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Mathematical Tools For Physicists

Author : Michael Grinfeld
ISBN : 9783527411887
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The new edition is significantly updated and expanded. This unique collection of review articles, ranging from fundamental concepts up to latest applications, contains individual contributions written by renowned experts in the relevant fields. Much attention is paid to ensuring fast access to the information, with each carefully reviewed article featuring cross-referencing, references to the most relevant publications in the field, and suggestions for further reading, both introductory as well as more specialized. While the chapters on group theory, integral transforms, Monte Carlo methods, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, and special functions are thoroughly rewritten, completely new content includes sections on commutative algebra, computational algebraic topology, differential geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, graph and network theory, PDEs of mathematical physics, probability theory, stochastic differential equations, and variational methods.

Mathematical Tools For The Study Of The Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations And Related Models

Author : Franck Boyer
ISBN : 9781461459750
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 87. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The objective of this self-contained book is two-fold. First, the reader is introduced to the modelling and mathematical analysis used in fluid mechanics, especially concerning the Navier-Stokes equations which is the basic model for the flow of incompressible viscous fluids. Authors introduce mathematical tools so that the reader is able to use them for studying many other kinds of partial differential equations, in particular nonlinear evolution problems. The background needed are basic results in calculus, integration, and functional analysis. Some sections certainly contain more advanced topics than others. Nevertheless, the authors’ aim is that graduate or PhD students, as well as researchers who are not specialized in nonlinear analysis or in mathematical fluid mechanics, can find a detailed introduction to this subject. .

Mathematical Tools For Physicists

Author : George L. Trigg
ISBN : 9783527607259
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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Mathematical Tools for Physicists is a unique collection of 18 carefully reviewed articles, each one written by a renowned expert working in the relevant field. The result is beneficial to both advanced students as well as scientists at work; the former will appreciate it as a comprehensive introduction, while the latter will use it as a ready reference. The contributions range from fundamental methods right up to the latest applications, including: - Algebraic/ analytic / geometric methods - Symmetries and conservation laws - Mathematical modeling - Quantum computation The emphasis throughout is ensuring quick access to the information sought, and each article features: - an abstract - a detailed table of contents - continuous cross-referencing - references to the most relevant publications in the field, and - suggestions for further reading, both introductory as well as highly specialized. In addition, a comprehensive index provides easy access to the vast number of key words extending beyond the range of the headlines.

Mathematical Tools For Economics

Author : Darrell A. Turkington
ISBN : 9781405133807
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Designed to demonstrate the essential mathematical concepts—comprehensively and economically—without re-teaching basic material or laboring over superfluous ideas, this text locates the necessary information in a practical economics context. Utilizing clear exposition and dynamic pedagogical features, Mathematical Tools for Economics provides students with the analytical skills they need to better grasp their field of study. A short introduction to mathematics for students of economics Demonstrates essential mathematical concepts necessary for economic analysis, such as matrix algebra and calculus, simultaneous linear equations, and concrete and discrete time Incorporates applications to econometrics and statistics, and includes computational exercises illustrating the methods and concepts discussed in the text Clear explanations and dynamic pedagogical features provide students with the analytical skills they need to better grasp their field of study. Mathematical Tools for Economics is supported by an instructor's manual featuring solutions, available at

Mathematical Tools In Computer Graphics With C Implementations

Author : Alexandre Hardy
ISBN : 9789812791023
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents introductory and advanced topics in the field of computer graphics with mathematical descriptions and derivations. This book offers a balance of theory, applications, and code, and derives the underlying numerical methods and algorithms. It contains the classes in C# necessary for computer graphics, and offers an explanation of the code.

Partial Differential Control Theory

Author : J. F. Pommaret
ISBN : 079237035X
Genre : Control theory
File Size : 82. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Algebraic analysis, that is the algebraic study of systems of partial differential equations by means of module theory and homological algebra, was pioneered around 1970 by M. Kashiwara, B. Malgrange, and V.P. Palamodov. The theory of differential modules, namely modules over a noncommutative ring of differential operators, is a fashionable subject of research today. However, despite its fundamental importance in mathematics, it can only be found in specialist books and papers, and has only been applied in control theory since 1990. This book provides an account of algebraic analysis and its application to control systems defined by partial differential equations. The first volume presents the mathematical tools needed from both commutative algebra, homological algebra, differential geometry and differential algebra. The second volume applies these new methods in order to study the structural and input/output properties of both linear and nonlinear control systems. Hundreds of explicit examples allow the reader to gain insight and experience in these topics.

Fuzzy Logic

Author : G. Gerla
ISBN : 9789401596602
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 20. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fuzzy logic in narrow sense is a promising new chapter of formal logic whose basic ideas were formulated by Lotfi Zadeh (see Zadeh [1975]a). The aim of this theory is to formalize the "approximate reasoning" we use in everyday life, the object of investigation being the human aptitude to manage vague properties (as, for example, "beautiful", "small", "plausible", "believable", etc. ) that by their own nature can be satisfied to a degree different from 0 (false) and I (true). It is worth noting that the traditional deductive framework in many-valued logic is different from the one adopted in this book for fuzzy logic: in the former logics one always uses a "crisp" deduction apparatus, producing crisp sets of formulas, the formulas that are considered logically valid. By contrast, fuzzy logical deductive machinery is devised to produce a fuzzy set of formulas (the theorems) from a fuzzy set of formulas (the hypotheses). Approximate reasoning has generated a very interesting literature in recent years. However, in spite of several basic results, in our opinion, we are still far from a satisfactory setting of this very hard and mysterious subject. The aim of this book is to furnish some theoretical devices and to sketch a general framework for fuzzy logic. This is also in accordance with the non Fregean attitude of the book.

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