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The Confessions Of St Augustine

Author : Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)
ISBN : 9780486424668
Genre : Religion
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Recalls crucial events in the author's life, including his origins in rural Algeria, his lavish lifestyle in Milan, his struggle with sexual desires, his eventual renunciation of secular ambitions and marriage, and the recovery of his Catholic faith.

The Confessions Of Saint Augustine

Author : Saint Augustine of Hippo
ISBN : 9781783793716
Genre : Religion
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THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE SAINT AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO — A Catholic Classic! — Includes a Foreword by the Translator — Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents and Layered NCX Navigation — Includes Illustrations by Gustave Dore Publisher: Available in Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-78379-369-3 What gives the Confessions their special quality is that Augustine was a passionate man with two passions not often found at such intensity in the one man: there was his bodily passion for women, which came to him with adolescence, and his intellectual passion for truth, which seems to have come a few years later with the reading of Cicero’s Hortensius. A clamorous body and a clamorous mind both demanded satisfaction, and he could not silence either for the other. What the body wanted was simple enough. What the mind wanted was truth about God (especially how could He be everywhere unless He Himself had spatial dimensions); and it wanted the truth about God both because it was the primary truth and it was the condition of having any other truth at all. PUBLISHER: CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING

Saint Augustine Of Hippo

Author : Miles Hollingworth
ISBN : 9780199861590
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Saint Augustine of Hippo is a major revisionist treatment of Augustine's life and thought. It has long been assumed - and not without good reason - that the main lines of Augustine's leading ideas have been more or less fixed since his death. That insofar as we should be aware of him in the twenty-first century, he is a figure described by his times. In a stimulating and provocative reinterpretation of Augustine's ideas and their position in the Western intellectual tradition, Miles Hollingworth's work carefully positions itself vis-a-vis the latest scholarship, drawing its inspiration from the actual narrative of Augustine's life. And by this means it returns a cardinal but long-neglected fact to the centre of Augustinian studies: the fact that there is a direct line from Augustine's own early experiences of life to his later commentaries on it. That his new Christianity did not obliterate what had gone before in blunt assaults of dogma and doctrine but actually caught a subtle and reflective mind at the point when it was despairing of finding the truth. Christianity vindicated a disquiet that Augustine had been feeling all along: he felt that it alone had spoken to his serious rage about man, abandoned to the world and dislocated from all real understanding by haunting glimpses of the Divine. This book is radical enough to be considered a major new treatment of Augustine on all fronts; it achieves its purpose by privileging a genuinely neglected element in hiswritings and in so doing it introduces us to Augustine as he emerges from the unique circumstances of his life, yet uncovering the ironies and inconsistencies that we might just as well find in our own lives.

Augustine S Confessions

Author : Garry Wills
ISBN : 9781400838028
Genre : Religion
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In this brief and incisive book, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Garry Wills tells the story of the Confessions--what motivated Augustine to dictate it, how it asks to be read, and the many ways it has been misread in the one-and-a-half millennia since it was composed. Following Wills's biography of Augustine and his translation of the Confessions, this is an unparalleled introduction to one of the most important books in the Christian and Western traditions. Understandably fascinated by the story of Augustine's life, modern readers have largely succumbed to the temptation to read the Confessions as autobiography. But, Wills argues, this is a mistake. The book is not autobiography but rather a long prayer, suffused with the language of Scripture and addressed to God, not man. Augustine tells the story of his life not for its own significance but in order to discern how, as a drama of sin and salvation leading to God, it fits into sacred history. "We have to read Augustine as we do Dante," Wills writes, "alert to rich layer upon layer of Scriptural and theological symbolism." Wills also addresses the long afterlife of the book, from controversy in its own time and relative neglect during the Middle Ages to a renewed prominence beginning in the fourteenth century and persisting to today, when the Confessions has become an object of interest not just for Christians but also historians, philosophers, psychiatrists, and literary critics. With unmatched clarity and skill, Wills strips away the centuries of misunderstanding that have accumulated around Augustine's spiritual classic.

The Life Of Saint Augustine

Author : Saint Possidius
ISBN : 9781889758909
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Few figures from antiquity are as well known to us as Augustine of Hippo. Thanks to his Confessions, we know a great deal about Augustine's life prior to his conversion to Christianity. Yet, without this little biography written by his intimate friend Possidius, bishop of Calama, we would know comparatively little about Augustine's life after his baptism. In straight-forward, unadorned prose, Possidius shows Augustine as a powerful intellect, voluminous writer, and compelling orator, willing and able to defend the Church against all comers be they pagans, Donatists, Arians or Manichaeans. But he also presents an Augustine who humbly endured the everyday trials and difficulties of life as a bishop in Roman Africa. He shows a man who ate sparingly, worked tirelessly, despised gossip, shunned the temptations of the flesh, and exercised prudence and frugality in the financial stewardship of his see. Possidius also supplies one of the only first-hand descriptions of the great tragedy of Augustine's life-the Vandalic conquest of Roman Africa. He poignantly describes Augustine's final illness as he lay locked inside Hippo Regius with the barbarian host literally at the city gates. More than simply the biography of a great saint, The Life of Saint Augustine provides a tantalizing glimpse into life in late Roman Africa-a prosperous society on the verge of destruction. This edition of Weiskotten's translation has been completely re-typeset for the modern reader. The text has been amended to include several corrections from an errata sheet that accompanied the original publication. It includes an expanded bibliography, updated citations, and a revised map. (Note: this edition does not include Weiskotten's revised Latin text.)

Augustine Of Hippo Selected Writings

Author : Agustín (Santo, )
ISBN : 0809125730
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selections from the writings of one of the most influential shapers of the western theological tradition, Augustine of Hippo (354-430), including On the Trinity, The Rule of St. Augustine, The Happy Life, On the Presence of God and other works.

The Political Writings Of St Augustine

Author : Bishop of Hippo Saint Augustine
ISBN : 0895267047
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89. 61 MB
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Here in one concise volume is St. Augustine's brilliant analysis of where faith and politics meet - casting a penetrating light on Roman civilization, the coming Middle Ages, ecclesiastical politics, and some of the most powerful ideas in the Western tradition, including Augustine's famous "just war theory" and his timeless ideas of how men should live in society.

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