holderlins hymns germania and the rhine

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H Lderlin S Hymns Germania And The Rhine

Author : Martin Heidegger
ISBN : 9780253014306
Genre : Philosophy
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Martin Heidegger’s 1934–1935 lectures on Friedrich Hölderlin’s hymns "Germania" and "The Rhine" are considered the most significant among Heidegger’s lectures on Hölderlin. Coming at a crucial time in his career, the text illustrates Heidegger’s turn toward language, art, and poetry while reflecting his despair at his failure to revolutionize the German university and his hope for a more profound revolution through the German language, guided by Hölderlin’s poetry. These lectures are important for understanding Heidegger’s changing relation to politics, his turn toward Nietzsche, his thinking about the German language, and his breakthrough to a new kind of poetic thinking. First published in 1980 as volume 39 of Heidegger’s Complete Works, this graceful and rigorous English-language translation will be widely discussed in continental philosophy and literary theory.

H Lderlin S Hymn The Ister

Author : Martin Heidegger
ISBN : 0253330645
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Martin Heidegger's 1942 lecture course interprets Friedrich Hölderlin's hymn "The Ister" within the context of Hölderlin's poetic and philosophical work, with particular emphasis on Hölderlin's dialogue with Greek tragedy. Delivered in summer 1942 at the University of Freiburg, this course was first published in German in 1984 as volume 53 of Heidegger's Collected Works. Revealing for Heidegger's thought of the period are his discussions of the meaning of "the political" and "the national," in which he emphasizes the difficulty and the necessity of finding "one's own" in and through a dialogue with "the foreign." In this context Heidegger reflects on the nature of translation and interpretation. A detailed reading of the famous chorus from Sophocles' Antigone, known as the "ode to man," is a key feature of the course.

The Poet As Destiny The Inauguration Of Heidegger S Dialogue With Holderlin

Author :
ISBN : 0549545824
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This dissertation offers an analysis of Heidegger's 1934/35 inaugural lecture course on the poet Friedrich Holderlin, Holderlin's Hymns "Germania" and "The Rhine." It combines exegesis of Heidegger's individual interpretations of Holderlin's hymns, while arguing that Heidegger's radical reconceptualization of Holderlin as a destiny is central for understanding Heidegger politics. It thus advances the thesis put forward by Dominique Janicaud in The Shadow of That Thought that Heidegger's thinking undergoes a "tearing revision" in the 1930s. Chapter One locates this revision in the tension between Dasein's individual fate and its common destiny in Being and Time, arguing that Heidegger's privileging of death generates an insoluble impasse evident in Dasein's inability to carry through on the disclosure of its authentic possibilities in language. The dissertation makes the strong claim that Being and Time generates an aporia between language and death that informs and situates Heidegger's subsequent turn to Holderlin as a destiny. It takes up this claim through a series of chapters that focus on the way the "Germania" and "The Rhine" course both revises and inaugurates a terminological vocabulary sustained in Heidegger's later thinking. Chapter Two explores what Heidegger means by "dialogue," understanding this in terms of a chain of mediation between poet, thinker, state-creator, and people. Central to this is Heidegger's analysis of Holderlin's mediation of the gods' language through Holderlin's founding of fundamental attunement. Chapter Three extends this analysis by tracing out the disclosive movement of the attunement "holy affliction, mourning yet readied" in relation to the gods and the Earth. This chapter asserts that Holderlin's poetry makes the Earth available in a way that allows Heidegger to answer the aporia generated by language and death in Being and Time. Chapter Four considers what it means for Heidegger to assert Holderlin as a destiny through an interpretation of the poet as demigod and between. The dissertation includes original work on Heidegger's analyses of holy mourning, the demigod in connection to the "as"-structure, and Being's need and use of Dasein.

Heidegger And The Politics Of Poetry

Author : Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
ISBN : 9780252031533
Genre : Philosophy
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Heidegger's politically motivated use of poetry and its relation to currents of modern thought

Margins Of Political Discourse

Author : Fred Dallmayr
ISBN : 9781438400402
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 22 MB
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“Margins of political discourse” are those border zones where paradigms intersect and where issues of order and disorder, meaning and non-meaning must be continually renegotiated. Our age is marked by multiple dislocations, by political as well as philosophical paradigm shifts. Politically, a Europe-centered world order has given way to a decentered arena of global power struggles. Philosophically, traditional metaphysics — itself a European legacy — is making room for diverse modes of anti-foundationalism. In this situation, philosophy and political theory are bound to be decentered themselves, occupying a peculiar border zone in which traditional boundaries are blurred without being erased. This is the locus of Dallmayr’s book. Located at the intersection of Continental and Anglo-American thought as well as at the border of philosophy and politics, Margins of Political Discourse explores the zone between polis and cosmopolis, between modernity and postmodernity, between reason and contingency, between immanence and transcendence.

Companion To Heidegger S Contributions To Philosophy

Author : Charles E. Scott
ISBN : 9780253214652
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 27. 82 MB
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The publication of the first English translation of Martin Heidegger'sBeiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis)marked a significant event for Heidegger studies. Considered by scholars to be Heidegger's most important work afterBeing and Time,Contributions to Philosophy (From Enowning)elaborates what he calls "being-historical-thinking," a project in which he undertakes to reshape what it means both to think and to be.Contributionsis an indispensable book for scholars and students of Heidegger, but it is also one of the most difficult because of its aphoristic style and new and strange words. In theCompanion to Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophyan international group of fourteen Heidegger scholars shares strategies for reading and understanding this challenging work. Overall approaches for becoming familiar with Heidegger's unique language and thinking are included along with detailed readings of key sections of the work. Experienced readers and those coming to the text for the first time will find theCompanionan invaluable guide to this pivotal text in Heidegger's philosophical corpus. Contributors include Walter A. Brogan, David Crownfield, Parvis Emad, Günter Figal, Kenneth Maly, William McNeill, Richard Polt, John Sallis, Susan Schoenbohm, Charles E. Scott, Dennis J. Schmidt, Alejandro Vallega, Daniela Vallega-Neu, and Friedrich-Wilhelm von Herrmann.

The Solid Letter

Author : Aris Fioretos
ISBN : 0804729433
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Written in the context of a rejuvenated interest in the work of Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843), the essays gathered in The Solid Letter offer the first consolidated attempt in English to set out the many facets of his oeuvre. Addressed not only to specialists in German studies but also to readers interested in modern poetry, philosophy, and aesthetics, the volume is wide in scope but succinct in nature, aiming to assert the relevance of Hölderlin for thinking about history, culture, and language today. The Solid Letter not only reads Hölderlin's finished work, but also treats the processual character of his writing. By discussing interrelationships among unpublished variants, theoretical and poetic texts, and different conceptions of the distinction between theory and practice, the essays provide an opportunity to reassess the categories by which humanistic study presently is defined. The volume addresses the implications of Hölderlin's notion of history, the stakes involved in certain of his key concepts, and the significance of seemingly auxiliary materials and kinds of texts not commonly considered intrinsic to an author's oeuvre (such as translations and letters). The essays are attuned to the complex resonances of Hölderlin's writerly practice, thereby contributing to our grasp of the political and historiographical implications of reading. The volume concludes with a select bibliography of Hölderlin in English that lists all book-length translations of his literary writings, the more significant translations of his theoretical texts and letters, and most critical studies available in English devoted in part or whole to Hölderlin.

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