financing medicaid federalism and the growth of americas health care safety net

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Medicare And Medicaid At 50

Author : Alan B. Cohen
ISBN : 9780190231545
Genre : Medical
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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For fifty years, Medicare and Medicaid have stood at the center of a contentious debate surrounding American government, citizenship, and health care entitlement. In Medicare and Medicaid at 50, leading scholars in politics, government, economics, health policy, and history offer a comprehensive assessment of the evolution of these programs and their impact on society -- from their origins in the Great Society era to the current battles over the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"). These highly accessible essays examine Medicare and Medicaid from their origins as programs for the elderly and poor to their later role as a safety net for the middle class. Along the way, they have served as touchstones for heated debates about economics, social welfare, and the role of government. Medicare and Medicaid at 50 addresses key questions for understanding the past and future of health policy in America, including: · What were the origins for these initiatives, and how were they transformed over time? · What marks have Medicare and Medicaid left on society? · In what ways have these programs produced innovation, even in eras of retrenchment? · How did Medicaid, once regarded as a poor person's program, expand its benefits and coverage over the decades to become the platform for the ACA's future expansion? The volume's contributors go on to examine the powerful role of courts in these transformations, along with the shifting roles of Congress, public opinion, and state governors in the programs' ongoing evolution. From Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama on the left, and from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush on the right, American political leaders have tied their political fortunes to the fate of America's entitlement programs; Medicare and Medicaid at 50 helps explain why, and how those ongoing debates are likely to shape the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Jonas And Kovner S Health Care Delivery In The United States 11th Edition

Author : James R. Knickman, PhD
ISBN : 9780826125279
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40. 55 MB
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"Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States is one of the stronger health policy texts on the market. Readers and instructors looking for an up-to-date, broad-based overview of US health policy should strongly consider using the book."--The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) (From reviews of the 10th Edition.) "Health care managers, practitioners, and students must both operate as effectively as they can the daunting and continually evolving system at hand and identify opportunities for reform advances Health Care Delivery in the US has been an indispensable companion to those preparing to manage this balance. The present edition demonstrates once again why this volume has come to be so prized. It takes the long view - charting recent developments in health policy, and putting them side-by-side with descriptions and analysis of existing programs in the US and abroad." Sherry Glied, PhD Dean and Professor of Public Service, NYU Wagner From the Foreword Named a 2013 Doody's Medical Reviews Essential Purchase! This fully updated and revised 11th edition of a highly esteemed survey and analysis of health care delivery in the U.S. keeps pace with the rapid changes that are reshaping our system. Fundamentally, this new edition presents the realities that impact our nation's achievement of the so-called Triple Aim: better health and better care at a lower cost. It addresses challenges and responses to the Accountable Care Act, the implementation of Obamacare, and many new models of care designed to replace outmoded systems. Contributions by leading scholars, practitioners, and educators within population health and medical care present the most up-to-date evidence-based information on health disparities, vulnerable populations, and immigrant health; nursing workforce challenges; new information technology; preventative medicine; emerging approaches to control health care costs, and much more. Designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students of health care management and administration and public health, the text addresses all of the complex core issues surrounding our health care system in a strikingly readable and accessible format. Contributors provide an in-depth and objective appraisal of why and how we organize health care the way we do, the enormous impact of health-related behaviors on the structure, function, and cost of the health care delivery system, and other emerging and recurrent issues in health policy, health care management, and public health. The 11th edition features the writings of such luminaries as Michael Gusmanno, Carolyn Clancy, Joanne Spetz, Nirav Shah, Sherry Glied, Michael Sparer, and Christy LeMak, among others. Chapters include key words, learning objectives and competencies, discussion questions, case studies, and additional resources. Included for instructors is a Manual, Power Point Slides, Syllabus, Test Bank, Image Bank, Supplemental e-chapter on the ACA, and a transition guide bridging the 10th and 11th editions. New to the Eleventh Edition: Comprehensive coverage of the ACA and its impact on each aspect of the U.S. health care system woven throughout the book The implementation of Obamacare Combines acute and chronic care into organizations of medical care Nursing workforce challenges Health disparities, vulnerable populations, and immigrant health New models of care including ACOs, Patient Homes, Health Exchanges, and Integrated Health Systems Strategies to achieve the Triple Aim (better health and better care at lower cost) Emerging societal efforts toward creating healthy environments and illness prevention Increasing incentives for efficiency and better quality of care Multiple new charts and tables with concrete health care data Expanded discussion of i

