eastern and cross cultural management

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Eastern And Cross Cultural Management

Author : N. K. Singh
ISBN : 9788132204725
Genre : Business & Economics
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This path-breaking book liberates management thinking from a century of Western subjugation. It is a comparative exposition of culture and management styles in India, Japan, China and major Western countries. There is a need to protect and sustain each country’s identity and positive strengths in values while interlinking global business with cross cultural empathy. The book explores profiles of culture-management axis through secondary literature study in various languages of the East, empirical research conducted with nearly one thousand managers and 375 organizations in India. The effective management in the next millennium will be mission-based strategic integration of the team, combined with people-sensitive approach. In spite of growth of hi-tech, the emotional human issues will dominate the coming decades. Happiness and health in institutions will largely depend on successive sacrifice of greed and possessiveness in creation of wealth for human development. The meltdown in the US and its repercussions in the world are direct outcome of failure to learn these lessons. Already the world is witnessing acute consciousness of interdependence and universal linkages. This is the quintessence of Vedanta, Zen-Buddhism and Sufi order in the Eastern globe. West-dominated management technology must now synthesize with Eastern intuition and values. The book is divided into three parts: First part delves into East-West psyche; second part presents Integration-Affection Model as potential approach to effective Management. Third part shows the author’s successful applications of the approach in different organizations while working as Chief Executive or Consultant.

Cross Cultural Management In Practice

Author : Henriett Primecz
ISBN : 9780857938725
Genre : Business & Economics
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ÔPrimecz, Romani, and Sackmann provide managers and educators with a powerful framework that goes beyond simple categorization of national and cultural differences in business. Their framework of negotiated meaning systems, and the rich cases that illustrate the Òin-the-momentÓ experiences of global managers as they conduct business in culturally unfamiliar milieus provide managers and educators with a powerful tool for developing global managerial skills. This is a book every global manager and cross-cultural educator should have on his or her bookshelf.Õ Ð Mark E. Mendenhall, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, US ÔThis is a unique, alternative view of culture that has both practical and theoretical significance. The creative analysis of cases from around the world moves the field beyond the sophisticated stereotyping that can result from relying solely on cultural value dimensions to decode interactions. The cases address significant cross-cultural issues, providing useful lessons and richer perspectives on culture.Õ Ð Joyce Osland, San JosŽ State University, US ÔThis book is an excellent collection of practical and useful cases in cross-cultural management, with some that are very different from what we would call ÒtraditionalÓ cases in cross-cultural management. They are excellent teaching material with an introduction and a conclusion that show students and practitioners how meanings are negotiated in diverse and complex cross-cultural situations.Õ Ð Marie-Therese Claes, Louvain School of Management, Belgium ÔA fascinating book for both the diversity of cultures that are touched upon (from Asia and Africa to Europe and America) and the cultural analyses that are made of various management situations resulting from the transfer of management techniques across countries or the encountering of those embedded in different cultures.Õ Ð Philippe dÕIribarne, CNRS, France ÔA group of multidisciplinary authors from various countries and cultures bring rich experience to this volume. The focus on real-life situations offers a fresh perspective on culture in organizations and management through in-depth case studies including both academic and pedagogical sides. It addresses multi-level cross-cultural issues of international strategic importance for globalizing workplaces. This insightful book is excellent reading for practitioners as well as scholars and students interested in applications in the field of cross-cultural management.Õ Ð Cordula Barzantny, Toulouse Business School, France ÔThis volume offers an insightful introduction to qualitative field research aiming to understand the dynamics in intercultural business interactions. Based on the findings provided in ten rich cases from Asia, Europe, North Africa, USA and Latin America, the editors also propose strategies for more effective collaboration in challenging multiple-cultures contexts. The authors and editors have succeeded in transforming the field studies into cases that are stimulating and thought provoking readings, both for practitioners and students of cross-cultural management.Õ Ð Anne-Marie S¿derberg, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark Based on the view that culture is dynamic and negotiated between actors, this groundbreaking book contains a collection of ten cases on cross-cultural management in practice. The cases draw on field research revealing challenges and insights from working across nations and cultures. Each case provides recommendations for practitioners that are developed into a framework for effective intercultural interactions as well as offering illustrations and insights on how to handle actual cross-cultural issues. This enriching book covers various topics including international collaborations across and within multinational companies, organizational culture in international joint ventures and knowledge transfer. Based on empirical fieldwork and qualitative analyses, this path-breaking book will appeal to graduate and postgraduate students in international management as well as practitioners.

