contemporary world narrative fiction and the spaces of neoliberalism

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Contemporary World Narrative Fiction And The Spaces Of Neoliberalism

Author : Michael K. Walonen
ISBN : 9781137549556
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book is a transnational study of how contemporary fiction writers from the United States and Canada to Nigeria to India to Dubai have conceptualized the emergent social spaces of the diverse corners of the neoliberal world system. Over the span of the past three to four decades, free market economic policies have been sold to or pushed upon every society on the globe in some way, shape, or form. The upshot of this has been a world system structured in terms of a vast shift of power and resources from government to private enterprise, dwindling civic life replaced by rising consumerism, an emerging oligarchic rentier class, large segments of population faced with meager material conditions of existence and few prospects of socio-economic mobility, and a looming sense of a near future dominated by further economic collapses and mounting social strife. This book analyses a wide cultural array of some of the most poignant narrative engagements with neoliberalism in its various localized manifestations throughout the world.

A Reader In Themed And Immersive Spaces

Author : Scott A. Lukas
ISBN : 9781365318146
Genre :
File Size : 26. 3 MB
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The Spaces Of Neoliberalism

Author : Jacquelyn Chase
ISBN : 9781565491441
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76. 44 MB
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Annotation Explores how markets and market ideology affect the lives of Latin American people through their communities, culture, resource base, local labor markets, and households. Among the topics of the eight papers are tensions between women's and indigenous groups over land rights, gender and reproduction in a Brazilian company town, and the restructuring of labor markets and household economies in urban Mexico. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Utopias Of Thought Dystopias Of Space Science Fiction In Contemporary Peninsular Narrative

Author :
ISBN : 9781109104127
Genre :
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This study serves as an introduction to three recent narratives in Spanish Science Fiction. While this literary genre has long been read in Spain in translation, it is only recently that Sci-Fi has been successful as a popular literature produced by native authors. Alex de la Iglesia, Gabriela Bustelo and Rafael Reig have worked in realist and genre fiction through their careers but chose to use Science Fiction to speak of the rapidly changing space of Madrid. Their criticism is centered on the changes to the physical, social, economic and political landscape of Madrid post-1992. My analysis is based on the works of the geographer David Harvey, among others, which helps to underline the importance of the urbanization of capital and consciousness that the three narratives disentangle. While being three very different texts -- one film and two novels--, they all manipulate concerns of time and space to come to a similar conclusion. Their narratives serve as a warning about how the good intentions of humanist theories like feminism or scientific advancement can easily turn into a nightmare by instead serving the needs of capitalism rather than those of social justice.

The Victorian Geopolitical Aesthetic

Author : Lauren M. E. Goodlad
ISBN : 9780198728276
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How did realist fiction alter in the effort to craft forms and genres receptive to the dynamism of an expanding empire and globalizing world? Do these nineteenth-century variations on the "geopolitical aesthetic" continue to resonate today? Crossing literary criticism, political theory, and longue duree history, The Victorian Geopolitical Aesthetic explores these questions from the standpoint of mid-nineteenth-century novelists such as Wilkie Collins, George Eliot, Gustave Flaubert, and Anthony Trollope as well as successors including E. M. Forster and the creators of recent television serials. By looking at the category of "sovereignty" at multiple scales and in diverse formal, geographic, and historical contexts, Lauren M. E. Goodlad shows that the ideological crucible for "high" realism was not a hegemonic liberalism. It was, rather, a clash of modern liberal ideals struggling to distintricate themselves from a powerful conservative vision of empire while striving to negotiate the inequalities of power along lines of race, gender, nationality, and ethnicity which a supposedly universalistic liberalism had helped to generate. The material occasion for the mid-Victorian era's rich realist experiments was, thus, the transition from an informal empire of trade that could be celebrated as "liberal" to a neo-feudal imperialism that only Tories could warmly embrace. In this way the book places realism's "geopolitical aesthetic" at the heart of recurring modern experiences of breached sovereignty, forgotten history, and subjective exile. The Coda, titled "The Way We Historicize Now", concludes the book with connections to recent debates about "surface reading", "distant reading" and the hermeneutics of suspicion.

Environmental Crisis In Young Adult Fiction

Author : A. Curry
ISBN : 9781137270115
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 22. 76 MB
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This pioneering study is the first full-length treatment of feminism and the environment in children's literature. Drawing on the history, philosophy and ethics of ecofeminism, it examines the ways in which post-apocalyptic landscapes in young adult fiction reflect contemporary attitudes towards environmental crisis and human responsibility.

Globalization And The State In Contemporary Crime Fiction

Author : Andrew Pepper
ISBN : 9781137425737
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 70. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Why has crime fiction become a global genre? How do writers use crime fiction to reflect upon the changing nature of crime and policing in our contemporary world? This book argues that the globalization of crime fiction should not be celebrated uncritically. Instead, it looks at the new forms and techniques writers are using to examine the crimes and policing practices that define a rapidly changing world. In doing so, this collection of essays examines how the relationship between global crime, capitalism, and policing produces new configurations of violence in crime fiction – and asks whether the genre can find ways of analyzing and even opposing such violence as part of its necessarily limited search for justice both within and beyond the state.

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