breaking rockefeller the incredible story of the ambitious rivals who toppled an oil empire

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Breaking Rockefeller

Author : Peter B. Doran
ISBN : 9780698170773
Genre : History
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The incredible tale of how ambitious oil rivals Marcus Samuel, Jr., and Henri Deterding joined forces to topple the Standard Oil empire Marcus Samuel, Jr., is an unorthodox Jewish merchant trader. Henri Deterding is a take-no-prisoners oilman. In 1889, John D. Rockefeller is at the peak of his power. Having annihilated all competition and possessing near-total domination of the market, even the U.S. government is wary of challenging the great “anaconda” of Standard Oil. The Standard never loses—that is until Samuel and Deterding team up to form Royal Dutch Shell. A riveting account of ambition, oil, and greed, Breaking Rockefeller traces Samuel’s rise from outsider to the heights of the British aristocracy, Deterding’s conquest of America, and the collapse of Rockefeller’s monopoly. The beginning of the twentieth century is a time when vast fortunes were made and lost. Taking readers through the rough and tumble of East London’s streets, the twilight turmoil of czarist Russia, to the halls of the British Parliament, and right down Broadway in New York City, Peter Doran offers a richly detailed, fresh perspective on how Samuel and Deterding beat the world’s richest man at his own game.


Author : Jessica Resnick-Ault
ISBN : 9781118923443
Genre : Business & Economics
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Leon Hess' business acumen started with picking up oil waste products and delivering them for residential use and eventually to refiners and utilities in 1933. His single-truck business quickly grew to a fleet of 12 and after returning from the war, he branched out, building his own oil refineries first at home, and later offshore as he developed Hovensa, the largest refinery in the Western Hemisphere, which he ran jointly with the Venezuelan government. With his acquisition of Amerada in the 1960s, he entered the high-stakes world of oil discovery and production, spreading his company's name -- and resources -- globally. His eagerness to expand the Hess empire led the company to stake one of the largest claims on the shale acreage that is now pushing the U.S. toward energy independence. Fourteen years after his death, his son John Hess faces what may be the end of the family era at Hess Corp., with a revolt from company shareholders who have accused him of mismanagement and attacks on a board stacked with his father's lifelong friends. Stripped of his chairmanship, John is shutting refineries that once were the company's major earners and seeking to sell the signature green-and-white gasoline stations that dot the Northeast and inspired the toy trucks that have become collectors' items. This book will answer a 2 main questions: Who is the private figure who built the distinctive Hess brand: a Jewish man who did business with some of the world's most powerful Arab leaders, a sports enthusiast who refused to let his family inherit his beloved football team, a tough businessman who also liked to give employees holiday gifts, a supporter of conservative politicians and a philanthropist whose foundation supports pro-abortion causes? What will remain of the legacy of a man who was the last of the oil titans, creating a major integrated company in the mode of John D. Rockefeller?

Breaking Rockefeller

Author : Peter Doran
ISBN : 0143130005
Genre :
File Size : 33. 80 MB
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The Russian Rockefellers The Saga Of The Nobel Family And The Russian Oil Industry

Author :
ISBN : 0817965831
Genre :
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The Seven Sisters

Author : Anthony Sampson
ISBN : 1906763186
Genre : Petroleum industry and trade
File Size : 51. 91 MB
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Seven huge companies which have dominated the world of oil - and all our lives - since Rockerfeller's first gigantic oil monopoly. The series of energy crises in the West in the seventies caused a radical shift of power towards the Arab and Iranian producers: but into whose hands will control of oil fall, or should it fall, in the future?


Author : Marc Raboy
ISBN : 9780199313594
Genre : History
File Size : 55. 19 MB
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A little over a century ago the world went wireless. Cables and all their limiting inefficiencies gave way to a revolutionary means of transmitting news and information almost everywhere, instantaneously. By means of "Hertzian waves," as radio waves were initially known, ships could now make contact with other ships (saving lives, such as on the doomed R.M.S. Titanic); financial markets could coordinate with other financial markets, establishing the price of commodities and fixing exchange rates; military commanders could connect with the front lines, positioning artillery and directing troop movements. Suddenly and irrevocably, time and space telescoped beyond what had been thought imaginable. Someone had not only imagined this networked world but realized it: Guglielmo Marconi. As Marc Raboy shows us in this enthralling and comprehensive biography, Marconi was the first truly global figure in modern communications. Born to an Italian father and an Irish mother, he was in many ways stateless, working his cosmopolitanism to advantage. Through a combination of skill, tenacity, luck, vision, and timing, Marconi popularized-and, more critically, patented-the use of radio waves. Soon after he burst into public view with a demonstration of his wireless apparatus in London at the age of 22 in 1896, he established his Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company and seemed unstoppable. He was decorated by the Czar of Russia, named an Italian Senator, knighted by King George V of England, and awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics-all before the age of 40. Until his death in 1937, Marconi was at the heart of every major innovation in electronic communication, courted by powerful scientific, political, and financial interests, and trailed by the media, which recorded and published nearly every one of his utterances. He established stations and transmitters in every corner of the globe, from Newfoundland to Buenos Aires, Hawaii to Saint Petersburg. Based on original research and unpublished archival materials in four countries and several languages, Raboy's book is the first to connect significant parts of Marconi's story, from his early days in Italy, to his groundbreaking experiments, to his protean role in world affairs. Raboy also explores Marconi's relationships with his wives, mistresses, and children, and examines in unsparing detail the last ten years of the inventor's life, when he returned to Italy and became a pillar of Benito Mussolini's fascist regime. Raboy's engrossing biography, which will stand as the authoritative work of its subject, proves that we still live in the world Marconi created.


Author : David Rockefeller
ISBN : 9780307789389
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Born into one of the wealthiest families in America—he was the youngest son of Standard Oil scion John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and the celebrated patron of modern art Abby Aldrich Rockefeller—David Rockefeller has carried his birthright into a distinguished life of his own. His dealings with world leaders from Zhou Enlai and Mikhail Gorbachev to Anwar Sadat and Ariel Sharon, his service to every American president since Eisenhower, his remarkable world travels and personal dedication to his home city of New York—here, the first time a Rockefeller has told his own story, is an account of a truly rich life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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