eco fascists how radical conservationists are destroying our natural heritage

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Eco Fascists

Author : Elizabeth Nickson
ISBN : 9780062080059
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Forty million Americans have been driven from their lands and rural culture is being systematically crushed, even as wildlife, forests, and rangelands are dying. Journalist Elizabeth Nickson’s investigations into these events have revealed a shocking truth: rather than safeguarding our environment, radical conservationists are actually destroying our natural heritage. In Eco-Fascists, Nickson documents the destructive impact of the environmental movement in North America and beyond, detailing the extreme damage environmental radicals in local and national government agencies are doing to the land, the ecosystems, and the people. Readers of Alston Chase’s Playing God in Yellowstone and In a Dark Wood, and anyone who is deeply concerned about global warming and the environment must read Elizabeth Nickson’s Eco-Fascists.

Hubris The Troubling Science Economics And Politics Of Climate Change

Author : Michael Hart
ISBN : 9780994903808
Genre :
File Size : 54. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Author : Janet Biehl
ISBN : 1873176732
Genre : Nature
File Size : 65. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lessons from the German Experience

Liberal Fascism

Author : Jonah Goldberg
ISBN : 9780141908724
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 94 MB
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Today the word 'fascist' is usually an insult aimed at those on the right, from neocons to big business. But what does it really mean? What if the true heirs to fascism were actually those who thought of themselves as being terribly nice and progressive - the liberals? Jonah Goldberg's excoriating, opinion-driving, US bestseller explains why. Here he destroys long-held myths to reveal why the most insidious attemps to control our lives originate from the left, whether it's smoking bans or security cameras. Journeying through history and across culture, he uses surprising examples ranging from Woodrow Wilson's police state to the Clinton personality cult, the military chic of 60s' student radicals to Hollywood's totalitarian aesthetics, to show that it is modern progressivism - and not conservatism - that shares the same intellectual roots as fascism. This angry, funny, smart and contentious book looks behind the friendly face of the well-meaning liberal, and turns our preconceptions inside out.

Ecology And Revolution

Author : Carl Boggs
ISBN : 9781137264039
Genre : Nature
File Size : 57. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Ecology and Revolution: Global Crisis and the Political Challenge explores the global crisis in the context of converging economic, political, military, and environmental problems. While analyzing such issues as climate change it goes much further, addressing in depth such concerns as resource depletion, peak oil, population pressures, and general contamination of the planet transcending global warming as such. It shows how the present system of political economy in the United States is designed to produce impasse rather than genuine alternatives to corporate-state-military business as usual. It explores a range of solutions proferred by liberals, environmental reformists, anarchists, and classical marxists, among others, and shows how they are inadequate to the major political challenge of the current epoch. A distinctly radical alternative is urgently needed, as time is running short - an alternative that merges the best of the green political tradition, marxist socialism, and the force of popular movements -something akin to what the European Greens represented a few decades ago but which ran aground on the process of deradicalization. This book sets out to provide a comprehensive ecological analysis of the modern crisis within its broader economic, political, and global context"--

Dark Ecology

Author : Timothy Morton
ISBN : 9780231541367
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 73. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Timothy Morton argues that ecological awareness in the present Anthropocene era takes the form of a strange loop or Möbius strip, twisted to have only one side. Deckard travels this Oedipal path in Blade Runner (1982) when he learns that he might be the enemy he has been ordered to pursue. Ecological awareness has this form because ecological phenomena have a loop form that is also fundamental to the structure of how things are. The logistics of agricultural society resulted in global warming and hardwired dangerous ideas about life-forms into the human mind. Dark ecology puts us in an uncanny position of radical self-knowledge, illuminating our place in the biosphere and our belonging to a species in a sense that is far less obvious than we like to think. Morton explores the logical foundations of the ecological crisis, which is suffused with the melancholy and negativity of coexistence yet evolving, as we explore its loop form, into something playful, anarchic, and comedic. His work is a skilled fusion of humanities and scientific scholarship, incorporating the findings and theories of philosophy, anthropology, literature, ecology, biology, and physics. Morton hopes to reestablish our ties to nonhuman beings and to help us rediscover the playfulness and joy that can brighten the dark, strange loop we traverse.

Norse Revival

Author : Stefanie von Schnurbein
ISBN : 900429435X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Norse Revivalexamines international Germanic Neopaganism (Asatru). It investigates its origins in German ultra-nationalist movements around 1900, its attempt to gain respectability since the 1970s and its intersections with historical and current debates on race, religion, gender, and aesthetics.

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