institutional design and party government in post communist europe

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Institutional Design And Party Government In Post Communist Europe

Author : Csaba Nikolenyi
ISBN : 9780199675302
Genre : Political Science
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This books examines the institutional foundations of coalition government in the ten post-communist democracies of Eastern and Central Europe for the 1990-2010 period. Its central argument is that differences in the arrangement of political institutions systematically explain variations in patterns of multi-party government across these states. The book starts with the premise that electoral systems and constitutional provisions about the powers, the structure,and the relationship between parliament and the presidency determine the degree to which political power is dispersed or concentrated in the political system. The main finding of the book is that powerconcentration matters: political parties in those democracies where institutions are designed to concentrate political power tend to form large electoral coalitions, they tend to form majority rather than undersized governments, and they build more durable cabinets.

Governing The Post Communist City

Author : Martin Horak
ISBN : 9780802093288
Genre : Political Science
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When faced with the rapid and disorienting transition from communism to democracy, many eastern European leaders sought simple, immediately rewarding answers to complex policy problems. Undoubtedly, this hurried approach had a significant impact on the quality of democratic government in formerly communist countries. Through an analysis of urban politics in Prague between 1990 and 2000, Governing the Post-Communist City sheds new light on the factors that shaped policy in eastern Europe at the time of its democratic transformation. The first book-length study of post-communist urban politics in a city outside of Russia, Governing the Post-Communist City links the difficulties of democratic government in 1990s Prague to decisions made shortly after the fall of communism. Focusing on the issues of road infrastructure and downtown development, Martin Horak argues that local leadership was more concerned with insulating policy-making processes from public influence than with creating new policies suited to post-communist urban development. This set a precedent for the whole institutional environment of post-communist Prague and entrenched itself in the city?s politics throughout the 1990s. Original, engaging, and authoritative, this study has much to say about the political climate in Prague after the downfall of communism, and makes insightful conclusions about the factors that contributed to present political circumstances in the region.

Institutional Design In Post Communist Societies

Author : Jon Elster
ISBN : 0521479312
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The authors of this book have developed a new and stimulating approach to the analysis of the transitions of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia to democracy and a market economy. They integrate interdisciplinary theoretical work with elaborate empirical data on some of the most challenging events of the twentieth century. Three groups of phenomena and their causal interconnection are explored: the material legacies, constraints, habits and cognitive frameworks inherited from the past; the erratic configuration of new actors, and new spaces for action; and a new institutional order under which agency is institutionalized and the sustainability of institutions is achieved. The book studies the interrelations of national identities, economic interests, and political institutions with the transformation process, concentrating on issues of constitution making, democratic infrastructure, the market economy, and social policy.

Party Organization And Electoral Volatility In Central And Eastern Europe

Author : Sergiu Gherghina
ISBN : 9781317618980
Genre : Political Science
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Political parties in post-communist countries have very high levels of electoral volatility. In these environments, political factions fail to establish long-term connections with the electorate and thus regularly rise and fall from the political arena. This book provides an organizational explanation for the variations in party-level electoral volatility. It looks comparatively at 29 political parties in six Central and Eastern European democracies between 1990 and 2008 to examine how political parties can influence their electoral environment. Using empirical evidence, Gherghina tests the effect of candidate selection procedures, membership organizations, and re-nomination of incumbent MPs on voters’ loyalty, and in doing so, demonstrates how party organization greatly affects electoral stability. Including case studies from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia this book will be of interest to students and scholars of comparative politics, party politics, democratization, elections, and Central and Eastern European politics.

Postcommunist Belarus

Author : Stephen White
ISBN : 074253555X
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 79 MB
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Belarus is one of the least-studied European states to emerge from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Nevertheless, Belarus constitutes an important and sensitive border region between Russia and the western part of the continent. In Postcommunist Belarus, a stellar group of contributors offers an important, coherent, and comparative perspective on this little-known country.

New Parties In Old Party Systems

Author : Nicole Bolleyer
ISBN : 9780199646067
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21. 56 MB
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New Parties in Old Party Systems addresses a pertinent yet neglected issue in comparative party research: why are some new parties that enter national parliament able to defend a niche on the national level, while other fail to do so? This book examines the conditions for the survival and success of the 140, organizationally new parties that entered their national parliaments in 17 democracies from 1968 to 2011. It covers a wide variety of programmaticprofiles and performance trajectories. The book theorizes the interplay between the way parties are formed and the choices made by their founders and leaders, whose interplay shapes their evolution before andafter entering national parliament. This approach is substantiated empirically by advanced statistical methods assessing the role of party origin for new party performance combined with a wide range of detailed, in-depth case studies capturing how intra-organizational dynamics shape party success and failure.

Albanian Journal Of Politics 2005

Author : Altin Ilirjani
ISBN : 9780977666225
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Western Media and the European 'Other': Images of Albania in the British Press in the New Millennium (by Gëzim Alpion, University of Birmingham, UK) Asylum Capacity Building in the Balkans: A Rational Answer to Leaders Concerns (by Ridvan Peshkopia, University of Kentucky, USA) Integrating Albania: The Role of the European Union in the Democratization Process (by Judith Hoffmann, Humboldt University, Germany) Political Choice in Albania. The 2005 Albanian Parliamentary Election (by Altin Ilirjani, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) Review of Bogdani, Mirela and John Loughlin. 2004. Albania and the European Union. European integration and the Prospect of Accession. Tirana, Albania: Dajti 2000 (by Arolda Elbasani, European University Institute, Italy) Continuity or Metamorphosis? Realist Theories and the Anomaly of Medieval International Politics (by Shinasi A. Rama, New York University, USA) Virtual Irredentism? The Redemption and Reification of the Albanian Nation in Cyberspace (by Robert A. Saunders, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA) Electoral Institutions, Social Heterogeneity and Political Party Systems in Eastern Europe (by Altin Ilirjani, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) Review of Tomes, Jason Hunter. 2004. King Zog of Albania: Europe's Self-Made Muslim Monarch. New York: New York University Press (by Besnik Pula, University of Michigan, USA) Review of King, Russell, Nicola Mai, and Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers (eds). 2005. The New Albanian Migration. Brighton, Portland, UK: Sussex Academic Press (by Ridvan Peshkopia, University of Kentucky, USA)

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