the mystery of the rosary marian devotion and the reinvention of catholicism

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The Mystery Of The Rosary

Author : Nathan D. Mitchell
ISBN : 9780814763438
Genre : History
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Few questions of history have as many contemporary political implications as this deceptively simple one: how did capitalism come to be? In this clarifying work, Ellen Meiksins Wood refutes most existing accounts of the origin of capitalism, which, she argues, fail to recognize capitalism's distinctive attributes as a social system, making it seem a culmination of a natural human inclination to sell and buy. Wood begins with searching assessments of classical thinkers ranging from Adam Smith to Max Weber. She then explores the great Marxist debates among writers such as Paul Sweezy, Maurice Dobb, Robert Brenner, Perry Anderson, and E. P. Thompson. She concludes with her own account of capitalism's agrarian origin, challenging the association of capitalism with cities, the identification of "capitalist" with "bourgeois," and conceptions of modernity and postmodernity derived from those assumptions. Only with a proper understanding of capitalism's beginning, Wood concludes, can we imagine the possibility of it ending.

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105213189215
Genre : Philosophy
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At The Heart Of The Liturgy

Author : Maxwell E. Johnson
ISBN : 9780814663097
Genre : Law
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From 1991 to 2012, Nathan D. Mitchell was the author of the "Amen Corner" that appeared at the end of each issue of Worship. Readers of Worship grew accustomed to Nathan's columns as invitations to rethink the practice of Christian worship through a liturgical theology that was interdisciplinary, aesthetic, and attentive to history. With the soul of a poet, Nathan was always on the lookout for the turn of phrase, image, stanza, or metaphor from other classic wordsmiths that could capture the liturgical insight he wanted to explore. For the first time, this volume assembles some of the most important of these columns around the themes of body, Word, Spirit, beauty, justice, and unity. In addition, Nathan's former students offer substantive commentary through essays that invite the reader to consider how the themes raised by Nathan might develop in the coming years. This collection is a must-read both for those who admired Nathan's contribution to liturgical studies and for a newer generation of scholars seeking to discern the frontiers of liturgical theology. Nathan D. Mitchell is an emeritus professor of liturgy in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. In 1998, Mitchell was presented with the Berakah Award from the North American Academy of Liturgy for his contribution to the field. His many publications include the following books: Meeting Mystery: Liturgy, Worship, Sacraments, and The Mystery of the Rosary: Marian Devotion and the Reinvention of Catholicism.

Cult And Controversy

Author : Nathan Mitchell
ISBN : 0814660509
Genre : Religion
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In the first part of this book, Father Mitchell traces the evolution within the Roman Catholic tradition of the cult of the Eucharist outside Mass, a change from holy meal to ritual drama that implied significant alterations of content, meaning, and interpretation. The second section comments on the mandates of Vatican Council II whose call to a return to proper praxis necessitated changes in then current pastoral practice and theological interpretation.

Sing Of Mary

Author : Stephanie Budwey
ISBN : 9780814682937
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 21 MB
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Throughout the history of Christianity, Mary has been a beacon of hope to many who look to her. While Christians have always prayed to Mary, they have also sung to her in times of joy and sorrow. Sing of Mary analyzes Marian hymnody throughout Christianity—and particularly in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States from 1854 to today—focusing not only on the texts and music but also on the contexts out of which these hymns came. By using a holistic methodology—drawing from anthropology, history, liturgy, musicology, psychology, sociology, and theology—this study takes an interdisciplinary approach toward studying Marian theology and devotion through the lens of hymnody. This volume, accessible to both laypeople and academics, provides readers with a clear and full understanding of Marian hymnody by looking at many examples throughout the history of Christianity up through the present, thus shedding light on the history of Marian devotion and theology. The work concludes by providing hope for the future of Marian congregational song, particularly by exploring how the Magnificat can help Marian congregational song be meaningful to a wide range of Christians.

Dark Mysteries Of The Vatican

Author : H. Paul Jeffers
ISBN : 9780806533766
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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What The Vatican Doesn't Want You To Know: The lies. The conspiracies. The cover-ups. The truth. Deep behind the walls of the world's holiest site is a dense network of lies, corruption, and conspiracies fueling the Vatican's vast and unchecked influence on world events. From the Holy Orders that defied the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill" to the scandals splashed across international headlines, the Vatican is no longer shrouded in mystery, legend, and secrecy. It's all here: The shocking and unsolved murder of the corrupt Vatican financier known as "God's Banker" Real-life exorcism--and shocking rumors of Satanism The Vatican's startling views on extraterrestrials and end-of-world prophesies The Vatican's hidden ties to Nazi Germany and the Mafia The bizarre rituals of the ultraconservative Opus Dei The Vatican's ruthless 500-year war with the Freemasons Pope Pius XII's anti-Semitic indifference to the plight of Europe's Jews and the Holocaust And much more! This utterly fascinating, unflinching account is the most definitive exposé ever written about the most secretive institution in the world. H. Paul Jeffers is the author of The Bilderberg Conspiracy, Freemasons: Inside the World's Oldest Secret Society and Freemasons in America: Inside the Secret Society, among fifty other books. He has appeared on C-SPAN, Fox News, and The History Channel.

The Prodigious Muse

Author : Virginia Cox
ISBN : 9781421400327
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 58. 29 MB
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In her award-winning, critically acclaimed Women's Writing in Italy, 1400--1650, Virginia Cox chronicles the history of women writers in early modern Italy -- who they were, what they wrote, where they fit in society, and how their status changed during this period. In this book, Cox examines more closely one particular moment in this history, in many ways the most remarkable for the richness and range of women's literary output. A widespread critical notion sees Italian women's writing as a phenomenon specific to the peculiar literary environment of the mid-sixteenth century, and most scholars assume that a reactionary movement such as the Counter-Reformation was unlikely to spur its development. Cox argues otherwise, showing that women's writing flourished in the period following 1560, reaching beyond the customary "feminine" genres of lyric, poetry, and letters to experiment with pastoral drama, chivalric romance, tragedy, and epic. There were few widely practiced genres in this eclectic phase of Italian literature to which women did not turn their hand. Organized by genre, and including translations of all excerpts from primary texts, this comprehensive and engaging volume provides students and scholars with an invaluable resource as interest in these exceptional writers grows. In addition to familiar, secular works by authors such as Isabella Andreini, Moderata Fonte, and Lucrezia Marinella, Cox also discusses important writings that have largely escaped critical interest, including Fonte's and Marinella's vivid religious narratives, an unfinished Amazonian epic by Maddalena Salvetti, and the startlingly fresh autobiographical lyrics of Francesca Turina Bufalini. Juxtaposing religious and secular writings by women and tracing their relationship to the male-authored literature of the period, often surprisingly affirmative in its attitudes toward women, Cox reveals a new and provocative vision of the Italian Counter-Reformation as a period far less uniformly repressive of women than is commonly assumed. Praise for Women's Writing in Italy, 1400--1650 "Exhaustive and insightful... This is an amazing book, a major achievement in the field of women's studies." -- Renaissance Quarterly "This is a definitive study and will surely remain so for many years to come." -- Choice "Virginia Cox has written a magisterial study of the major trends in women's writing in Renaissance and Counter-Reformation Italy... This is indeed an impressive volume and one which deserves to be read and studied. It will change the way we think about women's writing in early modern Italy." -- Modern Language Review

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