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Dictionary Of Developmental Biology And Embryology

Author : Frank J. Dye
ISBN : 9781118076514
Genre : Science
File Size : 36. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Incorporating the many new terms that have emerged since the first edition was published, this new edition gives readers the standard reference for the field today. Topics covered range from germ layers, induction, and fundamental terminology, through to RNAi, evo-devo, and stem cell differentiation, hallmarks of modern developmental biology and embryology. Also included in the new edition are major discoveries and significant scientists that comprise the history and growth of this field. The dictionary provides both basic background needed by students, through more advanced topics for researchers and peers in related disciplines."--Provided by publisher.

Dictionary Of Stem Cells Regenerative Medicine And Translational Medicine

Author : Frank J. Dye
ISBN : 1118867823
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 57 MB
Format : PDF
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The role of developmental biology and embryology in the life and medical sciences today is increasing at an unprecedented rate. For example, the first Nobel Prize awarded to an embryologist or developmental biologist was awarded in 1935 to Hans Spemann "for his discovery of the organizer effect in embryonic development"; the second was awarded jointly in 1995 to Edward B. Lewis, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric F. Wieschaus "for their discoveries concerning the genetic control of early embryonic development"; eight Nobel Prizes have been awarded since 2000 in fields that play roles in developmental biology, the most recent being the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded jointly to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka "for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent" . Medical schools are opening divisions devoted to applying the principles of developmental biology to combat diseases and repair injuries. Developmental biology is a burgeoning discipline within biology, as well as being one of its most rapidly expanding intellectual frontiers. A Dictionary of Human Developmental Biology and Embryology is needed in the field today because the terminology relevant to the human aspect of this field has exploded, due to the incredible progress that has been made in the understanding and, in some instances, in the manipulation of human development. Evidence in support of this assertion is the awarding of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology for work done in this field. Additionally, Departments of Regenerative Medicine and Departments of Translational Medicine are springing up at major medical centers around the globe. Topics covered will range from stem cells (embryonic, adult, and iPSCs, etc.) to teratology. Fundamental terminology in the field of human developmental biology, since the beginning of the field through RNAi, epigenesis, Yamanaka factors, etc. and clinical application of such research, will be the foundation of this book. In addition, the Dictionary will include the major discoveries and significant scientists that comprise the history and current development of the field. The dictionary will provide both the basic background terminology needed by pre-health professions/biology major undergraduate students and early-stage graduate students, as well as being a reference of interest to university professors, researchers and peers in related disciplines.

Essential Developmental Biology

Author : Jonathan M. W. Slack
ISBN : 9781118387603
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Essential Developmental Biology is a comprehensive, richly illustrated introduction to all aspects of developmental biology. Written in a clear and accessible style, the third edition of this popular textbook has been expanded and updated In addition, an accompanying website - www.essentialdevelopmentalbiology.com- provides instructional materials for both student and lecturer use, including animated developmental processes, a photo gallery of selected model organisms, and all artwork in downloadable format. With an emphasis throughout on the evidence underpinning the main conclusions, this book is an essential text for both introductory and more advanced courses in developmental biology. Shortlisted for the Society of Biology Book Awards 2013 in the Undergraduate Textbook category. Reviews of the Second Edition: "The second edition is a must have for anyone interested in development biology. New findings in hot fields such as stem cells, regeneration, and aging should make it attractive to a wide readership. Overall, the book is concise, well structured, and illustrated. I can highly recommend it." —Peter Gruss, Max Planck Society "I have always found Jonathan Slack's writing thoughtful, provocative, and engaging, and simply fun to read. This effort is no exception. Every student of developmental biology should experience his holistic yet analytical view of the subject." —Margaret Saha, College of William & Mary

Human Embryology And Developmental Biology

Author : Bruce M. Carlson
ISBN : 0323014879
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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Delivers comprehensive, clearly written coverage of the development of the human embryo from conception to birth. Using a classical morphological approach to embryology, it offers mechanistic explanations for both normal and abnormal human development, enabling readers to understand development in terms of cellular and molecular controls.

