the china crisis how chinas economic collapse will lead to a global depression

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The China Crisis

Author : James R. Gorrie
ISBN : 9781118470787
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A controversial look at the impending Chinese economic collapse—the history behind it, its contemporary causes, and its dire implications for the global economy All the experts agree: the 21st century belongs to China. Given America's looming insolvency and the possibility of the collapse of the U.S. dollar, who can doubt that China is poised to take over the role of economic superpower? Written by political economist and leading financial journalist James Gorrie, this book offers a highly controversial, contrarian view of contemporary China. Drawing upon a wealth of historical and up-to-the-minute data, Gorrie makes a strong case that China, itself, is on the verge of an economic crisis of epic proportions. He explains how, caught in a recurrent boom/bust cycle that has played itself out several times over the past sixty years, China is again approaching total economic and social collapse. But with one important difference this time: they may very well take the entire global economy down with them. Explores the Chinese communist party's unfortunate history of making costly and very bloody mistakes on an enormous scale One-by-one Gorrie analyzes those critical mistakes and explains how they may lead to economic collapse in China and global depression Describes Chinese "cannibal capitalism," and where its massive abuse of the country's environment, people, and arable lands is leading that country and the world economy Chronicles China's history of recurring economic crisis and explains why all the evidence suggests that history is about to repeat itself

Western Perspectives On The People S Republic Of China

Author : Colin Mackerras
ISBN : 9789814566568
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29. 15 MB
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How have Westerners seen the People's Republic of China over the years? The question raises many important issues, which this book aims to present, analyze and explain. The basic conclusion is that Western perspectives are somewhat more complex than simply viewing China's realities. Involved also are politics and power relations, trends in journalism and scholarship, as well as individual and group personalities and psychologies. Based on extensive personal experiences in China dating back to 1964 and wide-ranging travel in Tibet and ethnic regions since the 1980s, the author attempts to distinguish trends in different Western countries. However, most of the material will concern the United States, which has been the dominant contributor to Western perspectives during the whole period of concern to this book. The perspectives are taken up by topic, including politics, economy, society, and ethnic minorities. Inherent in each topic is the way cultures see and react towards each other. Images and perspectives can affect policy, and have done so many times in the past, which adds to the importance of this book. It also takes up questions of the sources of Western perspectives, both in terms of direct sources, such as newspapers, television or the internet, and deeper ones, such as social values and temperament. Contents:IntroductionHistorical BackgroundPolitical and International Relations Perspectives on China, 1949–1971Trends in Political and Foreign Relations Perspectives on China, 1971–2001Political and General Western Perspectives on China in the Twenty-First CenturyPerspectives on the Chinese Economy, Population Policy and Environment to the End of the Twentieth CenturyThe Twenty-First Century: Perspectives on the Chinese Economy, Population Issues and EnvironmentSocio-cultural Perspectives on the People's Republic of ChinaPerspectives on the Ethnic MinoritiesConclusion Readership: Undergraduates, graduates, academics and researchers who are interested in Chinese politics, economy and society, especially its ethnic minorities. Keywords:Political and Foreign Relations;Chinese Economy;Population Policy and Environment;Socio-cultural Images;Ethnic MinoritiesKey Features:The book deals with a range of perspectives/images on the People's Republic of China, including the highly important and controversial topic of Western perspectives on the ethnic minorities, especially Tibet and the TibetansThe book incorporates the author's extensive personal experiences in the People's Republic dating back to 1964, and his extensive travel in Tibet and ethnic regions since the 1980s

The Making Of An Economic Superpower

Author : Yi Wen
ISBN : 9789814733748
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 59 MB
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The rise of China is no doubt one of the most important events in world economic history since the Industrial Revolution. Mainstream economics, especially the institutional theory of economic development based on a dichotomy of extractive vs. inclusive political institutions, is highly inadequate in explaining China's rise. This book argues that only a radical reinterpretation of the history of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the West (as incorrectly portrayed by the institutional theory) can fully explain China's growth miracle and why the determined rise of China is unstoppable despite its current "backward" financial system and political institutions. Conversely, China's spectacular and rapid transformation from an impoverished agrarian society to a formidable industrial superpower sheds considerable light on the fundamental shortcomings of the institutional theory and mainstream "blackboard" economic models, and provides more-accurate reevaluations of historical episodes such as Africa's enduring poverty trap despite radical political and economic reforms, Latin America's lost decades and frequent debt crises, 19th century Europe's great escape from the Malthusian trap, and the Industrial Revolution itself. Contents: IntroductionKey Steps Taken by China to Set Off an Industrial RevolutionShedding Light on the Nature and Cause of the Industrial RevolutionWhy is China's Rise Unstoppable?Wha's Wrong with the Washington Consensus and the Institutional Theories?Case Study of Yong Lian: A Poor Village's Path to Becoming a Modern Steel TownConclusion: A New Stage Theory of Economic Development Readership: Academics, undergraduate and graduates students, journalists and professionals interested in economic development, the history of the Industrial Revolution, and especially China's economic transformation and industrial growth, as well as the political economy of governance.