Cross Cultural Management In The 21st Century And How It Effects Negotiations With An Example Of Hp

Author : Nina Müller
ISBN : 9783638302654
Genre : Business & Economics
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Diploma Thesis from the year 2004 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 1,5 (A), International School of Management Dortmund (Private University), language: English, abstract: Introduction: Globalization in the 21st century Globalization has become one of the most discussed and controversial issues in the beginning of the 21st century. In terms of business, globalization is an opportunity to gain competitive advantage and market growth. Yet, what is associated with globalization? Why do many companies see themselves limited and sometimes even impotent trading globally and what are the critical success factors in global negotiations? According to the Future Commission of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung globalization is “... a complex set of overlapping and interacting processes at a global level.” The Future Commission continued noting that “... globalization is in connection with the growing international interrelatedness of markets, economies and companies.” (Future Commission of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 1998:56). Hence, globalization is a world wide ongoing interhuman relationship process on different levels. They include social, private and business aspects. In the case of business terms, it should not be forgotten that globalization is not merely an increase of imports and exports. It implies the application of the principle of free markets in an international context. This dissertation contains the sources and explanations of why international negotiation is important to sustain competitive. It shall allow the reader to get an insight of why western and eastern cultures are often clashing together and thus prospecting business deals are cancelled. Moreover, the dissertation provides the reader with a general solution to overcome barriers in negotiating with foreigners and how important it is to gain not only technical and cognitive but also cultural skills. Understanding and accepting the differences in values and beliefs is crucial to be a global player. By getting a precise idea of the theoretical part, the author will endow the reader with a case study of Hewlett Packard (HP) and how the founders William (Bill) Hewlett and David (Dave) Packard have started business in a garage with merely two employees. Gradually after 60 years HP became the world class leader in printing devices. Furthermore, the study is showing the importance of the present Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carly Fiorina who let HP into the 21st century. Carly Fiorina is considered to be the most powerful women in the United States of America (USA) (Hjelt, 2003:40-48)...

From The Great Wall To Wall Street

Author : Wei Yen
ISBN : 3319330071
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 30. 57 MB
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Wei Yen explores how differences in world views between Eastern and Western thought and culture have on management and leadership behaviors. In The Geography of Thought Richard Nisbett showed how the thought and culture of the East is rooted in Chinese Confucian ideals while that of the West goes back to the early Greeks. In From Great Wall to Wall Street, Wei Yen explores how these differences impact today’s leadership and management practices. He delves deeply into the two cultures and their philosophical roots, and explains why there can exist significant misunderstandings between the two camps. Yen was born in China, raised in Hong Kong, educated both there and in the US and then spent half his working life in the US and half in Asia. From his vantage point, straddling both cultures he compares and contrasts the pragmatic, wholistic Chinese (or Asian) management style with the rational and analytical Western management style. He shows their pros and cons, the areas where they differ and situations where one may be more successful than the other. Yen argues that understanding traditional Chinese culture, and how it affects management behaviors and current events, can help decision makers make better decisions in business, finance and politics. He further combines culture with credit analysis to argue that it is unlikely that China will suffer a financial collapse despite a slowing economy and high debt levels. Equally, he shows how that same philosophical traditions also lie behind China’s inability to innovate or project the “soft power” that the West’s globally successful popular culture has achieved. How can the West take advantage of China’s epic rise to strike win-win outcomes? How can the Chinese be more integrated into the global community and become a better global citizen in the future? How can policy makers make more realistic policies? None of these can be accomplished without first understanding where each other is coming from.

Cross Cultural Management

Author : S. G. Redding
ISBN : UCSD:31822032265910
Genre : Culture
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'Professors Redding and Stening, as leaders in the field, have done a superb job in putting together some of the key research articles into two volumes, both are a must read for business executives and research scholars interested in cross-cultural management.' - Tan Chin Tiong, Singapore Management University, Singapore 'A much needed volume combining the theory and application of cross-cultural management, by two authors who have had teaching and research experiences in every corner of the globe.' - Chong Ju Choi, Australian National University, Australia

Management Theory And Practice

Author : Gerald Cole
ISBN : 1408095270
Genre :
File Size : 89. 87 MB
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The 8th edition of Management: Theory and Practice follows the same much-admired style developed by Gerald Cole with short, succinct chapters covering all aspects of management theory and practice commonly taught on undergraduate courses. This new edition brings an increased focus on real world examples of management in practice with the introduction of vignettes. Skills sheets and a running case study are also new features, which will help students put what they have learned into practice.

Vietnam Entrepreneurial Cultures The Iup J Entrepreneurship Development Vol Vi No 3 4 2009

Author :
Genre :
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