Langman S Medical Embryology

Author : Thomas W. Sadler
ISBN : 9781451113426
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Langman's Medical Embryology covers embryology for medical, nursing, and health professions students with a strong clinical emphasis. The text is highly valued as a teaching and learning resource for its clinical correlation boxes, summaries, problems to solve, illustrations and clinical images, and clear, concise writing style—all of which make the subject matter accessible to students and relevant to instructors. Online material includes Simbryo—an animation program showing processes, organs, and systems developing in human embryos—as well as review questions and full text online. A separate Faculty Image Bank and PowerPoint presentations are also available.

Chordate Embryology

Author : P. S. Verma
ISBN : 8121902614
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39. 74 MB
Format : PDF
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Product Dimensions: 21x15x3 cm. 10 edition. Contents: CONTENTS:1.Introduction 2.Cellular Basis of Development 3.DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis 4.Male Gonads and Spermatogenesis 5. Female Gonadsand Oogenesis 6.Semination, Ovulation and Transportation of Gametes 7.Reproductive Cycles . Fertilization 8 Parthenogemsis 9 Cleava and Blastulation - Nucleus and Cytoplasm in Development 10 Fate Maps and Cell Lineage, Gastrulation , Neurulation, Morphgenesis and Growth 11 Embryogenesis of a Simple Ascidian - Embryogenesis of Amphioxus 12 Embryogenesis of Frog 13. Detailed Account of Organogenesis of Frog lEmbryogenesis of Chick.14 Early Embryogenesis of Eutherian Mammal 15 Rabbit Placenta and Placentation 16 Gradient Theory lEmbryonic Inductions and Competence 17 Differentiation Asexual Reproduction and Blastogenesis 18 Regeneration 19 Metamorphosis 20Teratogenesis 21 Birth Control 22 Impotency, Sterility, Artificial Insemination, Test-tube Baby and GIFT, Giossary 23 Selected Reading 24 Index.

Larsen S Human Embryology

Author : Gary C. Schoenwolf
ISBN : 0443068119
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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This book presents in-depth coverage of both the clinical and molecular biological aspects of human development. It examines the relationship between basic science and embryology, and describes potential clinical disorders arising out of embryologic problems. A strong clinical focus, practical design, and superb artwork-with more than 150 images new to this edition-allow for quick comprehension and easy application of the latest knowledge in this rapidly advancing field. A user-friendly design enables you to review the material in several ways, and online access to Student Consult enhances your study of the subject and exponentially boosts your reference power. Follows a user-friendly design allowing students to review material in flexible ways and instructors to tailor the book to their specific needs. Reflects the most current advances in molecular biology and genetics. Offers chapters with illustrated timelines of the relevant embryologic stage. Contains a high-quality full-color art program, with excellent line diagrams with a three-dimensional aspect, many color photographs of clinical disorders, excellent black and white electronphotomicrographs, and line drawings showing sequential stages of development. Presents clinical cases in each chapter that place the content into a real-life context. Begins each chapter with a summary providing at-a-glance reference to key information. Features Clinical Tasters following the summaries at the start of each chapter that present a clinical case example related to the material for that chapter. Offers new chapters covering morphogenesis and dysmorphogenesis, for expanded explanations of the making of an embryo, focusing on cell-cell signaling pathways. Emphasizes important content through clinical (In the Clinic) and research (In the Lab) boxes - many new to this edition. Concludes each chapter with lists of references for further in-depth study. Includes access to Student Consult at www.studentconsult.com, where you'll find the complete text and illustrations of the book online, and fully searchable . "Integration Links" to bonus content in other Student Consult titles . 200 USMLE-style questions to help you assess your mastery of the material . embryology animations that bring the topic to life . and much more!

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