the economic crisis and governance in the european union a critical assessment

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The Economic Crisis And Governance In The European Union

Author : Javier Bilbao-Ubillos
ISBN : 9781135118662
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book explores the way in which the financial crisis that began in the US spread to the economy of the European Union. It takes a critical look at the measures adopted by EU institutions in response to that crisis, seeking to explain the rationale behind them, their context, their development and why different exit strategies were not adopted. In doing this, the book makes comparisons with the measures adopted by institutions in the US and the UK. As the crisis has shown that the financial supervision frameworks prevailing in 2007 were not fully able to deal with the largest financial crisis in history, this volume also reviews the proposals that have been designed to reform the supervisory architecture in financial services in the EU. The book concludes that the EU member states under most pressure from financial markets do suffer from intrinsic problems, but that the economic effects of the crisis have been exacerbated by shortcomings in economic governance within the EU. This work will be highly relevant to policy makers and scholars looking at EU integration, finance and market regulation.

Europe And The Euro

Author : Enrico Marelli
ISBN : 9783319457291
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book offers a fresh perspective on the recent Eurozone "double crisis" and its related economic policies. The authors present empirical evidence which sheds new light on the growing economic and political debate on the future of the Euro, the Eurozone and the EU. The book investigates and assesses the impact of the crisis with particular reference to monetary and fiscal policy, whose protracted austerity approach has dampened economic growth. In their discussion of the long-run European integration process, the authors emphasize the original weaknesses in the construction of the European Monetary Union and examine its failure to respond to the recent crisis. The concluding chapter focuses on the need for crucial reform in European governance and discusses the impact of the UK’s recent EU membership referendum. Scholars, students and members of the general public with an interest in the future of the Eurozone will find this work thought-provoking, instructive and highly informative.

The European Union And Global Governance

Author : Jens-Uwe Wunderlich
ISBN : 1857438264
Genre : European Union countries
File Size : 57. 89 MB
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The role of the European Union in global politics has been of growing interest over the past decade. The EU is a key player in global institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and NATO. It continues to construct an emerging identity and project its values and interests throughout contemporary international relations. The capacity of the EU to both formulate and realise its goals, however, remains contested. Some scholars claim the EU's `soft power' attitude rivals that of the USA's `hard power' approach to international relations. Others view the EU as insufficiently able to produce a co-ordinated position to project upon global politics. Regardless of the position taken within this debate, the EU's relationship with its external partners has an increasingly important impact upon economic, political and security concerns on an international level. Trade negotiations, military interventions, democracy promotion, international development and responses to the global economic crisis have all witnessed the EU playing a central role. This has seen the EU become both a major force in contemporary institutions of global governance and a template for supranational governance that might influence other attempts to construct regional and global institutions. This volume brings together a collection of leading EU scholars to provide a state-of-the-art overview covering these and other debates relating to the EU's role in contemporary global governance. The Handbook is divided into four main sections: Part I:European studies and global governance - provides an overview and critical assessment of the leading theoretical approaches through which the EU's role in global governance has been addressed within the literature. Part II:Institutions - examines the role played by the key EU institutions in pursuing a role for the EU in contemporary international relations. Part III:Policy and issue areas - explores developments within particular policy sectors, assessing the different impact that the EU has had in different issue areas, including foreign and security policy, environmental policy, common commercial policy, the Common Agricultural Policy, development policy, accession policy, the Neighbourhood Policy and conflict transformation. Part IV:The global multilevel governance complex and the EU - focuses on the relationship between the EU and the institutions, regions and countries with which it forms a global multilevel governance complex, including chapters on the EU's relationship with the WTO, United Nations, East Asia, Africa and the USA. The editors are Jens-Uwe Wunderlich(Aston University) and David J. Bailey(University of Birmingham). Jens-Uwe Wunderlich's research and teaching focuses on international relations theory, European integration and globalization and on comparative regionalism; he has recently published Regionalism, Globalisation and International Order-Europe and Southeast Asia(Ashgate) and A Dictionary of Globalization(Routledge, 2007). David Bailey has published on trends in European governance in the Journal of European Public Policy, Comparative European Politics, and Journal of European Social Policy.

