digital habits 5 simple tips for everyday online security

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Digital Habits

Author : David W. Schropfer
ISBN : 1535297999
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Tired of all of the rules that you have to follow everyday just to be online? The internet was easier once, but now it seems like we spend half of our computer time worrying about hackers, thieves, viruses, and other online traps. It's time for a new approach. It's time for intuitive, reasonable habits to replace onerous mandatory rules. It is time for simplicity to replace complexity, and for confidence to replace fear. These habits are behavioral, not technical. And they are easy, so you can continue to do them on a regular basis. Most importantly, its time for an easy-to-understand explanation of the online traps that we are all trying to avoid. It's like a bear trap in a strip mall - the person who set the trap doesn't mind that they probably won't catch many bears because of the volume of people who will be ensnared just because they are passing by. But if you know where to look, the traps are easy to avoid. Read this book to avoid common online traps with simple daily habits.

Congressional Record Vol 155 Part 1 Proceedings And Debates Of The 111th Congress First Session

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Inspiring The Secondary Curriculum With Technology

Author : James Shea
ISBN : 9781317592563
Genre : Education
File Size : 32. 30 MB
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Are other teachers using technology in their lessons? Are you letting your own students down by not harnessing the power of your students’ technology knowledge in your lessons? Is your school asking you to show where you are developing ICT in your subject teaching? Technology in your subject does not mean teaching databases, spreadsheets or word processing. Having technical knowledge is no longer sufficient or indeed necessary in today’s world – more important is the knowledge of how to advise and teach students to use technology efficiently and responsibly through their subject. Students faced with a ‘problem’ will need to hunt the internet for open source software, download apps and respond to the problem using technology as a problem solving tool. The scenarios are endless, but can be generated by the teacher - this could mean students publishing work through Amazon’s Kindle or keeping a blog within a class wiki. Teachers do not need to have technical knowledge; rather they need knowledge of trends and opportunities. They then need to blend their basic subject pedagogy within these new trends to contextualise ICT skills. This book looks at pedagogical approaches to using technology in the classroom that will help you to harness future trends, technology and software and embed them into your subject teaching. Full of practical advice, it illustrates how secondary teachers – of any discipline – can accelerate their students’ learning, progress and ability within their subject whilst developing the ICT skills needed in the workplace and society. Including case studies and examples throughout, chapters cover: Blended Learning (mixing traditional teaching methods with e-learning) Developing interactive students Mobile technologies Student safety online E-Portfolios and Virtual Learning Environments This timely new book will help you structure your teaching to harness the latest developments in technology in tandem with the students you teach.

Google Wallet And The New Retail Ecosystem

Author : David Schropfer
ISBN : 0615598617
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The Mobile Payments industry is starting over. When the Google Wallet launched in September 20, 2011, the first test of a remarkable new financial ecosystem began. But despite the apparent success of traditional mobile payments products like M-PESA in Kenya and South Africa, Google and rival Isis have decided to rewrite the business model - and for good reason. The conclusion is that emerging mobile wallet companies have a significant value proposition to offer to both merchants and consumers with little or no new fees. In fact, the data reported in this analysis suggests that mobile wallets may ultimately reduce the total cost of marketing and sales for merchants. Mobile wallet services and products are likely to cost merchants less money than traditional advertising campaigns because mobile wallet companies will have revenue from several existing sources that remove the need to pass along new charges to manufactures - a time-tested model for merchants. For consumers, the cost of these products will likely remain free, depending on the reload payment type (see Chapter 5), and the convenience could be remarkable because of the auto-link to loyalty programs and easy access to other forms of discounts. And these mobile products and services will look beyond the traditional payment network for revenue (see Chapter 1). Maintaining the overwhelmingly strong brand value of payment products such as Visa and MasterCard, and the substantial infrastructure of processors and financial institutions does not need to be bypassed or rebuilt to enable these mobile wallet efficiencies. Finally, most mobile wallet products will be more secure than magnetic stripe credit cards based on new technology and standards such as EMV and TSM (see Chapters 2 and 4). All of the elements are in place for extreme disruption in the payment, loyalty, and advertising industries. Creative uses of new technology, effective uses of the thinking power of mobile devices, and revenue streams from unlikely sources make the mobile wallet model, and its service providers formidable competitors that will emerge over the next three years. Executive Summary 1 The current payments industry 1.1 Payments penetration in the US 1.2 Mobile Network Operator billing 1.3 No room for competition 1.4 Rewards and loyalty systems 1.5 Merchant tolerance 1.6 Conclusion of current system 2 Vulnerability of the current payments system 2.1 Case study 3 Elements of mobile commerce 3.1 Customer acquisition 3.2 Conversion 3.3 Transactions 3.4 Current state of mobile commerce 3.4.1 Japan and Korea 3.4.2 Remittance 3.4.3 Information 4 Market changes enabling mobile commerce 4.1 NFC - Near Field Communications 4.2 JACC - Just Another Connected Computer 4.3 TSM - Trusted Service Management 4.4 EMV - Europay, MasterCard, Visa 4.5 Mobile prepaid 4.6 Data mining 5 Market forecast 5.1 Phases of development: the timeline 6 Conclusion --------------- List of Figures Figure 1: Quote from Jim Stapleton, Head of Sales and Account Management, Isis. Figure 2: Payment system diagram Figure 3: US market penetration of general-purpose cards, 2002 to 2012 Figure 4: The rewards and loyalty accounts in the US Figure 5: Merchants support ~8% as cost of a sale Figure 6: The entire payments system - including loyalty and rewards Figure 7: Case study of long-distance decline in ARPU Figure 8: The elements of mobile commerce Figure 9: NFC comparison to EMV and magnetic stripe Figure 10: Brick-and-mortar sales volume versus Internet retailing Figure 11: Starbucks reloadable prepaid Figure 12: Image of the Google prepaid card Figure 13: Owners Equity Definition Figure 14: Stored Value Breakage Figure 15: Mobile Commerce Forecast in the United States by 2015

Discovering Computers 2011 Brief

Author : Gary Shelly
ISBN : 9781439079423
Genre : Computers
File Size : 61. 64 MB
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DISCOVERING COMPUTERS 2011: BRIEF, provides students with a current and thorough introduction to computers by integrating the use of technology with the printed text. This Shelly Cashman Series text offers a dynamic and engaging solution to successfully teach students the most important computer concepts in today’s digital world through exciting new exercises that focus on problem solving and critical thinking, along with online reinforcement tools on the unparalleled Online Companion. Updated for currency, students will learn the latest trends in technology and computer concepts and how these topics are integrated into their daily lives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Kiplinger S Personal Finance

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The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.

Cybersecurity For Everyone

Author : Terence L. Sadler
ISBN : 1940145368
Genre : Computers
File Size : 45. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Specifically for home users and small business owners, cybersecurity expert Terry Sadler lays out the easy-to-learn methods and tips that will make using the Internet more safe and secure and protect the family as well as the business. -Identity Theft. According to the Symantec Internet Security Report (2014), mega breaches are data breaches that result in at least 10 million identities exposed in an individual incident. There were eight mega breaches in 2013, compared with only one in 2012. - Viruses and Malware. Some security experts estimate there are more than 250,000 new malware variants detected daily and more than 30,000 websites exploited daily. These numbers are staggering. - Email Security. Learn how to reduce the amount of SPAM that makes it to your inbox. Improve your email security habits and discover better ways to communicate safely and with privacy. - Internet and Browsing Security. You cannot afford to leave the security of your sensitive information up to your ISP. It is actually easy to apply a layered approach to security and minimize your risk. Learn about your options; then pick and choose what works for you and your situation.

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