through the Hoppes—his most powerful and positive statement yet: The key to spiritual transformation lies in the absolute surrender to the love of self, and in the total acceptance of everything we have chosen to experience in the density of this third-dimensional realm. “Ascension occurred in the moment when I said, ‘I Am That I Am, and I love everything about myself—without shame, without guilt, without reservation, without ifs, ands or buts.’ Ascension occurred when I surrendered into who I actually am, rather than to the aspects I had created trying to pretend I was something else. Ascension occurred when I knew within my heart that I am, I always was, and I always will be." "We came to forget, to remember, and finally, to know. That’s who we are, why we are here, that is the path we have chosen, and our purpose for choosing.” —Tobias

Angelic Enlightenment

Author : Linda Miller-Russo
ISBN : 1567184820
Genre : Archangels
File Size : 52. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Enlightenment is simply accepting and working with all the segments of the self to live a life rooted in truth, acceptance, and learning. In Angelic Enlightenment, you'll discover that the archangels have a plan to guide you to this exalted state. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel! Together they will gently but firmly lead you on every step of your path. You'll learn how to work with your past lives and your dreams. You'll learn the meaning of the five segments of the self: the soul, the higher self, the emotional self, the subconscious, and the conscious. You'll also learn the seven keys to self-knowledge: understanding your dreams, feelings, thought patterns, body, desires, shadow self, and mortality. By viewing the information that comes when you focus on each of these keys, you will gain an awareness and understanding of your internal processes. These will lead you on the path to enlightenment. Each of the archangels has his own particular wisdom to impart. Michael is the archangel of truth and justice. Raphael brings healing and acceptance. Gabriel will teach you strength and commitment to the path of truth. And Uriel is the archangel of love and beauty, from whom you will learn how to love the beauty of the universe. This book is filled with techniques and exercises that will help make the path of enlightenment your personal path. You'll learn dream interpretation and the keys to interpreting past lives. You'll learn how to chart your life and the secrets of the powerful L.E.A.R.N. technique for discovering the root emotions. Included for free in this book is a set of 27 angel cards which can be used to suggest ways to help you along your path. Linda and Peter Miller-Russo, authors of this book, have dedicated themselves to presenting the archangel's plan of healing and enlightenment to the world. All you need to do is take the first step and use this book.

Radical Dharma

Author : Angel Kyodo Williams
ISBN : 9781623170981
File Size : 68. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Igniting a long-overdue dialogue about how the legacy of racial injustice and white supremacy plays out in society at large and Buddhist communities in particular, this urgent call to action outlines a new dharma that takes into account the ways that racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening. The authors traveled around the country to spark an open conversation that brings together the Black prophetic tradition and the wisdom of the Dharma. Bridging the world of spirit and activism, they urge a compassionate response to the systemic, state-sanctioned violence and oppression that has persisted against black people since the slave era. With national attention focused on the recent killings of unarmed black citizens and the response of the Black-centered liberation groups such as Black Lives Matter, Radical Dharma demonstrates how social transformation and personal, spiritual liberation must be articulated and inextricably linked. Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Lama Rod Owens, and Jasmine Syedullah represent a new voice in American Buddhism. Offering their own histories and experiences as illustrations of the types of challenges facing dharma practitioners and teachers who are different from those of the past five decades, they ask how teachings that transcend color, class, and caste are hindered by discrimination and the dynamics of power, shame, and ignorance. Their illuminating argument goes beyond a demand for the equality and inclusion of diverse populations to advancing a new dharma that deconstructs rather than amplifies systems of suffering and prepares us to weigh the shortcomings not only of our own minds but also of our communities. They forge a path toward reconciliation and self-liberation that rests on radical honesty, a common ground where we can drop our need for perfection and propriety and speak as souls. In a society where profit rules, people's value is determined by the color of their skin, and many voices--including queer voices--are silenced, Radical Dharma recasts the concepts of engaged spirituality, social transformation, inclusiveness, and healing.

Twelve Universal Laws

Author : Anne E. Angelheart
ISBN : 1452536988
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Author Anne E. Angelheart’s intention in writing this book is to provide the information that will empower and encourage individuals to realize their ultimate potential and enhance their own lives by applying the wisdom from the ancient and forgotten laws of the universe. You can change your life and have fulfillment in each and every moment of your day! Each time this book is read something new and wonderful will speak to you in a soulful way that will transform your life. Twelve Universal Laws provides identification and integration of the laws into your daily living. By using new language, relatable examples, and experiences, you will immediately feel your connection to these ancient concepts and will be able to remember how to apply them in your life on a regular basis rather than selectively. Whether you are conscious of it or not, universal laws are making an impact on your life, so use this time of awakening to take charge of your journey and remember you are the creator of your life.

Wings Of Forgiveness

Author : Kyle Gray
ISBN : 1401947468
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 29. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Wings of Forgiveness is a book written for anyone who is ready to release their past and find freedom from fear. Kyle has found through his personal psychic practice and work with the angels that when people are experiencing difficulties, there is one topic that helps click everything else into place - forgiveness. Forgiveness is not an easy subject, but it is a necessary focus in spirituality and personal growth. In Wings of Forgiveness, the reader is taken on a journey - not outside of themselves, but within. They are encouraged to see and accept that they are held and cherished by the divine, that there are loving angels by their side, and master souls in heaven that have walked the path before them. In order for forgiveness to take place, the healing must begin inside - then it can start to reflect outwards and into the reader's life. Kyle draws on many spiritual texts, including A Course in Miracles and The Gnostic Gospels, making these sacred concepts more accessible for his 21st Century readers. Together with the angels, he will show you how to call in the power of heaven to help you forgive, release all that no longer serves you and experience joy and peace.

Enlightenment Through Orbs

Author : Diana Cooper
ISBN : 9781844091539
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 40. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is an introduction and initiation into the phenomenon of Orbs and can be used as an experiential tool by everyone.

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