magnetic order and coupling phenomena

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Magnetic Order And Coupling Phenomena

Author : Christian Schubert
ISBN : 9783319071060
Genre : Science
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This thesis presents recent developments in magnetic coupling phenomena of ferrimagnetic rare-earth transition-metal Tb-Fe alloys and coupled systems consisting of ferri-/ferromagnetic heterostructures. Taking advantage of the tunability of the exchange coupling between ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic layers by means of stoichiometry of the Tb-Fe layer, the variable number of repetitions in the Co/Pt multilayer as well as the thickness of an interlayer spacer, it is demonstrated that large perpendicular unidirectional anisotropy can be induced at room temperature. This robust perpendicular exchange bias at room temperature opens up a path towards applications in spintronics.

Spectroscopic Study On Charge Spin Orbital Coupled Phenomena In Mott Transition Oxides

Author : Masaki Uchida
ISBN : 9784431542971
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32. 19 MB
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In this thesis the author presents the results of extensive spectroscopy experiments beyond the bounds of each transition element to clarify the origins of characteristic spectral features and charge dynamics in charge-spin-orbital coupled phenomena in Mott-transition oxides. Several counterpart 3d transition-metal oxides were adopted as model systems suitable for examining the mechanisms involved, and their electronic structures were systematically investigated using three main spectroscopy methods. Comparative studies on the charge dynamics and Mott transition features of transition-metal oxides were performed: Charge dynamics and thermoelectricity in a typical Mott transition system La1−xSrxVO3, charge dynamics in a doped valence-bond solid system (Ti1−xVx)2O3 and in layered nickelates R2-xSrxNiO4 with charge-ordering instability are investigated thoroughly. The results obtained successfully provide a number of novel insights into the emergent phenomena near the Mott transition.

Mesoscopic Phenomena In Multifunctional Materials

Author : Avadh Saxena
ISBN : 9783642553752
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 40. 45 MB
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A highly coveted objective of modern materials science is to optimize multiple coupled functionalities in the same single phase material and control the cross-response via multiple external fields. One important example of such multi-functionality are multiferroic materials where two or more ferroic properties are intrinsically coupled. They include, among others, the magneto-electric and magneto-structural materials, which are well understood at the nano- and continuum length (and time) scales. The next emerging frontier is to connect these two limiting scales by probing the mesoscale physics of these materials. This book not only attempts to provide this connection but also presents the state-of-the art of the present understanding and potential applications of many related complex multifunctional materials. The main emphasis is on the multiscale bridging of their properties with the aim to discover novel properties and applications in the context of materials by design. This interdisciplinary book serves both graduate students and expert researchers alike.

Relaxation Phenomena

Author : Wolfgang Haase
ISBN : 9783662097472
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Magnetism And Transport Phenomena In Spin Charge Coupled Systems On Frustrated Lattices

Author : Hiroaki Ishizuka
ISBN : 9784431556633
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51. 75 MB
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In this thesis, magnetism and transport phenomena in spin-charge coupled systems on frustrated lattices are theoretically investigated, focusing on Ising-spin Kondo lattice models and using a combination of Monte Carlo simulation and other techniques such as variational calculations and perturbation theory. The emphasis of the study is on how the cooperation of spin-charge coupling and geometrical frustration affects the thermodynamic properties of the Kondo lattice models; it presents the emergence of various novel magnetic states, such as the partial disorder, loop-liquid, and spin-cluster states. The thesis also reveals that the magnetic and electronic states and transport properties of these models demonstrate peculiar features, such as Dirac half-metals, anomalous Hall insulators, and spin Hall effects. Study of novel magnetic states and exotic transport phenomena in Kondo lattice systems is a field experiencing rapid progress. The interplay of charge and spin degrees of freedom potentially gives rise to various novel phases and transport phenomena which are related to strongly correlated electrons, frustrated magnetism, and topological states of matter. The results presented in this thesis include numerical calculations that are free from approximations. Accordingly, they provide reliable reference values, both for studying magnetism and transports of related models and for experimentally exploring novel states of matter in metallic magnets.

Metal Based Thin Films For Electronics

Author : Klaus Wetzig
ISBN : 9783527606474
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 30 MB
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This up-to-date handbook covers the main topics of preparation, characterization and properties of complex metal-based layer systems. The authors -- an outstanding group of researchers -- discuss advanced methods for structure, chemical and electronic state characterization with reference to the properties of thin functional layers, such as metallization and barrier layers for microelectronics, magnetoresistive layers for GMR and TMR, sensor and resistance layers. As such, the book addresses materials specialists in industry, especially in microelectronics, as well as scientists, and can also be recommended for advanced studies in materials science, analytics, surface and solid state science.

Control Of Coupling Phenomena In Magnetic Nanostructures

Author : Wei-Yang Sun
ISBN : OCLC:919655239
Genre :
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The search for non-volatile, non-dissipative computing devices (memory and logic) beyond current transistor technology has encouraged the scientific community to develop new nanoscale magnetic control mechanisms. In the present work, the control of magnets by magnetoelastic anisotropy is investigated within the context of nanoscale magnetoelectric composite systems. These magnetoelectric composites are artificial multiferroic materials which exhibit both a coexistence and coupling of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric ordering. This device architecture provides a route to control magnetism with electric fields via the application of mechanical stress. In the present work, magnetization behavior under mechanical stress of various magnetically coupled systems is investigated using both advanced computer simulations and experimental work. The application of voltage-controlled strain is shown to influence dipole coupled nanomagnet arrays and antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic (AFM-FM) spontaneous exchange bias systems, which present pathways to engineered systems. Furthermore, the repeatable nature of these experiments presents unambiguous deterministic voltage control for both dipole-coupled systems and spontaneous exchange bias systems. The experimental results are confirmed by multiple characterization techniques, including superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry (SQUID) and magneto optic Kerr effect magnetometry (MOKE). This work thus provides significant evidence of the viability of magnetoelastic anisotropy as a means to control magnetoelectric heterostructures in future computing devices.

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