did muhammad exist an inquiry into islams obscure origins

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Did Muhammad Exist

Author : Robert Spencer
ISBN : 1610171330
Genre : History
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Virtually everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, takes for granted that the prophet of Islam lived and led in seventh-century Arabia. But this widely accepted story begins to crumble on close examination, as Robert Spencer shows here. He meticulously examines historical records, archaeological findings, and pioneering new scholarship to reconstruct what we can know about Muhammad, the Qur'an, and the early days of Islam. The evidence he presents challenges the most fundamental assumptions about Islam's origins.--From publisher description.

The Qur An Misinterpreted Mistranslated And Misread The Aramaic Language Of The Qur An

Author :
ISBN : 0977860698
Genre : Aramaic language
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The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam And The Crusades

Author : Robert Spencer
ISBN : 9780895260130
Genre : Religion
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Presents a critical analysis of the differences between Christianity and Islam and maintains that Islam contains a political agenda which endorses violence and aggression against non-Muslims.

Early Islam

Author : Karl-Heinz Ohlig
ISBN : 161614825X
Genre : Religion
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This successor volume to The Hidden Origins of Islam (edited by Karl-Heinz Ohlig and Gerd-R. Puin) continues the pioneering research begun in the first volume into the earliest development of Islam. Using coins, commemorative building inscriptions, and a rigorous linguistic analysis of the Koran along with Persian and Christian literature from the seventh and eighth centuries--when Islam was in its formative stages--five expert contributors attempt a reconstruction of this critical time period. Despite the scholarly nature of their work, the implications of their discoveries are startling: * Islam originally emerged as a sect of Christianity. * Its central theological tenets were influenced by a pre-Nicean, Syrian Christianity. * Aramaic, the common language throughout the Near East for many centuries and the language of Syrian Christianity, significantly influenced the Arabic script and vocabulary used in the Koran. * Finally, it was not until the end of the eighth and ninth centuries that Islam formed as a separate religion, and the Koran underwent a period of historical development of at least 200 years. Controversial and highly intriguing, this critical historical analysis reveals the beginning of Islam in a completely new light.

The Hidden Origins Of Islam

Author : Karl-Heinz Ohlig
ISBN : UOM:39076002859820
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Despite Muhammad's exalted place in Islam, even today there is still surprisingly little actually known about this shadowy figure and the origins of the Qur'an because of an astounding lack of verifiable biographical material. Furthermore, most of the existing biographical traditions that can be used to substantiate the life of Muhammad date to nearly two centuries after his death, a time when a powerful, expansive, and idealized empire had become synonymous with his name and vision-thus resulting in an exaggerated and often artificial characterization of the prophetic figure coupled with many questionable interpretations of the holy book of Islam.

In The Shadow Of The Sword

Author : Tom Holland
ISBN : 9780748119516
Genre : History
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In the 6th century AD, the Near East was divided between two great empires: the Persian and the Roman. A hundred years on, and one had vanished for ever, while the other was a dismembered, bleeding trunk. In their place, a new superpower had arisen: the empire of the Arabs. So profound was this upheaval that it spelled, in effect, the end of the ancient world. But the changes that marked the period were more than merely political or even cultural: there was also a transformation of human society with incalculable consequences for the future. Today, over half the world's population subscribes to one of the various religions that took on something like their final form during the last centuries of antiquity. Wherever men or women are inspired by belief in a single god to think or behave in a certain way, they bear witness to the abiding impact of this extraordinary, convulsive age - though as Tom Holland demonstrates, much of what Jews, Christians and Muslims believe about the origins of their religion is open to debate. In the Shadow of the Sword explores how a succession of great empires came to identify themselves with a new and revolutionary understanding of the divine. It is a story vivid with drama, horror and startling achievement, and stars many of the most remarkable rulers ever seen.

It S All About Muhammad

Author : Frank W Burleigh
ISBN : 0996046909
Genre : Islam
File Size : 41. 61 MB
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Why all the car bombs, beheadings, and mass murders in the Middle East? Why the relentless killing of non-Muslims throughout the world by the followers of Muhammad's religion? People blame verses of the Koran, but it's not about the Koran. Author F. W. Burleigh draws on an academic, investigative, and literary background to bring forth this penetrating look at the man behind it all. Burleigh's interest in Islam was sparked by the events of 9/11. The question guiding his studies was, "Why is there so much violence connected with this religion?" After a line-by-line scrutiny of 20,000 pages of the original literature of Islam, the author gives his blunt assessment in the title: It's All About Muhammad. Islam is anything but a religion of peace, as many claim, and this is because Muhammad was anything but a man of peace. In this illustrated biography, Burleigh makes use of a skillful narrative style to present evidence that Muhammad was an epileptic psychopath whose disorders led him down the path of pathological evil. The book stunningly reveals that in the course of spreading his religion Muhammad committed nearly every crime listed by the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity. What he created--Islam--is a reflection of his pathologies. It's All About Muhammad is in three parts. The first 12 chapters explore the epileptic fits that convinced Muhammad that he was in communion with God; the Koran and why he composed it the way he did; and the humble origins of the Kabah, which only attained its cubic shape in the year A.D. 605 with Muhammad as a member of the construction crew. The book shows the magma chamber of hatred that formed in him due to traumatic early-life experience and the emergence of his psychopathic nature. It exposes how he modified ideas he took from Judaism and Christianity to suit his grandiose idea of himself as the "last and final prophet." It shows that his deluded ideas about himself led him to declareation of war against "all and sundry" who refused to accept him and his religion. In the second part, Muhammad's magma chamber of hatred erupts on the world. The book goes into the creation of his al-qaeda--his base of operations in Yathrib (Medina) where he fled after the Meccans decided they had to kill him. It shows his conflict with the Jewish tribes of Yathrib after they refused to accept him as their prophet; his genocide of the Jews including the beheading of the men of an entire tribe; the assassination of his critics; the battles and raids and orgies of rape, plunder, and slaughter; and finally his conquest of Mecca. Like a dramatic arc, these 18 chapters form Act II of a script that is still being played out today. In the final part, Muhammad's ruthless conquest of all of Arabia is presented. One of the final chapters explores his claim that he will be the first to be resurrected on the day of resurrection and that he will assist God in determining who goes to heaven and who stays in hell--part of the "breathtaking nonsense" of what Muhammad claimed about himself, as the author phrases it. What Muhammad created continues to wreak havoc on the world. It is not sufficient any longer merely to raise the alarm about Islam--an ideology of submission to the will of a psychologically deformed and spiritually grotesque man. What needs to accompany the alarm is a solution. This book offers a solution: The antidote to what Muhammad created is the aggressive, relentless, and unapologetic exposure of the truth about him in every graphic form possible, from illustrated books to docudramas to full-length feature films. With its 25 illustrations, It's All About Muhammad offers itself as an example of the approach. The truth about Muhammad is a powerful weapon of self-defense that people must take up to oppose and ultimately push back what he created. The truth about him can bring an end to what he created, and it is a weapon within the reach of everyone.

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