National Parliaments After The Lisbon Treaty And The Euro Crisis

Author : Jancic Davor
ISBN : 9780192509345
Genre : Law
File Size : 54. 85 MB
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A critical assessment by eminent legal and political science experts in the field, this book examines the two key factors which have deeply affected the position of national parliaments in European integrations: the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone. Structured in three parts, the book will address the question, 'Do national parliaments exhibit resilience or resignation in these changed politico-legal and socio-economic circumstances in the EU?' Part I investigates the impact of the aforementioned factors against the theoretical concepts of constitutionalism and democratic legitimacy. Part II evaluates the changing nature of parliamentary functions, and Part III appraises the evolving relationships between national parliaments and national governments, national courts, and EU institutions, in addition to surveying the emerging patterns of interparliamentary cooperation. This interdisciplinary collection yields novel insights into how the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union and the pursuance of new initiatives for parliamentary action impact the shape and nature of EU democracy.

Benchmarking Working Europe 2011

Author :
ISBN : 9782874522086
Genre : Industrial relations
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Is the Europe 2020 strategy leading us, as it promises, towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth? This is the main question addressed by this publication on the eve of this year’s Spring European Summit. The ETUC and ETUI offer a critical assessment of the strategy and its various components: will it be able to provide a framework for the creation of more and better-quality jobs? Are the policies and indicators set to promote an increase in social cohesion? How can workers better participate in the achievement of these various aims? Benchmarking Working Europe 2011 is structured in eight topical chapters illustrated by a significant number of graphs, and has a completely new layout. The various chapters on the different facets of Europe 2020 contain a carefully argued and critical analysis of the design and contents of the European mid-term strategy and of the state of the European economic, employment and social indicators. They question the underlying foundation which firmly places the emphasis on fiscal consolidation while neglecting the need for economic growth and quality jobs. The major problem is that, if the (macro) economics are wrong, all the other laudable targets and procedures in the Europe 2020 strategy – raising education standards and R&D spending, reducing poverty – will prove entirely illusory, further undermining the credibility of Europe. Several of the contributions to this volume show that it is rather by raising social and environmental standards and wellbeing that we might succeed in achieving a sustainable growth pattern and a healthier and more cohesive society for the future.

Strategies Markets And Governance

Author : Ralf Boscheck
ISBN : 9781139472173
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38. 81 MB
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Strategies, Markets and Governance addresses governance concerns at firm, industry, country and international levels. How do regulatory authorities deal with new business models, organizational structures and blurring market relations? What limits regulatory control and what are the implications of corporate self-regulation? What drives the spread of new regulation and what limits its effectiveness? How does 'the organized public' shape political and corporate interests and what is its legitimacy and impact on business? How do corporate strategies turn tighter regulation into profit opportunities, deliver public benefits in the face of predatory states and when is exit the only option left? The contributing authors are leading researchers on governance and public policy, and present assessments of these questions in a variety of institutional and international contexts. The book is ideally suited to advanced students of business, public policy and business regulation, as well as practitioners and policy makers.

Accroissements De La Biblioth Que Centrale Fonds Quetelet

Author : Bibliothèque centrale (Fonds Quetelet)
ISBN : 2910749053
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 92 MB
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Qu'est-ce que la confiance ? Fait-on seulement confiance par intérêt, comme le suggèrent certains économistes, ou la confiance est-elle au cœur des relations sociales comme l'affirment plutôt les sociologues ? Au sein de l'entreprise, à quelles conditions et dans quel cadre est-elle un " lubrifiant " des relations sociales ? Est-elle essentiellement interpersonnelle ou peut-on avoir confiance dans des dispositifs: ne dit-on pas, par exemple, " avoir confiance dans une monnaie "? Dans les relations entre les entreprises, quel rôle la confiance joue-t-elle? Des entreprises concurrentes peuvent-elles entretenir des relations de confiance ? La confiance peut-elle être incorporée dans les instruments de gestion ? Confiance et défiance sont-elles mutuellement exclusives ou peuvent-elles coexister au sein d'une même organisation ? A partir de l'observation de relations inter-organisationnelles et d'études de cas conduites dans des entreprises, les auteurs, économistes, gestionnaires, sociologues issus de différentes universités de France et du Québec apportent sur toutes ces questions des éclairages significatifs et inédits sur la nature de la confiance et sur son rôle dans les relations à l'intérieur des entreprises, entre les entreprises et dans de nombreuses situations sociales.

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