rough fuzzy pattern recognition applications in bioinformatics and medical imaging

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Rough Fuzzy Pattern Recognition

Author : Pradipta Maji
ISBN : 9781118119716
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 42 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn how to apply rough-fuzzy computing techniques to solve problems in bioinformatics and medical image processing Emphasizing applications in bioinformatics and medical image processing, this text offers a clear framework that enables readers to take advantage of the latest rough-fuzzy computing techniques to build working pattern recognition models. The authors explain step by step how to integrate rough sets with fuzzy sets in order to best manage the uncertainties in mining large data sets. Chapters are logically organized according to the major phases of pattern recognition systems development, making it easier to master such tasks as classification, clustering, and feature selection. Rough-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition examines the important underlying theory as well as algorithms and applications, helping readers see the connections between theory and practice. The first chapter provides an introduction to pattern recognition and data mining, including the key challenges of working with high-dimensional, real-life data sets. Next, the authors explore such topics and issues as: Soft computing in pattern recognition and data mining A Mathematical framework for generalized rough sets, incorporating the concept of fuzziness in defining the granules as well as the set Selection of non-redundant and relevant features of real-valued data sets Selection of the minimum set of basis strings with maximum information for amino acid sequence analysis Segmentation of brain MR images for visualization of human tissues Numerous examples and case studies help readers better understand how pattern recognition models are developed and used in practice. This text—covering the latest findings as well as directions for future research—is recommended for both students and practitioners working in systems design, pattern recognition, image analysis, data mining, bioinformatics, soft computing, and computational intelligence.

Scalable Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Author : Pradipta Maji
ISBN : 9783319056302
Genre : Computers
File Size : 74. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book addresses the need for a unified framework describing how soft computing and machine learning techniques can be judiciously formulated and used in building efficient pattern recognition models. The text reviews both established and cutting-edge research, providing a careful balance of theory, algorithms, and applications, with a particular emphasis given to applications in computational biology and bioinformatics. Features: integrates different soft computing and machine learning methodologies with pattern recognition tasks; discusses in detail the integration of different techniques for handling uncertainties in decision-making and efficiently mining large biological datasets; presents a particular emphasis on real-life applications, such as microarray expression datasets and magnetic resonance images; includes numerous examples and experimental results to support the theoretical concepts described; concludes each chapter with directions for future research and a comprehensive bibliography.

Pattern Recognition And Machine Intelligence

Author : Ashish Ghosh
ISBN : 9783540770459
Genre : Computers
File Size : 71. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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institute s motto Unity in Diversity. As evidence and justi?cation of the int- disciplinary research comprising statistics and computer science, one may note thatstatistics providesone ofthe bestparadigmsfor learning, andit hasbecome an integralpart of the theories/paradigmsof machine learning, e.g., arti?cial - telligence, neural networks, brain mapping, data mining, and search machines on the Internet. Zadeh, the founder of fuzzy set theory, has observed that there are three essential ingredients for dramatic success in computer applications, namely, a fuzzy model of data, Bayesian inference and genetic algorithms for optimization. Similarly, statistical science will be a part, in many ways, of the validation of the tentative model of the human brain, its functions and prop- ties, including consciousness. As a mark of the signi?cant achievements in these activities in ISI, special mention may be made of the DOE-sponsored KBCS Nodal Center of ISI in the 1980s and the Center for Soft Computing Research of ISI recently established in 2004 by the DST, Government of India. The soft computing center is the ?rst national initiative in the country in this domain, and has many imp- tant objectives like providing a six-month value addition certi?cate course for post-graduates, enriching national institutes, e.g., NITs through funding for - search in soft computing, establishing linkage to premier institutes/industries, organizing specialized courses, apart from conducting fundamental research."

Additive Cellular Automata

Author : Parimal Pal Chaudhuri
ISBN : 0818677171
Genre : Computers
File Size : 63. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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CA and its applications: a brief survey; group CA characterization; Characterization of nongroup CA; CA as a universal pattern generator; CA-based error correcting code; Design of CA-based cipher system; Generation of hashing functions; CA-based testable logic synthesis; Theory and application of two-dimensional CA; Bibliography; Index.

Rough Sets And Knowledge Technology

Author : Guoyin Wang
ISBN : 9783540797203
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology, RSKT 2008, held in Chengdu, China, in May 2008. The 91 revised full papers papers presented together with 3 keynote papers and 6 tutorial papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 184 submissions. They all focus on five major research fields: computing theory and paradigms, knowledge technology, intelligent information processing, intelligent control, and applications. The papers are organized in topical sections on rough and soft computing, rough mereology with applications, dominance-based rough set approach, fuzzy-rough hybridization, granular computing, logical and mathematical foundations, formal concept analysis, data mining, machine learning, intelligent information processing, bioinformatics and cognitive informatics, web intelligence, pattern recognition, and real-life applications of knowledge technology.

Fuzzy Models And Algorithms For Pattern Recognition And Image Processing

Author : James C. Bezdek
ISBN : 9780387245799
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing presents a comprehensive introduction of the use of fuzzy models in pattern recognition and selected topics in image processing and computer vision. Unique to this volume in the Kluwer Handbooks of Fuzzy Sets Series is the fact that this book was written in its entirety by its four authors. A single notation, presentation style, and purpose are used throughout. The result is an extensive unified treatment of many fuzzy models for pattern recognition. The main topics are clustering and classifier design, with extensive material on feature analysis relational clustering, image processing and computer vision. Also included are numerous figures, images and numerical examples that illustrate the use of various models involving applications in medicine, character and word recognition, remote sensing, military image analysis, and industrial engineering.

Moments And Moment Invariants In Pattern Recognition

Author : Jan Flusser
ISBN : 0470684763
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Moments as projections of an image’s intensity onto a proper polynomial basis can be applied to many different aspects of image processing. These include invariant pattern recognition, image normalization, image registration, focus/ defocus measurement, and watermarking. This book presents a survey of both recent and traditional image analysis and pattern recognition methods, based on image moments, and offers new concepts of invariants to linear filtering and implicit invariants. In addition to the theory, attention is paid to efficient algorithms for moment computation in a discrete domain, and to computational aspects of orthogonal moments. The authors also illustrate the theory through practical examples, demonstrating moment invariants in real applications across computer vision, remote sensing and medical imaging. Key features: Presents a systematic review of the basic definitions and properties of moments covering geometric moments and complex moments. Considers invariants to traditional transforms – translation, rotation, scaling, and affine transform - from a new point of view, which offers new possibilities of designing optimal sets of invariants. Reviews and extends a recent field of invariants with respect to convolution/blurring. Introduces implicit moment invariants as a tool for recognizing elastically deformed objects. Compares various classes of orthogonal moments (Legendre, Zernike, Fourier-Mellin, Chebyshev, among others) and demonstrates their application to image reconstruction from moments. Offers comprehensive advice on the construction of various invariants illustrated with practical examples. Includes an accompanying website providing efficient numerical algorithms for moment computation and for constructing invariants of various kinds, with about 250 slides suitable for a graduate university course. Moments and Moment Invariants in Pattern Recognition is ideal for researchers and engineers involved in pattern recognition in medical imaging, remote sensing, robotics and computer vision. Post graduate students in image processing and pattern recognition will also find the book of interest.

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