the ecology of plant secondary metabolites from genes to global processes

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The Ecology Of Plant Secondary Metabolites

Author : Glenn R. Iason
ISBN : 9780521193269
Genre : Nature
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Plant secondary metabolites (PSMs) such as terpenes and phenolic compounds are known to have numerous ecological roles, notably in defence against herbivores, pathogens and abiotic stresses and in interactions with competitors and mutualists. This book reviews recent developments in the field to provide a synthesis of the function, ecology and evolution of PSMs, revealing our increased awareness of their integrative role in connecting natural systems. It emphasises the multiple roles of secondary metabolites in mediating the interactions between organisms and their environment at a range of scales of ecological organisation, demonstrating how genes encoding for PSM biosynthetic enzymes can have effects from the cellular scale within individual plants all the way to global environmental processes. A range of recent methodological advances, including molecular, transgenic and metabolomic techniques, are illustrated and promising directions for future studies are identified, making this a valuable reference for researchers and graduate students in the field.

Plant Physiological Ecology

Author : Hans Lambers
ISBN : 9781475728552
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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This textbook is remarkable for emphasising that the mechanisms underlying plant physiological ecology can be found at the levels of biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology and whole-plant physiology. The authors begin with the primary processes of carbon metabolism and transport, plant-water relations, and energy balance. After considering individual leaves and whole plants, these physiological processes are then scaled up to the level of the canopy. Subsequent chapters discuss mineral nutrition and the ways in which plants cope with nutrient-deficient or toxic soils. The book then looks at patterns of growth and allocation, life-history traits, and interactions between plants and other organisms. Later chapters deal with traits that affect decomposition of plant material and with plant physiological ecology at the level of ecosystems and global environmental processes.

Plant Associated Bacteria

Author : Samuel S. Gnanamanickam
ISBN : 1402045379
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume is envisioned as a resource for researchers working with beneficial and harmful groups of bacteria associated with crop plants. The book is divided into two parts, with Part I on beneficial bacteria including chapters on symbiotic nitrogen fixers and rhizosphere bacteria. The second part consists of detailed descriptions of 8 genera of plant pathogenic bacteria, including Agrobacterium and Herbaspirillum. Each chapter covers terminology, molecular phylogeny and more. soft-rot, Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, Ralstonia, Burkholderia and Acidovorax There is an opening chapter on the plant-associated bacteria survey, molecular phylogeny, genomics and recent advances. And each chapter includes terminology/definitions, molecular phylogeny, methods that can be used (both traditional and latest molecular tools) and applications

Plant Biochemistry

Author : Hans-Walter Heldt
ISBN : 0128102144
Genre :
File Size : 22. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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The fully revised and expanded fourth edition of Plant Biochemistry presents the latest science on the molecular mechanisms of plant life. The book not only covers the basic principles of plant biology, such as photosynthesis, primary and secondary metabolism, the function of phytohormones, plant genetics, and plant biotechnology, but it also addresses the various commercial applications of plant biochemistry. Plant biochemistry is not only an important field of basic science explaining the molecular function of a plant, but is also an applied science that is in the position to contribute to the solution of agricultural and pharmaceutical problems. Plants are the source of important industrial raw material such as fat and starch but they are also the basis for the production of pharmaceutics. It is expected that in the future, gene technology will lead to the extensive use of plants as a means of producing sustainable raw material for industrial purposes. As such, the techniques and use of genetic engineering to improve crop plants and to provide sustainable raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are described in this edition. The latest research findings have been included, and areas of future research are identified. Offers the latest research findings in a concise and understandable manner. Presents plant metabolism in the context of the structure and the function of plants. Includes more than 300 two-color diagrams and metabolic schemes. Covers the various commercial applications of plant biochemistry. Provides extensive references to the recent scientific literature.

Biochemistry Of Plant Secondary Metabolism

Author : Michael Wink
ISBN : 0849340853
Genre : Science
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The secondary metabolites of plants were once considered to be waste products - today, their true value is understood. New methods of separation and structural elucidation, and advances in the investigation of biochemical activities, have increased our understanding of secondary metabolites. Their function as a defense mechanisms offers a great potential for technological gain. Secondary metabolites can be utilized in agriculture to breed stronger crops and in the manufacture of biorational pesticides. They can also be exploited by medicine as theraputic agents. And these are just two of the likely uses. This landmark volume presents articles by an impressive team of experts from leading laboratories. Each chapter considers a current understanding of secondary metabolites in nature and the potential exploitation of those qualities by the biotechnology industry.

Plant Biotechnology And Plant Genetic Resources For Sustainability And Productivity

Author : Kazuo N. Watanabe
ISBN : 9780080551326
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Plant Biotechnology And Plant Genetic Resources, which boasts a truly international list of contributors with a variety of expertise, thoroughly explores all the major contemporary concerns. It discusses the strategies for the best use of modern biotechnology and precious plant genetic resources to alleviate components associated with global constraints in hunger, environment and health. This book is a valuable resource for scientists and policy makers as the world faces unprecedented challenges in the sustainability and productivity of the global food and fibre system.

Innovations In Chemical Biology

Author : Bilge Sener
ISBN : 9781402069550
Genre : Science
File Size : 79. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book includes 49 chapters presented as plenary , invited lectures and posters at the conference. Six plenary lectures have published in an issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Vol. 79, No. 12, 2007; the titles of these presentations are given as an Annex at the end of the book. I thank all contrib utors for the preparation of their presentations. It is sad to report that Professor Hitoshi Ohtaki, one of the founders of the Eurasia conferences and contributors passed away on November 5, 2006. Professor Ohtaki enthusiastically promoted international cooperation and took it upon himself to p- licize Japanese science to the wider world. His contribution in this book will serve as a memorable contribution to that goal. He will be missed by all of us. This book is dedicated to his memory. Professor Dr . Bilge S ̧ ener Editor Memorial Tribute to Professor Dr. Hitoshi Ohtaki Curriculum Vitae of Hitoshi Ohtaki Date of Birth September 16, 1932 Place of Birth T ok yo, Japan Date of Decease November 5, 2006 (at the age of 74) Addr ess 3-9-406 Namiki-2-chome, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Japan Institution Chair Professor of The Research Organization of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University Guest Professor of Yokohama City University Education Bachelor of Science, Nagoya University, 1955 Master of Science, Nagoya University, 1957 Doctor of Science, Nagoya University, 1961 ix x Memorial Tribute to Professor Dr.

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