ionic interactions in natural and synthetic macromolecules

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Ionic Interactions In Natural And Synthetic Macromolecules

Author : Alberto Ciferri
ISBN : 9781118165843
Genre : Science
File Size : 54. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is a comprehensive study of the subject of ionic interactions in macromolecules. The first parts of the book review and analyze the conventional treatments of fixed charges (e.g. in polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes), including screening and condensation by mobile ions. The interaction of ions with less polar sites on the macromolecule (e.g. amide bonds), and the origin of the lyotropic effects (focusing on binding versus condensation) will also be extensively addressed. The book also explores complex micellar organizations involving charged macromolecules (e.g. DNA) and low-molecular-weight ampholytes and strong protein associations. The resulting structures are relevant to a variety of functional biological systems and synthetic analogs. The contribution of electrostatic and hydrophobic interaction to the stability of proteins and other supramolecular structures will also be analyzed. There are chapters on applications such as deionization and cosmetic formulation. This 21-chapter book is divided into three sections: Fundamentals Mixed Interactions Functions and Applications

Modification And Blending Of Synthetic And Natural Macromolecules

Author : Francesco Ciardelli
ISBN : 9781402027352
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62. 63 MB
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The book provides a unique collection of 15 contributions by 15 internationally recognized scientists performing intensive research activity on the preparation and characterization of complex and multiphase materials based on macromolecules as well as on the evaluation and simulation of structure/properties relations. The topic is assuming a general increasing importance as providing a highly sustainable and modern approach to the present and future development of the important area of materials science and technology. The scientific route along the successive contributions goes from the controlled preparation of functional MM both by innovative polymerization reactions and preformed polymers modification (intramacromolecular complexity), to their combination with other MMs and materials to give blends and composites where new properties are conveniently achieved by morphologic complexity. The synergic behaviour of the different components in these last is obtained by reactive processing producing the necessary interfacial adhesion. Even if most examples deal with man-made MMs, biopolymers are also included. The various chapters provide in most cases an exhaustive fundamental description assisted by an up- to-date and broad list of relevant references The book is therefore an excellent informative and formative instrument for those involved in complex materials preparation and application in research and industry.

Biochemistry Of Scandium And Yttrium Part 2 Biochemistry And Applications

Author : Chaim T. Horovitz
ISBN : 0306456575
Genre : Science
File Size : 67. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Biochemistry of Scandium and Yttrium gathers together existing knowledge about scandium and yttrium from a wide variety of disciplines. Part 2 addresses the biochemical aspects of these two elements, and the various medical and environmental applications. (Part 1 presents a comparative study of the physical and chemical properties of scandium and yttrium, looking at both their similarities and their differences.) While these elements are relatively rare in nature, these books will show that they have unusual physical and chemical properties, and a disproportionate number of important applications. Improved analytical techniques have revealed that scandium and yttrium are present throughout living matter, even though only a relatively limited number of species have been analyzed so far. This fact of course has far-ranging implications for biological and environmental concerns. The major impacts of scandium and yttrium in science, technology, and medicine will be of interest to a wide variety of researchers, including geochemists, inorganic and organic chemists, clinical biochemists, and those specializing in environmental protection.

Macromolecules Containing Metal And Metal Like Elements Nanoscale Interactions Of Metal Containing Polymers

Author : Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz
ISBN : 9780471773252
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This series provides a useful, applications-oriented forum for the next generation of macromolecules and materials. This volume, seventh in the series, covers nanoscale interactions of metal-containing polymers. Example chapters include: * Nanoscale Clusters and Molecular Orbital Interactions in Macromolecular-Metal Complexes * Metal Oxide Clusters as Building Blocks for Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymers

Chemical Reactions Of Natural And Synthetic Polymers

Author : Milan Lazár
ISBN : UOM:39015017994289
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 18 MB
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Physical Properties Of Polysaccharides And Their Interactions With Protein At Multi Length Scales

Author :
ISBN : 9781109056426
Genre :
File Size : 63. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Atomic force microscopy (AFM) has been used to determine the nanoscale mechanical properties of a series of negatively-charged polysaccharides, such as kappa-carrageenan and Na-alginate through the measurement of the pull-off forces between the AFM tip and the immobilized polysaccharide films. The nanoscale mechanical properties obtained have been compared with the bulk rheological properties measured by rheometer.

Solution Processing Of Inorganic Materials

Author : David Mitzi
ISBN : 0470407611
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discover the materials set to revolutionize the electronics industry The search for electronic materials that can be cheaply solution-processed into films, while simultaneously providing quality device characteristics, represents a major challenge for materials scientists. Continuous semiconducting thin films with large carrier mobilities are particularly desirable for high-speed microelectronic applications, potentially providing new opportunities for the development of low-cost, large-area, flexible computing devices, displays, sensors, and solar cells. To date, the majority of solution-processing research has focused on molecular and polymeric organic films. In contrast, this book reviews recent achievements in the search for solution-processed inorganic semiconductors and other critical electronic components. These components offer the potential for better performance and more robust thermal and mechanical stability than comparable organic-based systems. Solution Processing of Inorganic Materials covers everything from the more traditional fields of sol-gel processing and chemical bath deposition to the cutting-edge use of nanomaterials in thin-film deposition. In particular, the book focuses on materials and techniques that are compatible with high-throughput, low-cost, and low-temperature deposition processes such as spin coating, dip coating, printing, and stamping. Throughout the text, illustrations and examples of applications are provided to help the reader fully appreciate the concepts and opportunities involved in this exciting field. In addition to presenting the state-of-the-art research, the book offers extensive background material. As a result, any researcher involved or interested in electronic device fabrication can turn to this book to become fully versed in the solution-processed inorganic materials that are set to revolutionize the electronics industry.

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