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Natural Compounds Part 3

Author : F. Korte
ISBN : OCLC:476125854
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Biogenesis Of Natural Compounds

Author : Peter Bernfeld
ISBN : 9781483184098
Genre : Science
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Biogenesis of Natural Compounds, Second Edition is released to provide updated information on the biogenesis of natural compounds. Most of the chapters in this book are rewritten, and new author contributes a paper on the biogenesis of proteins. This edition also includes a new chapter that deals with the formation of carcinogenic polynuclear hydrocarbons. However, all other chapters are maintained; some of which have modified headings. This edition will help those studying the biogenesis of natural compounds and in need of more updated information compared to those presented in the previous edition.

Modern Nmr Approaches To The Structure Elucidation Of Natural Products

Author : Antony Williams
ISBN : 9781849733939
Genre : Science
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The Ghanian plant Cryptolepis sanguinolenta is the source of a series of fascinating indoloquinoline alkaloids. The most unusual member of this alkaloid series was initially proposed to be a spiro nonacyclic structure, named cryptospirolepine, and was elucidated in 1993 based on the technologies available at that time. There were, however, several annoying attributes to the structure that bothered analysts for the ensuing 22 years. During the two decades that followed the initial work there have been enormous developments in NMR technology. Using new experimental approaches, specifically homodecoupled 1,1- and 1,n-HD-ADEQUATE NMR experiments developed in 2014, the structure of only a 700 µg sample of cryptospirolepine has been revised and is shown on the cover of this volume. The confluence of the NMR technological and methodological advances that allowed the revision of the structure of cryptospirolepine using a submilligram sample seems a fitting example for this book, which is dedicated to the NMR characterization of various classes of natural products. Volume 2 considers data processing and algorithmic based analyses tailored to natural product structure elucidation and reviews the application of NMR to the analysis of a series of different natural product families including marine natural products, terpenes, steroids, alkaloids and carbohydrates. Volume 1 discusses contemporary NMR approaches including optimized and future hardware and experimental approaches to obtain both the highest quality and most appropriate spectral data for analysis. These books, bringing together acknowledged experts, uniquely focus on the combination of experimental approaches and modern hardware and software applied to the structure elucidation of natural products. The volumes will be an essential resource for NMR spectroscopists, natural product chemists and industrial researchers working on natural product analysis or the characterization of impurities and degradation products of pharmaceuticals that can be as scarce as natural product samples.

Pharmacological Potential Of Selected Natural Compounds In The Control Of Parasitic Diseases

Author : Gabriela Hrckova
ISBN : 9783709113257
Genre : Medical
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The natural world with a large number of terrestrial and marine plants and lower organisms is a great source of bioactive compounds historically used as remedies in various diseases. Within the last decade, such compounds became more attractive targets for pharmacologists and the pharmaceutical industry in drug development projects. This volume presents the pharmacological potential of chemically defined natural compounds obtained from plants, fungi, algae and cyanobacteria with antiparasitic activity, that have been tested against various endo-parasitic protozoan and helminth species. Additionally, the advantages of combined therapy using antiparasitic drugs and natural compounds with selected specific activity are reviewed and explained in the context of host pathology and immunosuppression induced by the parasites. The conclusions of this new book give suggestions for further non-empirical drug development and discuss perspectives of alternative approaches to therapy of parasitic diseases. ​

Natural Products

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1156544742
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 184. Chapters: Alkaloids, Glycopeptide antibiotics, Glycosides, Natural phenols, Natural polyphenols, Polyketide antibiotics, Terpenes and terpenoids, Natural rubber, Nicotine, Vitamin K, Paclitaxel, Glycosidic bond, Amygdalin, Aconitine, Stevia, Vancomycin, Salvinorin A, Turpentine, Gossypol, Ergine, Berberine, Docetaxel, Cylindrospermopsin, Phenolic compounds in wine, Oleandrin, Sirolimus, Drug discovery, Loline alkaloid, Colchicine, Thymol, Neotyphodium, Camptothecin, Natural product, Carvacrol, Pancratistatin, Polyphenol antioxidant, Amphotericin B, Saxitoxin, Methcathinone, Saponin, Prajmaline, Imidazole, Teicoplanin, Tubocurarine chloride, Ergoline, Schisandrin B, O-Acetylpsilocin, Physostigmine, Dictionary of natural phenols and polyphenols molecular formulas, Coniine, Nonribosomal peptide, Solanine, Phenyltropane, Harmine, Batrachotoxin, Bleomycin, Staurosporine, Mycolactone, Oritavancin, Swainsonine, Integrasone, Juvabione, Betalain, 18-Methoxycoronaridine, Polyprenol, Phenolic compounds in tea, Vincristine, Conhydrine, Steviol glycoside, Huperzine A, Ginsenoside, Orellanine, Aucubin, Piperine, Azadirachtin, Allopumiliotoxin, Glycyrrhizin, Protodioscin, Betaenone B, Sparteine, Momilactone B, Guaiacol, Coramsine, Histrionicotoxin, Tetrahydropalmatine, Hexacyclinol, Ortho-Vanillin, Brevianamide A and B, Cytisine, Ionone, Resiniferatoxin, Yuehchukene, Arecoline, Lobeline, Sanguinarine, Gingerol, Solenopsin, Dehydroemetine, Jatrorrhizine, Voacangine, Vinblastine, Epibatidine, Dolichol, Usnic acid, Myocet, MMDA, Pumiliotoxin 251D, Aescin, Tropinone, Hopanoids, Vinorelbine, Brucine, P57, Raspberry ketone, Glaucine, Anatabine, Acetosyringone, Akuammine, Ethocybin, Crocin, Pseudaconitine, Carotol, Hodgkinsine, Deacetylasperulosidic acid, Demecolcine, Trigonelline, Tyrosol, EBC-46, Dapagliflozin, Perimycin, Uvaricin, Horsfiline, ...

Sustainable Crop Disease Management Using Natural Products

Author : Sangeetha Ganesan
ISBN : 9781780643236
Genre : Science
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Alternative methods of disease control such as natural products and compounds derived from biological origins, provide an effective alternate to the use of chemical products or a means to minimize their use. It is imperative now to look for such sustainable crop disease management approaches, that include routine and alternative methods. Natural products for sustainable crop disease management is an effort in this direction, and deals with immediate concerns in the field of natural and alternative products for disease control, apart from using biocontrol organisms. This book presents up-to-date information on natural products and compounds derived from biological origins and thoroughly discusses their applicability, field use and prospects for adoption under different cropping conditions. This book also validates disease management strategies.

Natural Compounds

Author : Shakhnoza S. Azimova
ISBN : 146140536X
Genre : Science
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'Natural Compounds: Plant Sources, Structure and Properties' details the properties of over 7,500 chemical compounds of pharmacological interest found in plants. Each volume systematically covers occurrence of the compounds in plants, illustrations of chemical structures plus physical-chemical, spectral, and pharmacological data. Entries are indexed by plant name, subject, and pharmacological property. This provides unique coverage of information on compounds isolated from some 3,000 plants, including many from central Asia and Russia, that are not well known elsewhere. The entries for each compound share a similar format. The entries are preceded by tabulated information on the occurrence of the compounds in plants etc. The highly experienced team of compilers from the renowned Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances in Tashkent have expertly assessed the international literature and include data only when confident of its validity, e.g. excluding data where measurement processes cause degradation of the original compound.

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