killer girlfriend the jodi arias story

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Killer Girlfriend The Jodi Arias Story

Author : Brian Skoloff
ISBN : 9781939116383
Genre :
File Size : 58. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Killer Girlfriend: The Jodi Arias Story is the first definitive and comprehensive account to be published on the entire case, offering a look behind the scenes inside the courtroom throughout the four-month trial. The book also delves deeply into the lives of both Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander as the authors take readers on a journey not only through their stormy relationship and the ensuing killing, but into their upbringings and the struggles and triumphs each experienced over the years leading up to the couple meeting in Las Vegas. It provides a thorough account of both of their lives before and after they met, and introduces readers to the people behind this sensational murder case as identifiable characters who could be your own neighbor, family member or friend. As most of the news coverage has focused on daily happenings throughout the trial, this book compiles the entire account into one page-turning tale that allows the reader to better understand the lives and relationship of Travis and Jodi in much greater detail than anything previously reported.

Killer Girlfriend The Jodi Arias Story

Author : Brian Skoloff,, Josh Hoffner
Genre :
File Size : 60. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Killer Girlfriend

Author : Brian Skoloff
ISBN : 0825307279
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 26. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first comprehensive account of the case, from the moment Jodi and Travis met, through the killing, her arrest, the four-month trial, and ending, finally, with the verdict.


Author : Jane Velez-Mitchell
ISBN : 9780062304001
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 69. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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On June 9, 2008, the butchered body of Travis Alexander was found in his Mesa, Arizona home. The grisly nature of his death made instant headlines: with twenty-nine knife wounds, his throat slit, and a gunshot to the head, Travis was left to die. The prime suspect in the case was Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, the attractive and soft-spoken Jodi Arias. Though Arias initially said that she was nowhere near the scene of the crime, little about this case was as it seemed, and before long she had been caught lying to police. As the investigation progressed, her lies evolved multiple times before finally resting on an appalling claim: she had killed Travis in self-defense. Along the way, startling details emerged about the Mormon couple’s relationship, and soon graphic stories of their lurid sexual encounters and jealousy-driven blowouts revealed a dark side to their life together. These revelations launched a trial filled with sex and deception but also raised substantial questions about Arias’s deceit, as people from across the country struggled to understand the bizarre world of Jodi Arias. Now, award-winning broadcast journalist and bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell, a veteran of some of the most storied court cases in recent memory, goes behind the scenes of the trial and into the mind of a killer. Using insider accounts from friends who knew Travis and Jodi, Velez-Mitchell turns her sharply-focused lens on Arias and offers her seasoned perspective on the case’s most pressing questions. Separating fact from fiction, she reports on the bizarre and explicit stories that have both shocked and fascinated the American public—from Jodi’s romantic history before meeting Travis, to their torrid sex life together, to the complicated role their Mormon faith played in the relationship’s demise. With unbridled access to the evidence and the case’s key players, Velez-Mitchell unearths Jodi’s contentious life with those closest to her, examining the paranoid and erratic behavior behind each relationship and illustrating the disturbing pattern of a murderer in the making. Complete with photos from the case and Jane Velez-Mitchell’s fresh insights on the crime, Exposed takes readers behind closed bedroom doors to uncover the truth behind the secret and sordid life of Jodi Arias.

Picture Perfect The Jodi Arias Story

Author : Shanna Hogan
ISBN : 1250003539
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 72. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A DEVOTED BACHELOR Travis Alexander was a handsome, hard-working, practicing Mormon who lived in Mesa, Arizona. His good looks and easygoing manner made him popular with everyone, especially the ladies. So when he was found with a bullet wound in the face and his throat slashed, the brutal murder sent shock waves throughout his community. Who could have done something so sinister? A DEADLY OBSESSION But soon a suspect was singled out—Jodi Arias. A beautiful, aspiring photographer, Jodi had been in a long-distance relationship with Travis the year before. But Travis wasn’t interested in a serious commitment; he was seeing several women during that time. When he broke up with her, that didn’t stop Jodi from leaving California, moving to just a few miles away from Travis’s home, and inserting herself into his daily life. Investigators found one piece of startling evidence in Travis’s home that implicated Jodi. But in a bizarre turn of events, Jodi would claim self-defense. Was she a victim—or a devious femme fatale? Shanna Hogan's Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story also includes 8 pages of chilling photos