The Coming Collapse Of China

Author : Gordon G. Chang
ISBN : 9781407071428
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fully revised and updated edition covering China's new membership of the WTO and with a new introduction. 'Damning data and persuasive arguments that should set some Communist knees a-knocking.' Kirkus Reviews'A compelling account of the rot in China's institutions and the forces at work to end the Communist Party's monopoly on power.' James A. Dorn, Cato Institute, Washington D. C., Co-Editor of China's future: Constructive Partner or Emerging Threat? 'Quite simply the best book I know about China's future. Gordon Chang writes marvellously and knows China well. I hope everyone concerned with that country will pay careful consideration to what he sees ahead.' Arthur Waldron, Director of Asian Studies, American Enterprise Institute; Lauder Professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania.'A tour de force not to be missed.' Willy Wo-Lap, Senior China Analyst at CNN's Hong Kong office and author of The Era of Jiang Zemin.'When he warns that China's two centuries of troubles are still not over, we had better take notice.' Andrew J. Nathan, Professor of Political Science, Columbia University; Co-Editor, The Tiananmen Papers.

Currency Power

Author : Benjamin J. Cohen
ISBN : 9781400873517
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Monetary rivalry is a fact of life in the world economy. Intense competition between international currencies like the US dollar, Europe's euro, and the Chinese yuan is profoundly political, going to the heart of the global balance of power. But what exactly is the relationship between currency and power, and what does it portend for the geopolitical standing of the United States, Europe, and China? Popular opinion holds that the days of the dollar, long the world’s dominant currency, are numbered. By contrast, Currency Power argues that the current monetary rivalry still greatly favors America’s greenback. Benjamin Cohen shows why neither the euro nor the yuan will supplant the dollar at the top of the global currency hierarchy. Cohen presents an innovative analysis of currency power and emphasizes the importance of separating out the various roles that international money might have. After systematically exploring the links between currency internationalization and state power, Cohen turns to the state of play among today’s top currencies. The greenback, he contends, is the "indispensable currency"—the one that the world can’t do without. Only the dollar is backed by all the economic and political resources that make a currency powerful. Meanwhile, the euro is severely handicapped by structural defects in the design of its governance mechanisms, and the yuan suffers from various practical limitations in both finance and politics. Contrary to today’s growing opinion, Currency Power demonstrates that the dollar will continue to be the leading global currency for some time to come.

Business Leadership Development In China

Author : Shuang Ren
ISBN : 9781317752783
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book argues that China’s businesses, and hence China’s future economic development, face a huge crisis in that there is a considerable "leadership gap" in China, with a shortage of competent business leaders, at a time when new leadership skills are required urgently, as China’s businesses evolve rapidly and engage ever more with the global economy. Moreover, the book argues, training is an undervalued and often marginalised activity in Chinese companies. The book outlines the nature of this problem, and goes on to demonstrate that there is a new breed of manager emerging in China, aware of the need to upgrade management skills, moving away from skills appropriate in traditional industrial firms, and emphasising more flexibility, positive engagement with workers, and competence in the market economy. The book includes an evaluation of different management approaches in China, reports on extensive original research, including interviews with practising managers, and sets out how self-development in widespread, deep and important.

Theory Knowledge Development And Politics

Author : Mawere, Munyaradzi
ISBN : 9789956763641
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume interrogates the popularity of problematic theories in the study of Africa and Africans in the 21st century. The book provides ethnographic and intellectual material for scholars seeking to rethink and reimagine a number of externally imposed theories used (un-)consciously in Africa, with the intention of raising awareness and fostering critical thinking amongst scholars theorising Africa. With its theorising focus and contributors drawn from diverse disciplines and geographical locations, the book is both a pacesetter on how to think, research and theorise Africa, and an invaluable asset for social scientists, development practitioners, civil society activists and leaders in the politics and economy of everyday life on the continent. It poses an invitation to those seeking to re-embrace and reconnect with theory as an indispensable ingredient and determinant of quality in critical production and consumption of knowledge on Africa and of relevance to Africans.

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