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Field Guide To Nonlinear Optics

Author : Peter E. Powers
ISBN : 0819496367
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 29. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This Field Guide is designed for those looking for a condensed and concise source of key concepts, equations, and techniques for nonlinear optics. Topics covered include technologically important effects, recent developments in nonlinear optics, and linear optical properties central to nonlinear phenomena. The focus of each section is based on my research as well as my interactions with colleagues in the field and my experiences teaching nonlinear optics

Military Laser Technology And Systems

Author : David H. Titterton
ISBN : 9781608077793
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This new resource provides an insight into the physical principles of the device technology that underpins many laser-based military systems in one form or another. From this knowledge a deeper understanding of the fundamental requirements and the potential performance, as well as limitations of such systems may be assessed, given the appropriate operational parameters. Engineers and students are provided with practical advice on how to evaluate laser devices and systems, operate them safely, and train with them.

Extreme Nonlinear Optics

Author : Martin Wegener
ISBN : 9783540266884
Genre : Science
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Following the birth of the laser in 1960, the field of "nonlinear optics" rapidly emerged. Today, laser intensities and pulse durations are readily available, for which the concepts and approximations of traditional nonlinear optics no longer apply. In this regime of "extreme nonlinear optics," a large variety of novel and unusual effects arise, for example frequency doubling in inversion symmetric materials or high-harmonic generation in gases, which can lead to attosecond electromagnetic pulses or pulse trains. Other examples of "extreme nonlinear optics" cover diverse areas such as solid-state physics, atomic physics, relativistic free electrons in a vacuum and even the vacuum itself. This book starts with an introduction to the field based primarily on extensions of two famous textbook examples, namely the Lorentz oscillator model and the Drude model. Here the level of sophistication should be accessible to any undergraduate physics student. Many graphical illustrations and examples are given. The following chapters gradually guide the student towards the current "state of the art" and provide a comprehensive overview of the field. Every chapter is accompanied by exercises to deepen the reader's understanding of important topics, with detailed solutions at the end of the book.

Nonlinear Optics

Author : D.L. Mills
ISBN : 9783662002131
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75. 8 MB
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One intriguing aspect of physics is its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature; exciting new fields can become moribund within relatively few years, only to revive and grow again in a dramatic and expolisve manner in response to new developments. This has been the case for the fields of optics and atomic physics. In the 1950s, and perhaps into the early 1960s, both fields appeared mature, fully developed, and perhaps even a bit dull as a consequence. The appearance of the laser has tumed both of these fields into dynamic areas of research, within which fundamental and profound questions are being explored. The research of the past two or three decades has led also to very important applications and to new devices. The dye laser, which enables a very narrow line to be tuned over an appreciable spectral range, has led to a virtual revolution in the spec troscopy of atoms, molecules, and the condensed phases of matter. A parallel development, readily detectable in the recent literature of theoretical physics, has been the substantial advance in OUf understand ing of highly nonlinear phenomena. Numerous texts are devoted to exposition of the theoretical methods which may be used to extract useful information from the important equations encountered in the various fields of physics. A survey of the contemporary literature of nonlinear optics shows that in this area one encounters a large fraction of the basic equations and principles of nonlinear physics.

Electromagnetic Anisotropy And Bianisotropy

Author : Tom G. Mackay
ISBN : 9789814289610
Genre : Science
File Size : 35. 39 MB
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The topics of anisotropy and bianisotropy are fundamental to electromagnetics from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. These properties underpin a host of complex and exotic electromagnetic phenomenons in naturally occurring materials and in relativistic scenarios, as well as in artificially produced metamaterials. As a unique guide to this rapidly developing field, the book provides a unified presentation of key classic and recent results on the studies of constitutive relations, spacetime symmetries, planewave propagation, dyadic Green functions, and homogenization of composite materials. This book also offers an up-to-date extension to standard treatments of crystal optics with coverage on both linear and weakly nonlinear regimes.

Nonlinear Optics

Author : Robert W. Boyd
ISBN : 0080485960
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nonlinear optics is the study of the interaction of intense laser light with matter. The third edition of this textbook has been rewritten to conform to the standard SI system of units and includes comprehensively updated material on the latest developments in the field. The book presents an introduction to the entire field of optical physics and specifically the area of nonlinear optics, covering fundamental issues and applied aspects of this exciting area. Nonlinear Optics will have lasting appeal to a wide audience of physics, optics, and electrical engineering students, as well as to working researchers and engineers. Those in related fields, such as materials science and chemistry, will also find this book of particular interest. * Presents an introduction to the entire field of optical physics from the perspective of nonlinear optics * Combines first-rate pedagogy with a treatment of fundamental aspects of nonlinear optics * Covers all the latest topics and technology in this ever-evolving industry * Strong emphasis on the fundamentals

Scratching The Surface An Introduction To Photonics Part 1 Optics Thin Films Lasers And Crystals

Author : Jeffrey Richling
ISBN : 9781312651708
Genre : Reference
File Size : 87. 7 MB
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A beginner's introduction to Optics, Thin Films, Lasers and Crystals. Parts 1-3 cover: absorption, angle of incidence, antireflection, bandgap, birefringence, Bravais, lattice, damage, dielectric, crystallography, grating, diode, electric field, diffraction, oscillator, electro-optic, emission, energy gap, poling, fiber optic, fluorescence, frequency, geometrical optics, glide plane, graded-index, grinding, group velocity, harmonic generation, index, interference, filters, cavity, diodes, pumping, laser, light, melting glass, Miller indices, mode-locking, molding, nonlinear, semiconductor, nucleation, optical cavity, coatings, resonator, phase shift, phase velocity, phonon, photon, p-n junction, point group, polishing, population inversion, Q-switched, saturable absorber, screw axis, semiconductor, solid state, space group, substrate, sum-frequency, tuning, temperature-bandwidth, thin films, transmission, unit cell, unstable resonator, walkoff, wave vector, waveguide, wavelength...and much more. Enjoy

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