in search of shiva a study of folk religious practices in pakistan

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A White Trail A Journey Into The Heart Of Pakistan S Religious Minorities

ISBN : 9789383260232
Genre : Political Science
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The formation of Pakistan and the search for an Islamic identity are inextricably interlinked, says journalist Haroon Khalid. Of the wider issue of global politics, he reasons, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism has been a side-effect. And religious intolerance places the minority communities of the country in a precarious position. They have to come to terms with a rapidly changing situation. A White Trail is an ethnographic study of these communities and the changes they are having to face. At a time when almost all accounts of religious minorities in the country focus on the persecution and discrimination they xperience, A White Trail delves deeper into their lives, using the occasion of religious festivals to gain a deeper insight into the psyche of Pakistani Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Zoroastrians and Baha’is. It seeks to understand, through the oral testimonies of the members of these communities, larger socio-political issues arising from the situation. A White Trail originally began as a series of newspaper articles written by Lahore-based Haroon Khalid for Pakistan’s widely-circulated weekly, The Friday times.

The Search Of The Cradle Of Civilization

Author : Georg Feuerstein
ISBN : 8120820371
Genre : India
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The book shows that the ancient Indians were no primitives but possessed a high spiritual culture, which not only influenced the evolution of the Western world in decisive ways but which still has much to teach us today. India`s archaic spirituality is codified in the rich symbols, metaphors, and myths of the magnificent Rig-Veda, which is shown to be much older than has been widely assumed by scholars. The present book also unravels the astonishing mathematical and astronomical code hidden in the Vedic hymns. Anyone interested in ancient cultural history, India, archaeo-astronomy, or spirituality will find this well-researched and cross-cultural work spellbinding and enriching.

Indian Defence Review Vol 31 2 Apr Jun 2016

Author : Col Danvir Singh
ISBN : 9781940988269
Genre : Political Science
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IN THIS VOLUME: ‘Sagara Manthan’: Make in India Transition | Lt Gen JS Bajwa “Our vision in next 10 years is to become top defence industry in the world...” | Interview by Danvir Singh Indian Airborne Troops Script History | Danvir Singh Submarine Ahoy – Whither to Bound? | Rear Adm AP Revi Aerospace and Defence News | Priya Tyagi Higher Defence Organisation for India: Towards an Integrated Approach | Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan Indian Army: Adopting ‘Deep Operations’ Doctrine | Col JK Achuthan The Government’s Burden of Military Security | Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee Global Terrorism: An Analysis of Fault Lines and Risks | Maj Gen SB Asthana Tackling Global Terror | Anil Kumar Tandale Islamic State: The New Brand of Terrorism in India | V Balasubramaniyan India & China Territorial Dispute: The Growing Challenge | Brig Gurmeet Kanwal China-India-Myanmar: The Forgotten Frontier | Air Cmde PC Chopra Myanmar and India: A New Future | Maj Gen Nitin P Gadkari Airfield Security: Lessons for the IAF | Air Marshal Anil Chopra Acoustic Capacity Building in the Indian Ocean Region | Cdr (Dr) Arnab Das & Vice Adm DSP Varma Transportation Infrastructure in the North East | Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja Our Forgotten Wars: Victimisation and Survival in Bodoland | Dr Samrat Sinha Women Officers in the Indian Army: A Reality Check | Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal Socio Economic Transformation: Through Ex-Servicemen | Lt Gen SK Gadeock & Col Nishant Sharma DPP 2016: A Missed Opportunity | Dr SN Misra Defence Budget 2016: Hits and Misses for the IAF | Air Marshal Anil Chopra Privatisation of the Indian Aerospace Industry: Problems and Prospects | Gp Capt AK Sachdev The Patrol Leader | Sumit Walia

Being Hindu

Author : Hindol Sengupta
ISBN : 9789385890079
Genre : Religion
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1 billion followers 33 million gods and goddesses You One of the world's oldest forms of faith, Hinduism has an unbroken trajectory of beliefs and rituals that have passed on for many millennia through the footsteps of pilgrims and the pedagogies of theologists; through myth, science and politics. But what does all that mean to the modern Hindu today? Why do Hindus call themselves so? Is it merely because their parents were Hindus? In what way does the faith speak to those who profess to follow it? What does Hinduism mean to the everyday-practicing or sometimes-accessing ordinary Hindu? Away from the raucous debate around religions, this is the journey of a common Hindu—an attempt to understand why, for so many Hindus, their faith is one of the most powerful arguments for plurality, for unity in diversity, and even more than the omnipresent power of God, the sublime courage and conviction of man. Being Hindu is the exploration of Hinduism in a way you have never seen before—almost through your own eyes.

The Interpretation Of Cultures

Author : Clifford Geertz
ISBN : 0465097197
Genre : Social Science
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In this compilation of essays written over a fifteen-year period, the distinguished anthropologist explains his view of culture and its symbolic dimensions


Author : Lesley Hazleton
ISBN : 9781594634130
Genre : Religion
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A widely admired writer on religion celebrates agnosticism as the most vibrant, engaging--and ultimately the most honest--stance toward the mysteries of existence. One in four Americans reject any affiliation with organized religion, and nearly half of those under thirty describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious." But as the airwaves resound with the haranguing of preachers and pundits, who speaks for the millions who find no joy in whittling the wonder of existence to a simple yes/no choice? Lesley Hazleton does. In this provocative, brilliant book, she gives voice to the case for agnosticism, breaks it free of its stereotypes as watered-down atheism or amorphous "seeking," and celebrates it as a reasoned, revealing, and sustaining stance toward life. Stepping over the lines imposed by rigid conviction, she draws on philosophy, theology, psychology, science, and more to explore, with curiosity and passion, the vital role of mystery in a deceptively information-rich world; to ask what we mean by the search for meaning; to invoke the humbling yet elating perspective of infinity; to challenge received ideas about death; and to reconsider what "the soul" might be. Inspired and inspiring, Agnostic recasts the question of belief not as a problem to be solved but as an invitation to an ongoing, open-ended adventure of the mind.

Modern South Asia

Author : Sugata Bose
ISBN : 0415307872
Genre : History
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A wide-ranging survey of the Indian sub-continent, Modern South Asia gives an enthralling account of South Asian history. After sketching the pre-modern history of the subcontinent, the book concentrates on the last three centuries from c.1700 to the present. Jointly written by two leading Indian and Pakistani historians, Modern South Asia offers a rare depth of understanding of the social, economic and political realities of this region. This comprehensive study includes detailed discussions of: the structure and ideology of the British raj; the meaning of subaltern resistance; the refashioning of social relations along lines of caste class, community and gender; and the state and economy, society and politics of post-colonial South Asia The new edition includes a rewritten, accessible introduction and a chapter by chapter revision to take into account recent research. The second edition will also bring the book completely up to date with a chapter on the period from 1991 to 2002 and adiscussion of the last millennium in sub-continental history.

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