Trapped With Ms Arias

Author : L. Kirk Nurmi
ISBN : 1517510996
Genre : Murder
File Size : 26. 87 MB
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Most people became interested in the State of Arizona v. Jodi Arias January 2, 2013, when opening statements were delivered. Over time that interest became a media sensation and a world-wide phenomenon. However, as her attorney I know that what you saw at trial is only part of the story. Have you ever wondered what happened before the trial began, what it was like to deal with Ms. Arias when the cameras were not rolling? In this book I detail for the reader what happened before the case began, what happened before the cameras were on. I detail the things that you do not know, things that will describe my reality, the reality that I was "Trapped with Ms. Arias."

Our Friend Travis

Author : Chris Hughes
ISBN : 9781483553160
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 27. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Travis Victor Alexander was a good looking, charismatic, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He was in the prime of his life enjoying good health, financial success, world travel and a bustling social life. But, things weren't always so good for him. His life began in dismal circumstances, and tragically, it ended worse than it began. He was born to drug addicted parents and suffered many of the worst privations of life. His family was poor and his parents were neglectful and abusive. He was teased and bullied as a small child and had few, if any, friends. After running away at the age of ten and going to live with his Grandmother, he became active in his church. Travis began to thrive in this environment. He had found a place where he was accepted. He had a support group, many friends and a purpose. Travis did not let his dark childhood stop him from accomplishing great things in his life. He used his negative experiences to propel him into a life of abundance and success by becoming better every day. Like many single, thirty-year-old men, he was dating in hopes of finding Mrs. Right, so he could get married, start a family and live the good life. Unfortunately, Jodi Arias, one of the women Travis was dating, was a psychopath. When Travis was dating her, they were living in different states. Soon after he broke things off, she moved within a mile of his house in Mesa, Arizona! She stalked him, hacked his email and social media accounts, and made his life unlivable. Her manipulation, lies, conniving, need for control and invasive behaviors were too much for Travis and he finally convinced her to move back to Yreka, California in April of 2008. On May 26, 2008 Travis finally saw Jodi for the evil monster she is. Via text, chat and email, they got into a huge fight. In June 2008, she set off on a 1,027 mile road trip to Mesa, Arizona to murder Travis. With Travis’ blood still under her fingernails, she headed to Utah to hook-up with a new love interest. Travis was found with twenty-nine stab wounds, shot in the face, and with his throat slit from ear to ear. After a heart-wrenching, five-year delay, the case finally went to trial, and became one of the highest profile murder trials in recent history. On May 8, 2013, his killer was convicted of first-degree, pre-meditated murder. During the grueling, ten month trial, which was in large part a circus act of character assassination, lies and fiction, Travis’s life was purposefully distorted and despicably misrepresented. This book was written to share with the world who Travis Victor Alexander was, the reality of what he endured, and the positive impact he continues to have on the world. Our Friend Travis is a book about the real Travis; his life, his light, his triumphs, his mistakes, his death, his murderer’s trial and his legacy. Chris and Sky Hughes are able to offer an insight that few, if any, have into Travis’s life and the evil that ended it. The world deserves to know the real Travis, and they hope you will get to know him through this book. They hope that his loving demeanor, zest for life, passion for service and ability to make people realize their divine potential jumps off the pages and into your heart. NOTE ABOUT REVIEWS OF THIS BOOK: This book includes information about the Jodi Arias murder trial, which was one of the highest profile murder trials in recent history. As a result of the media attention this case garnered, millions around the world have come to know Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias, the woman who viciously murdered him. Though the public came out overwhelmingly in support of Travis Alexander, his friends and family, there is a very small, but vocal group, who, for whatever reason, are supportive of a convicted murderer. Some of her supporters have promised to give this book negative reviews before it has been released. It is expected they will come out in mass to do so. Please consider this when reading the reviews of this book.

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