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The Game

Author : Neil Strauss
ISBN : 9780062130112
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 48. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hidden somewhere, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground seduction lair. And in these lairs, men trade the most devastatingly effective techniques ever invented to charm women. This is not fiction. These men really exist. They live together in houses known as Projects. And Neil Strauss, the bestselling author and journalist, spent two years living among them, using the pseudonym Style to protect his real-life identity. The result is one of the most explosive and controversial books of the last decade—guaranteed to change the lives of men and transform the way women understand the opposite sex forever. On his journey from AFC (average frustrated chump) to PUA (pick-up artist) to PUG (pick-up guru), Strauss not only shares scores of original seduction techniques but also has unforgettable encounters with the likes of Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Courtney Love. And then things really start to get strange—and passions lead to betrayals lead to violence. The Game is the story of one man's transformation from frog to prince to prisoner in the most unforgettable book of this generation.

The Mystery Method

Author : Mystery
ISBN : 1429916982
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 53. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"One of the most admired men in the world of seduction" (The New York Times) teaches average guys how to approach, attract and begin intimate relationships with beautiful women For every man who always wondered why some guys have all the luck, Mystery, considered by many to be the world's greatest pickup artist, finally reveals his secrets for finding and forming relationships with some of the world's most beautiful women. Mystery gained mainstream attention for his role in Neil Strauss's New York Times bestselling exposé, The Game. Now he has written the definitive handbook on the art of the pickup. He developed his unique method over years of observing social dynamics and interacting with women in clubs to learn how to overcome the guard shield that many women use to deflect come-ons from "average frustrated chumps." The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed shares tips such as: *Give more attention to her less attractive friend at first, so your target will get jealous and try to win your attention. *Always approach a target within 3 seconds of noticing her. If a woman senses your hesitation, her perception of your value will be lower. *Don't be picky. Approach as many groups of people in a bar as you can and entertain them with fun conversation. As you move about the room, positive perception of you will grow. Now it's easy to meet anyone you want. *Smile. Guys who don't get laid, don't smile.

Twixster Method On Pick Up Artist Power Seductions Attraction Secrets Of Hot Girls Ultimate Dating Confidence Success Attracting Irresistible Women All Over The World

Author : Twixster Method
ISBN : 9781609844929
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 42. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Twixster Method proudly presents... A Master Class on Pick Up Artist Seductions and Attraction Secrets. This is the definitive Pick Up Artist's (PUA) guide to mastering your signs of attraction, talking to girls, gaining dating confidence & seducing women all over the world. Imagine... One Book with the power to change your life. Forever. Twixster's Complete Collection represents the creation of a radical new breed of attraction secrets and introduces a refeshingly original methodology to the world of seduction. After understanding this method you will be someone who commands attention and sexual interest from women at will. Through subliminal sexually phrased stories and the usage of irresistibly playful conversation starters, you will find yourself powerfully desired and eagerly pursued by beautiful women. You will be able to detect, with remarkable precision, the first signs of attraction while talking to any woman. You'll never again have to fear getting caught talking to girls with old (PUA) pick up artist seduction routines, using dated body language attraction methods, or the tired same opinion openers which have all hit the mainstream and known by all. Discover the best kept internet attraction secrets known as: The Twixster Method: Complete Collection Dating Guide Talk to girls in a way which guarantees you their undivided sexual interest and signs of attraction. Learn how to close like a pro. Take her home. Make her yours. Revolutionize your sex life. Unlock doors once thought impenetrable. Own every social encounter. Be the envy of all your friends. Exemplify ultimate dating confidence. Become the center of her universe. Live the life of a Master Pick Up Artist. In a world filled with clueless social butter knives... Be an unstoppable Samurai sword of female attraction. With Twixster's Method this is not just possible... It is inevitable! The Twixster Method is expert seduction material which has been tested, perfected and refined by a master pick up artist. Discover Twixster's latest pick up artist seductions & attraction secrets in this master class on dating confidence, signs of attraction, & the exquisite art of talking to girls. You are just one click away from radically altering your entire social & sexual landscape for the rest of your life. Are you ready for this?

