living theurgy a course in iamblichus philosophy theology and theurgy

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Living Theurgy

Author : Jeffrey S. Kupperman
ISBN : 1905297718
Genre : Philosophy
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Living Theurgy is a masterpiece combining scholarly excellence with lucid practicality. Theurgy ('god-working') is a combination of ritual mystical practices interwoven with philosophy and theology. It was developed by Iamblichus and other Neoplatonists inspired by the works of philosophers including Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, and Julian the Chaldean. Author and scholar Jeffrey Kupperman elucidates and makes accessible the core ideologies and practices of Theurgy, which evolved through more than 1000 years of Platonic philosophy and cultural transformations. Kupperman guides the reader through the contemplative and theurgical practices used by the Neoplatonists to create effective spiritual transformation in the practitioner. Philosophia (Philosophy) as the foundation of Theurgy is explored through techniques such as lectio divina ('divine reading') contemplation and visualisation. It focuses on discussion of key concepts including virtue, wisdom, bravery, temperance, justice, evil, political philosophy, beauty and love. Theologia (Theology) considers the One, also known as the Good, which is the source of all, through the spectrum of monotheism, polytheism and panentheism. It also explores different views regarding the nature and functions of the Demiurge, angels and daimons, and the human soul, and the practices of Theurgy, including the use of hymns and prayers. Theourgia (Theurgy) focuses on the practices, from purification and the use of signs, symbols and tokens to talismancy and the ensouling of eikons (divine images). The work concludes with a complete guide to the Invocation of the Personal Daimon, an essential step in the theurgic process of purification and illumination in seeking the Divine. Living Theurgy is a literary psychopomp for practitioners seeking effective methods of developing their knowledge and relationship with the divine through Neoplatonic praxis. It is essential reading for all those interested in traditional forms of magical, philosophical, and religious practice, and the history of the western mysteries. "Philosophy is purifying, religion illuminating, but theurgy is uplifting." Introduction, Jeffrey Kupperman

For The Love Of The Gods

Author : Brandy Williams
ISBN : 9780738749778
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Follow the footsteps of history Discover the path to the gods For the Love of the Gods tells the epic story of theurgy, from its roots in ancient Egypt to its modern day practice. The lives and passions of the early Pagan philosophers come alive in these pages, immersing you in the bustling cities and diverse cultures that spawned theurgy as we know it today. Theurgy is best understood when it is deeply experienced. The stories presented here re-create the experience of these ancient practices and show how they were passed down through generations of teachers and students of differing ethnicities, genders, and ages. It’s commonly believed that ancient Pagan theurgy traditions were erased from the earth and replaced by monotheistic religions—but this is a myth. The way to the gods was never lost. For the Love of the Gods shares step-by-step instructions for theurgic rituals, so that you can create relationships with the gods and love them as the ancients did. Discover how to offer devotionals, create living statues, invoke into yourself and others, and achieve personal communion so that you, too, may dwell in the happy presence of the divine.


Author : Stephen R. L. Clark
ISBN : 9780226339672
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 89. 93 MB
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The thought of the Roman philosopher, Plotinus (c205-70), has been the object of perennial fascination for philosophers and laymen alike. Best known today for his doctrine of self-transformation through contemplation, Plotinus did not regard his originality as formulating new truths but rather as showing how to engage in spiritual exercises so as to live philosophically. Taking a highly unconventional approach, the distinguished philosopher Stephen R. L. Clark here gives us a book that is at once deeply penetrating and highly personal. Clark focuses on dimensions of Plotinus that scholars have dismissed as irrelevant or merely ornamental: his images, metaphors, and myths. He argues that we need to understand those dimensions in the cultural and philosophical context of his time if we are to understand what those exercises amount to, and so to understand, as it were from within, where his philosophy leads. Clark shows how Plotinus employs specific images drawn from the Greek literary tradition for philosophical purposes: images of knowledge like those of light or drunkenness; or images of being itself in order to analyze and explore the realities of the Divine Intellect. He also notes their momentous legacy in later thinkers in the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions. The book aims to be both scholarly and open to psychotherapeutic discussions from within other philosophical and psychiatric traditions that acknowledge the role that stories, myths, and metaphors play in constructing the mind."

A History Of Ancient Philosophy

Author : Karsten Friis Johansen
ISBN : 9781134798254
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 23. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Translated by Henrik Rosenmeier, A History of Ancient Philosophy charts the origins and development of ancient philosophical thought. For easy reference, the book is divided chronologically into six main parts. The sections are further divided into philosophers and philosophical movements: *Pre-Socratic Philosophy, including mythology, the Pythagoreans and Parmenides *The Great Century of Athens, including the Sophists and Socrates *Plato, including The Republic, The Symposium and The Timaeus *Aristotle, including The Physics, The Metaphysics and The Poetics *Hellenistic Philosophy, including the Sceptics, the Stoics, the Epicureans and Cicero *Late Antiquity, including Neoplatonism, Origen and St Augustine. This comprehensive and meticulously documented book is structured to make ancient philosophical thought and ancient thinkers accessible. It contains: *full references to primary sources *detailed interpretations of key philosophical passages, including surveys of previous philosophical readings *an overview of the development of ancient philosophical thought *discussions of the relationships between philosophers and their ideas *analyses of key philosophical concepts and ideologies including ontology, epistemology, logic, semantics, moral and political philosophy, theology and aesthetics *explanations of Greek philosophical terminology.

The Practical Art Of Divine Magic

Author : Patrick Dunn
ISBN : 9780738746319
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The ancient world of Egypt, Greece, and Rome was home to a set of magical and spiritual technologies, called theurgy, that unite the practice of magic with the aims of religion. Theurgy, or "godwork," is the art of creating a stronger bond between the theurgist and his or her deities. The results of this stronger bond were imminently practical: stronger magic, more meaningful existence, and a better life. With the fall of Rome, these techniques faded into obscurity, and many of them were lost forever. This book revives, restores, and reinvents these practices for a contemporary pagan or magical practitioner. A mixture of scholarly research and examination of source texts and daring experimentation and extrapolation leads to a complete and workable system that can inform a variety of practices, all presented in a relaxed, lighthearted, and readable way. Whether you practice witchcraft, ceremonial magic, or chaos magic, you can benefit from the practice of theurgy. You will learn techniques to create stronger bonds with divine forces, call up and communicate with spiritual beings, summon a magical assistant, create statues imbued with divine spirit, and master your own mind. The ultimate goal is union with the divine, but theurgy is a practical path, and every step on that path is designed to improve your life.

A Celebration Of Living Theology

Author : Justin Mihoc
ISBN : 9780567551092
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume brings together an international range of world-class scholars to engage with Andrew Louth's work and its influence on modern Theology. Andrew Louth is well known and influential in the English-speaking circles but also in the non-English Orthodox world, especially across Eastern Europe. The interaction between these theological groups remains sparse and intermittent. By drawing together scholars from the three main branches of Christianity and from around the world, this volume helps to increase our knowledge and exposure between these different spheres. This volume comprises of articles on Patristics, Byzantine Fathers, Latin Fathers, Modern Christianity, Theology as Life and the reception of Louth's work outside the English-speaking world. The papers are written by the leading scholars, such as Lewis Ayres, John Milbank, Kallistos Ware and Thomas Graumann.

Invoking Angels

Author : Claire Fanger
ISBN : 9780271051437
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"A collection of essays examining medieval and early modern texts aimed at performing magic or receiving illumination via the mediation of angels. Includes discussion of Jewish, Christian and Muslim texts"--Provided by publisher.

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