Sustaining The States

Author : Marilyn Marks Rubin
ISBN : 9781466555419
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54. 40 MB
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State fiscal decisions have a significant impact on the US economy. Taken together, subnational governments employ more than one out of every eight workers and provide the bulk of all basic governmental services consumed by individuals and businesses. Sustaining the States: The Fiscal Viability of American State Governments will give you a basic understanding of trends in, current status of, and future prospects for the fiscal sustainability of state governments. After reading this book, you should have a great appreciation for the reach and multiple contributions of state governments to individuals and communities across the nation. The book examines the broad range and depth of state revenues, responsibilities, and activities. It begins with an assessment of executive budgeting in the states, then presents the experiences of states with strong executive-driven systems and the various rules and institutions that impact state government budget discipline. The book goes on to examine state revenue sources, debt, pensions, and spending, honing in on vital state functions including education, transportation, health services and public safety. It concludes with an assessment of the challenges that will test the fiscal vibrancy of US state governments going forward: vulnerability to future economic downturns, growing dependence on an increasingly austere federal government, the obsolescence of state tax systems and an ever more coercive system of federalism. Edited by experts, with a hand-picked panel of contributors, the book delineates the resources that states generate and use to conduct the business of government. The chapters outline the very real and significant constraints on the ability of the states to fulfill their responsibilities and introduce several challenges that state governments face and are actively addressing as they strive for fiscal sustainability. These features provide a clear, realistic understanding of state operations and financing in the United States, today. The book should also leave you with a sense of optimism for the capacity of state governments to advance forward.

The Economics Of Health And Medical Care

Author : Philip Jacobs
ISBN : 0763725951
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Health Sciences & Professions

America S Health Care Safety Net

Author : Institute of Medicine
ISBN : 0309172853
Genre : Medical
File Size : 90. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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America's Health Care Safety Net explains how competition and cost issues in today's health care marketplace are posing major challenges to continued access to care for America’s poor and uninsured. At a time when policymakers and providers are urgently seeking guidance, the committee recommends concrete strategies for maintaining the viability of the safety net--with innovative approaches to building public attention, developing better tools for tracking the problem, and designing effective interventions. This book examines the health care safety net from the perspectives of key providers and the populations they serve, including: Components of the safety net--public hospitals, community clinics, local health departments, and federal and state programs. Mounting pressures on the system--rising numbers of uninsured patients, decline in Medicaid eligibility due to welfare reform, increasing health care access barriers for minority and immigrant populations, and more. Specific consequences for providers and their patients from the competitive, managed care environment--detailing the evolution and impact of Medicaid managed care. Key issues highlighted in four populations--children with special needs, people with serious mental illness, people with HIV/AIDS, and the homeless.

The State Of Nonprofit America

Author : Lester M. Salamon
ISBN : 9780815703303
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers a thorough assessment of the state of nonprofit organizations in America, as well as the key trends that affect them. Original.

Health Policy Federalism And The American States

Author : Robert F. Rich
ISBN : 0877666601
Genre : Medical
File Size : 83. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As we begin the 21st century, health care policy remains a central part of the federalism debate. The rising cost of care, the growing recognition of the many millions of Americans who lack health insurance, and the innovation in state Medicaid programs in the 1980s with new ways of financing and delivering care give new urgency to the question of how to best divide public responsibilities between the federal government and the states. In this book, leading health policy scholars explore theories of intergovernmental relations that provide a useful framework for examining how to divide up the job of providing health care. They assess the capacity of the states to actually implement health care policy changes, and weigh the merits of alternative visions of the role of states and the federal government in health care policy.

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