education and the arab spring resistance reform and democracy

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Education And The Arab Spring

Author : Hannah R. Gerber
ISBN : 9789463004718
Genre : Education
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Education and the Arab Spring: Resistance, Reform, and Democracy explores the current debate about education in the Middle East and North Africa post-Arab Spring. It draws from a variety of conceptual frameworks rooted in different disciplines and fields, such as education, religious and cultural studies, political science, and Arab studies. The book is, in part, a response to an increased demand since the Arab Spring – by universities, cultural institutions, think-tanks, education officials, policymakers and journalists – for a richer, deeper understanding of the role of education in post-Arab Spring states and societies. The book adds a unique and much-needed perspective to this field: its specific focus is on the Arab context, and its analysis is of issues of particular relevance to a changing world order. The great mix of experiences of the contributors attests to the excellent quality of this promising work. “It is not infrequent to hear sweeping but general criticisms of all aspects of educational systems in the Arab world – everything from textbooks to teaching methodologies have come under scrutiny. The authors of this collection seek to move the debate beyond generalities by providing detailed studies; while informed by a sense of the inadequacy of existing systems, they also provide an empirically rich analysis of existing systems.” – Nathan Brown, George Washington University, USA

Revolution Revolt And Reform In North Africa

Author : Ricardo Laremont
ISBN : 9781136023682
Genre : Political Science
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Providing an account of the recent revolutions or reform movements that constituted part of the Arab Spring, this book focuses on these transformative processes in a North African context. Whilst the longer term outcomes of the Arab Spring revolts are not entirely clear, the revolutionary or reform processes in North Africa are further along than the events taking place in Levant or the Arabian Peninsula, elections having now been held in the post-revolutionary/ post-revolt states. Understanding and examining North African events has become critical as the countries in question are part of Mare Nostrum; events in North Africa inevitably have effects in Europe. Using examples from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, Revolution, Revolt and Reform in North Africa provides an insider scholar’s account of these recent revolutions or reform movements. One of the first attempts at undertaking an analysis of possible transitions to democracy in the region, this book is a valuable resource for students and researchers with an interest in the Middle East, Political Science or contemporary affairs in general.

Policy Borrowing And Reform In Education

Author : Laura M. Portnoi
ISBN : 9781137530240
Genre : Education
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This book addresses the intersections of globalization, policy borrowing, and educational reform. Drawing upon multiple disciplines, it provides a comprehensive overview of globalization’s history, processes, theories, and trends, both generally and in education specifically. The book includes an in-depth discussion of policy borrowing, emphasizing its political nature, to provide an understanding of globalization’s impact on education. Portnoi interrogates the dominance of the Global North and the influence of the global governance organizations that serve as the core of the aid and development regime. Using a critical perspective, Portnoi emphasizes the manner in which local agents intervene to mediate the forces of globalization. The book provides a comprehensive foundation for students and scholars of comparative education and associated disciplines, including social foundations, educational policy, teacher education, higher education, globalization studies, sociology of education, and policy studies.

Civil Resistance In The Arab Spring

Author : Timothy Garton Ash
ISBN : 9780198749028
Genre : Arab Spring, 2010-
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This is a lively and scholarly illustrated account of the tumultuous events in key countries in the Middle East and North Africa during and since the period of the Arab Spring that began in December 2010. It addresses two key questions. How could non-violent forms of resistance develop so fast, and help to overthrow so many long-established regimes, in societies with a troubled history of violence and authoritarianism? And why was the initial success of some ofthese revolutions followed by such serious setbacks: the military intervention in Bahrain, the wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen, and the reversion to authoritarian rule in Egypt? Written and edited byexperts in these countries and in the phenomenon of civil resistance, this book draws some tough conclusions from the triumphs and the disasters of one of the most important political developments of our time.

Democracy And Reform In The Middle East And Asia

Author : Amin Saikal
ISBN : 9780857735188
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The protests that swept across the Middle East and North Africa in late 2010 and 2011 confounded long-time observers of the region, in both the media and academia. After addressing the conditions in the Middle East and North Africa that produced these attempts at revolution, Amin Saikal and Amitav Acharya explore the global impact of the protests, both in terms of their ideological influence on opposition groups and the prospects for democratic transition in a variety of authoritarian and semi-authoritarian governments. Examining states at the heart of the uprisings, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Libya in addition to other Middle Easter states, like Iran, as well the Asian states of China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, this book concentrates upon ‘democratisation’ as the central theme. Did the protests have a galvanising effect of democratisation processes throughout Asia? And if not, why? Touching on perennial issues in politics – for example, democracy, authoritarian rule and social protest – this book is vital for researchers of politics and international relations.

International Handbook Of Learning Teaching And Leading In Faith Based Schools

Author : Judith D. Chapman
ISBN : 9789401789721
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86. 63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The International Handbook on Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith Based Schools is international in scope. It is addressed to policy makers, academics, education professionals and members of the wider community. The book is divided into three sections. (1) The Educational, Historical, Social and Cultural Context, which aims to: Identify the educational, historical, social and cultural bases and contexts for the development of learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools across a range of international settings; Consider the current trends, issues and controversies facing the provision and nature of education in faith-based schools; Examine the challenges faced by faith-based schools and their role and responses to current debates concerning science and religion in society and its institutions. (2) The Nature, Aims and Values of Education in Faith-based Schools, which aims to: Identify and explore the distinctive philosophies, characteristics and guiding principles, values, concepts and concerns underpinning learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools; Identify and explore ways in which such distinctive philosophies of education challenge and expand different norms and conventions in their surrounding societies and cultures; Examine and explore some of the ways in which different conceptions within and among different religious and faith traditions guide practices in learning, teaching and leadership in various ways. (3) Current Practice and Future Possibilities, which aims to: Provide evidence of current educational practices that might help to inform and shape innovative and successful policies, initiatives and strategies for the development of quality learning, teaching and leadership in faith-based schools; Examine the ways in which the professional learning of teachers and educational leaders in faith- based settings might be articulated and developed; Consider the ways in which coherence and alignment might be achieved between key national priorities in education and the identity, beliefs, and the commitments of faith-based schools; Examine what international experience shows about the place of faith-based schools in culturally rich and diverse communities and the implications of faith-based schooling for societies of the future.

Power To The People Reactions To The Eu S Response To The Arab Spring

Author : Jamie Balfour-Paul
ISBN : 9781780770178
Genre :
File Size : 59. 42 MB
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