Top Tips From The Baby Whisperer

Author : Melinda Blau
ISBN : 9781409003953
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 32. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tracy Hogg's incredible sensitivity and ability to read infants' cries, coos and assorted baby noises quickly earned her the admiration and gratitude of high-profile couples, including a host of celebrities. In her bestselling book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, Tracy demystified the magic she performed with some 5,000 babies. This handbag-sized, easy-to-use edition distils her wisdom enabling parents to work out what kind of baby they have, what kind of mother and father they are and what kind of parenting plan will work best for them. Tracy's practical programme works with infants as young as a day old and is a lifesaver for any new parent.

The Pickup Artist

Author : Mystery
ISBN : 9780345518217
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The world’s greatest pickup artist is back! After the bestselling exposé The Game pulled back the curtain on Mystery and his culture of professional pickup artists, he became an international phenomenon. Unfortunately, while it’s no secret that Mystery’s ideas are wildly effective, women have started to catch on. They’ve seen the show and heard the routines—so now it’s time for the next level of game! With techniques honed over fifteen years of trial, error, and ultimate triumph, and following his hit VH1 reality series, the celebrated sensei is back with his latest living-large exploits and a new and improved playbook for the twenty-first-century playboy. As the book begins, Mystery and his crew have withdrawn to their swank Miami mansion to plot their next move. When a new student comes to stay at the house, Mystery draws him deep into the pickup-artist lifestyle and shows him an intimate portrait of the master of seduction. Mystery lays out a complete system of game, and unveils his latest (and fully field-tested) strategies and techniques. The Pickup Artist includes • a list of all the triggers that create—and destroy—attraction • a new way to approach strangers and start a conversation: microcalibrated openers • Mystery’s most powerful humor technique, the Absurd—so you’ll never run out of things to say again • a full chapter on physical escalation (touching, kissing, “making a move”) • the solution to inner-game issues, for when you’re not confident enough • and much, much more Whether he’s holding court with eager disciples in South Beach, hanging out with his crew of fellow super-seducers in Las Vegas, or partying it up in the Hollywood Hills, Mystery is never far from where the action is—and never fails to get a piece of it. Now it’s your turn. Read The Pickup Artist and get into the game. From the Hardcover edition.

Soul Surfer Johnny Rides

Author : Bill Missett
ISBN : 9781491812877
Genre : Travel
File Size : 52. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This special edition of the "Soul Surfer Johnny" trilogy brings all three books together in one volume, with a special bonus chapter of 15 new stories. It includes the complete versions of "Soul Surfer Johnny," "Soul Surfer Johnny Returns," and "Soul Surfer Johnny Rips" intact and unabridged. Plus a new 12,000-word segment of new stories.

Soul Surfer Johnny Rips

Author : Bill Missett
ISBN : 9781477268582
Genre : Travel
File Size : 27. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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In Bill Missett’s final chapter of Soul Surfer Johnny’s adventures, we are taken through the journeys of many thrill seeking travelers, as Johnny and his wife Mia finally move to Puerto permanently, and their adventure begins anew. He and Mia meet countless soul surfers who add ingredients to the secret recipe that eventually becomes an award winning course of life to be enjoyed by the two true lovers. As Johnny matures in his new home of Puerto Tranquilo, he learns to digest and learn from the stories of those who have been through what he is currently experiencing. Missett conveys all of the life lessons the couple soaks in during what can only be described as a rich life without riches. They build a popular restaurant, a beautiful home, and more importantly, a bucket list of friends and memories. The surf remains an important part of their lives, but in this final chapter, Johnny and Mia drop into a veritable Mexican Pipeline barrel, breathing in every detail. Luckily, a writer like Missett is able to bring us back through that barrel in magnificent detail. We get to know so many characters from the previous chapters as well as new names. Several members of the famous crowd of Puerto regulars get to add their input this time. Their stories are told in first person, adding a great feeling of unedited authenticity. Several of the local “famosos” reappear, and some of the “Puerto Elders” walk us through the life and times of the enigmatic surf town. Missett writes in such a way that informs, intrigues, and entertains. This is the most entertaining of his works and deserves a loud applause. To be intrigued, you must read the earlier Soul Surfer Johnny books. To be truly informed, everyone should read his earlier “Awakening the Soul” series. A favorite author of all who read his works, Missett put together a great collaboration of stories with Soul Surfer Johnny Rips. However, in all honesty, we all hope that Johnny has another wave to catch through Bill Missett’s eyes. Thomas Wilson

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