disaster and relief management katastrophen und ihre bewaltigung by angelika berlejung

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Egypt As A Monster In The Book Of Ezekiel

Author : Safwat Marzouk
ISBN : 3161532457
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 52 MB
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Appealing to Monster Theory and the ancient Near Eastern motif of "Chaoskampf," Safwat Marzouk argues that the paradoxical character of the category of the monster is what prompts the portrayal of Egypt as a monster in the book of Ezekiel. While on the surface the monster seems to embody utter difference, underlying its otherness there is a disturbing sameness. Though the monster may be defeated and its body dismembered, it is never completely annihilated. Egypt is portrayed as a monster in the book of Ezekiel because Egypt represents the threat of religious assimilation. Although initially the monstrosity of Egypt is constructed because of the shared elements of identity between Egypt and Israel, the prophet flips this imagery of monster in order to embody Egypt as a monstrous Other. In a combat myth, YHWH defeats the monster and dismembers its body. Despite its near annihilation, Egypt, in Ezekiel's rhetoric, is not entirely obliterated. Rather, it is kept at bay, hoverin g at the periphery, questioning Israel's identity.

God His Servant And The Nations In Isaiah 42 1 9

Author : Frederik Poulsen
ISBN : 3161536363
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43. 17 MB
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Frederik Poulsen investigates the role of the Old Testament in biblical theology. Analyzing the works of Brevard Childs and Hans Hubner, he addresses main issues regarding the different versions of the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Septuagint) and the significance of the New Testament's use of the Old. The author explores the interpretative implications of these issues by focusing extensively on Isaiah 42:1-9. The Hebrew version as such is ambiguous regarding the servant figure being portrayed, his identity, and his task. The Septuagint renders several key terms and statements differently and the reception of the passage in the New Testament reveals a manifold of diverse interpretations. Common to all versions is the servant's role as a mediator between God and the nations. Frederik Poulsen shows that this central task is constantly being reapplied to new servant figures.

Re Reading The Scriptures

Author : Christoph Levin
ISBN : 3161522079
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume contains 15 papers written by Christoph Levin between 2001 and 2011, four of them unpublished. One main focus is on the Pentateuch, mainly on the oldest comprehensive narrative source, the Yahwist, which was written at the beginning of the Jewish diaspora. A second focus is on the books of Kings, on their chronological structure as well as on the final two chapters 2 Kgs 24-25. Christoph Levin also deals with the Israelite religion in the time of the monarchy, the origins of biblical Covenant theology, and the Old Testament attitude to poverty. All the papers are based on a detailed investigation of the literary growth of the biblical text. The author shows that the Old Testament as we know it originated from a process of continual re-reading during the Second Temple period.

Pedagogy Prayer And Praise

Author : Catherine Petrany
ISBN : 316154272X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The presence of didactic, wisdom-like passages in the Book of Psalms presents a puzzle because it suggests a non-liturgical origin and pedagogical aim distinct from the more dominant psalmic language of lament and praise. Catherine Petrany argues for a literary and theological approach to the question of wisdom's role in the psalms that accounts for its meaningful integration with these other kinds of discourse. The unique contextualization of wisdom motifs in the psalms creates a pedagogical platform unique to the book, one related to but distinct from the pedagogies of the biblical wisdom corpus. Human wisdom speech in the psalms points beyond the classroom to the congregation and asks its hearers to become speakers, that is, to enter into conversation with the divine.

Oracular Law And Priestly Historiography In The Torah

Author : Simeon Chavel
ISBN : 3161533410
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 44 MB
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Simeon Chavel identifies a distinct story-type in the Torah, the "oracular novella," its contours and poetics, historical background, and use. A very short story of human quandary resolved by divine law, the oracular novella depicts an incident or set of circumstances in Israel, oracular inquiry by Moses, and instruction by Yahweh. The Torah has four such stories, all in the Priestly source, about cursing Yahweh (Lev 24:10-23), Pesa? deferral (Num 9:1-14), woodgathering on the Sabbath (Num 15:32-36), and inheritance by daughters (Num 27:1-11). All four dramatize themes in the divine speeches and divinely directed activities preceding them. But each utilizes the legal climax distinctly, has a separate compositional history, and affected other biblical texts differently. Ancient sources show the oracular novellas to adapt a form of priestly activity for historiography. Together they illuminate the Priestly History deeply troping divine will as law, and highlight Judean priests cherishing oracular inquiry as the nexus of divine and human society.

Yahweh S Council

Author : Ellen White
ISBN : 3161532937
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ellen White explores the depiction of the divine council under the authority of Yahweh in the type-scenes of the Hebrew Bible. She proposes criteria for determining a Council of Yahweh type-scene and membership requirements. Following these criteria the Council of Yahweh texts are Isaiah 6, 1 Kings 22, Job 1-2, Zechariah 3, and Daniel 7. After determining a cast of characters, the author explores the structure of the council and realizes that the structure contains three tiers with two divisions on tiers 2 and 3. The first tier belongs to the chief god, the second tier is called the Councilors and the two divisions are Judicial Officials and Advisors. The third tier is the Agents and the two divisions on this tier are the Court Officers and Commissioned. Characters who play a role relating to the council, but are not themselves members of the council are also analyzed. Finally, Ellen White evaluates the potential for conceptual evolution, especially in relationship to monotheism and the participation of human beings within the Council of Yahweh.

Isaiah S Kingship Polemic

Author : William D. Barker
ISBN : 316153347X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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William D. Barker analyzes a wide array of possible ancient Near Eastern backgrounds to Isaiah 24-27. He finds that there is a uniquely Ugaritic background to the chapters, with evidence of a literary framework and narrative progression that has been intentionally adopted and creatively adapted from either the Ba'al Myth (KTU 1.1-1.6) itself or a shared tradition between ancient Ugarit and ancient Israel. Barker also closely examines Isaiah 24-27 in the light of the Ugaritic material and thereby contributes to the resolution of some of the historic questions about the interpretation, genre, dating, and function of Isaiah 24-27. A new epithet for the chapters is also proposed.

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