international relations and the origins of the pacific war

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International Relations And The Origins Of The Pacific War

Author : Ko Unoki
ISBN : 9781137572028
Genre : History
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International Relations and the Origins of the Pacific War examines the history of the relationship between Japan and the United States, and uses the framework of international relations theories to search for the origins of the Pacific War that erupted with Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. Ko Unoki aims to systemize our understanding of the pivotal events that had occurred in Japan-US relations and facilitate our comprehension of their significance relating to the outbreak of the war. By using key theories in international relations and presenting the parallels that exist between current trends in the international relations of East Asia and Japan-US relations up to 1941, this work aims to provide policymakers who may use theories in analyzing world events with a source of reference and ideas.

China And The Origins Of The Pacific War 1931 41

Author : Youli Sun
ISBN : 0312164548
Genre : History
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Following the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Chinese government spent a decade attempting to promote an international coalition against Tokyo. The rationale for this policy was that as Japan's attempts to establish hegemony over East Asia inevitably threatened British, American, and Soviet interests, it could only be a matter of time before these powers recognized the need to intervene in direct support of China. That this assessment ultimately proved correct offered little comfort to the Chinese until 1941, but in this valuable and original new book Dr. Youli Sun argues that this is the key to an understanding of Chinese policy. China's appeal to the League of Nations, the secret approaches to the Soviet Union, the decision for War in 1937, and the subsequent informal understandings with the Soviet Union and the Anglo-American powers, all followed a consistent thread. The persistence of Chinese diplomacy and the continuation of war against Japan was, in the final analysis, critically important in preventing a possible American-Japanese accommodation and thus was a vital factor in the outbreak of the Pacific War.

The Origins Of The Second World War In Asia And The Pacific

Author : Akira Iriye
ISBN : 9781317871279
Genre : History
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Professor Iriye analyses the origins of the 1941 conflict against the background of international relations in the preceding decade in order to answer the key question: Why did Japan decide to go to war against so formidable a combination of powers?

Japan And North America First Contacts To The Pacific War

Author : Ellis S. Krauss
ISBN : 0415275156
Genre : Canada
File Size : 56. 35 MB
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This collection makes available key articles on the Japan-North American relationship from the Meiji era to the present. Volume one focuses on the necessity of Japanese modernization post-1868 and examines the build-up to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour. Volume two looks at the post-war period, in which US forces occupied Japan and were instrumental in its rebuilding as an economic superpower. In the years following this Japan and North America enjoyed a close yet occasionally fraught relationship, as competitors and allies. Volume two also examines the cultural ramifications of the influence of North America on Japan, and vice versa. Titles also available in this series include, Japan and South East Asia: International Relations (2001, 2 volumes, 295) and the forthcoming title Japanese Linguistics (2005, 3 volumes, c.425).

Culture Shock And Japanese American Relations

Author : Sadao Asada
ISBN : 9780826265692
Genre : History
File Size : 26. 85 MB
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Ever since Commodore Perry sailed into Uraga Channel, relations between the United States and Japan have been characterized by culture shock. Now a distinguished Japanese historian critically analyzes contemporary thought, public opinion, and behavior in the two countries over the course of the twentieth century, offering a binational perspective on culture shock as it has affected their relations. In these essays, Sadao Asada examines the historical interaction between these two countries from 1890 to 2006, focusing on naval strategy, transpacific racism, and the atomic bomb controversy. For each topic, he offers a rigorous analysis of both American and Japanese perceptions, showing how cultural relations and the interchange of ideas have been complex--and occasionally destructive. Culture Shock and Japanese-American Relations contains insightful essays on the influence of Alfred Mahan on the Japanese navy and on American images of Japan during the 1920s. Other essays consider the progressive breakdown of relations between the two countries and the origins of the Pacific War from the viewpoint of the Japanese navy, then tackle the ultimate shock of the atomic bomb and Japan's surrender, tracing changing perceptions of the decision to use the bomb on both sides of the Pacific over the course of sixty years. In discussing these subjects, Asada draws on Japanese sources largely inaccessible to Western scholars to provide a host of eye-opening insights for non-Japanese readers. After studying in America for nine years and receiving degrees from both Carleton College and Yale University, Asada returned to Japan to face his own reverse culture shock. His insights raise important questions of why people on opposite sides of the Pacific see things differently and adapt their perceptions to different purposes. This book marks a major effort toward reconstructing and understanding the conflicted course of Japanese-American relations during the first half of the twentieth century.

Origins Of The Pacific War And The Importance Of Magic

Author : Keiichiro Komatsu
ISBN : 0415489989
Genre : History
File Size : 20. 37 MB
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Argues that in the final phase of the eight months of US-Japan talks leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, serious mistranslations in Magic (the US decoding system) were a significant factor in the cumulative effect of mutual misunderstandings which grew between the two sides.

International History Of The Twentieth Century

Author : Antony Best
ISBN : 9781134622191
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This major new global history of the twentieth century is written by four prominent international historians for first-year undergraduate level and upward. Using their thematic and regional expertise, the authors have produced an authoritative yet accessible account of the history of international relations in the last century, covering events in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. They focus on the history of relations between states and on the broad ideological, economic and cultural forces that have influenced the evolution of international politics over the past one hundred years. Among the areas this book covers are: the decline of European hegemony over the international order the diffusion of power to the two superpowers the rise of newly independent states in Asia and Africa the course and consequences of the three major global conflicts of the twentieth century: the Great War, the Second World War and the Cold War. This is an absolutely essential book in the study of twentieth century history. Students will find themselves lacking without it.

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