app development recipes for ios and watchos a problem solution approach

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App Development Recipes For Ios And Watchos

Author : Molly K. Maskrey
ISBN : 9781484218204
Genre : Computers
File Size : 67. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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App Development Recipes for iOS and watchOS explores the technical side of app development with tips and tricks to avoid those little things that become big frustrations, outside of the realm of development, causing many people to throw up their hands and say “It’s just not worth the hassle!” The experiential nature of this work sets it apart from other iOS and watchOS books. Even if you are a developer who is completely new to Swift, iOS or watchOS, you’ll find the right experienced-based answers to important questions like “Why do I need version control?”, “Why is testing so important?” and more specific problems directly related to iOS and watchOS development with Swift. We discover and summarize the most common problems and derive the solutions; not just a short answer and screenshot, but a systematic, logical derivation, that is, how we got to the solution. /div After the introductory basics, each chapter delivers a problem statement and a solution. The experienced developer may, without losing anything, skip to whatever problem with which they are currently dealing. At the same time, we guide the less experienced developer through the process with focus on solving problems along the way. What you will learn: iOS career options for the new developer Working with Source Code and Version Control How to work with iOS accessory devices Understanding development methodologies such as Agile/Scrum User Experience Development and UI Tools Unit, UI, and Beta Testing Publishing your work Who this book is for:/divDevelopers who need to find specific solutions to common problems in developing apps for iOS and watchOS.

Jdbc Recipes

Author : Mahmoud Parsian
ISBN : 1430200618
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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* The only standard size JDBC "cookbook" in market with clear specification of problems and ready-to-be-used working code solutions (in a cut-and-paste fashion) that work for at least two leading databases such as MySQL and Oracle. • Most existing JDBC-related books provide only generic solutions, which might not work on any vendor’s database. This book shows the importance of "vendor" factor for solving JDBC problems. • Complete coverage of database and result set "metadata" (which is missing from most JDBC books).

C Programming For Arduino

Author : Julien Bayle
ISBN : 9781849517591
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 759
Read : 1184

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Written as a practical Packt book brimming with engaging examples, C Programming for Arduino will help those new to the amazing open source electronic platform so that they can start developing some great projects from the very start.This book is great for people who want to learn how to design & build their own electronic devices. From interaction design art school students to the do-it-yourself hobbyist, or even simply people who want to learn electronics, this book will help by adding a new way to design autonomous but connected devices.

Mastering Macos Programming

Author : Stuart Grimshaw
ISBN : 1786461692
Genre :
File Size : 74. 95 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 511
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Take your macOS Sierra to the next level using the latest tools, designs, and best coding practices while developing with Swift 3.0About This Book* Learn to harness the power of macOS with the elegance of the Swift programming language* Become highly competent in building apps on the macOS platform* Get the most in-depth guide with a hands-on approach on the latest version of macOSWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers who have some experience with macOS and want to take their skills to next level by unlocking the full potential of latest version of macOS with Swift 3 to build impressive applications. Basic knowledge of Swift will be beneficial but is not required.What you will learn* Combine beautiful design with robust code for the very best user experience* Bring the best coding practices to the new macOS Sierra* See what's new in Swift 3.0 and how best to leverage the Swift language* Master Apple's tools, including Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments* Use Unix and other common command-line tools to increase productivity* Explore the essential Cocoa frameworks, including networking, animation, audio, and videoIn DetailmacOS continues to lead the way in desktop operating systems, with its tight integration across the Apple ecosystem of platforms and devices. With this book, you will get an in-depth knowledge of working on macOS, enabling you to unleash the full potential of the latest version using Swift 3 to build applications.This book will help you broaden your horizons by taking your programming skills to next level. The initial chapters will show you all about the environment that surrounds a developer at the start of a project. It introduces you to the new features that Swift 3 and Xcode 8 offers and also covers the common design patterns that you need to know for planning anything more than trivial projects. You will then learn the advanced Swift programming concepts, including memory management, generics, protocol orientated and functional programming and with this knowledge you will be able to tackle the next several chapters that deal with Apple's own Cocoa frameworks. It also covers AppKit, Foundation, and Core Data in detail which is a part of the Cocoa umbrella framework. The rest of the book will cover the challenges posed by asynchronous programming, error handling, debugging, and many other areas that are an indispensable part of producing software in a professional environment.By the end of this book, you will be well acquainted with Swift, Cocoa, and AppKit, as well as a plethora of other essential tools, and you will be ready to tackle much more complex and advanced software projects.

Swift 3 Programming Cookbook

Author : Keith Moon
ISBN : 1786460890
Genre :
File Size : 66. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Over 75 recipes to help you quickly and efficiently build applications with SwiftAbout This Book* Write robust and efficient code, and avoid common pitfalls using Swift* Get a comprehensive coverage of the tools and techniques needed to create high-performance apps* Packed with easy-to-follow recipes, this book will help you develop code using the latest version of SwiftWho This Book Is ForIf you are looking for a book to help you learn about the diverse features offered by Swift 3.0 along with tips and tricks to efficiently code and build applications, then this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Swift will be beneficial.What you will learn* Use protocol extensions to provide default behavior for your protocols* Use Swift with multiple programming styles and paradigms* Define flexible classes and structs using Generics* Use OperationQueues to execute and prioritize work* Create higher-order functions that take functions as parameters* Take your work mobile with Playgrounds on iOS* Import your own custom functionality into Swift Playgrounds* Use Swift Package Manager to package your Swift modules for others to useIn DetailSwift is an exciting, general purpose programming language. It's open sourcing and porting to Linux present many opportunities to use Swift outside of iOS and OSX app development. As a result, it's a great time to become a Swift developer!This book begins with Swift Constructs and moves on to Data Wrangling. You will then learn how to use Swift with other languages. Also look at how to perform object-oriented programming, Functional Reactive programming, and Protocol Oriented Programming with Swift. Finally, you will get to grips with server-side Swift, its performance, and responsiveness in Swift.With this recipe-based book, you will look at Swift's merits and benefits by covering the problem and solutions on it. This collection of concise, task-oriented recipes immediately makes you productive with Swift, with solutions ranging from core programming topics such as functions, protocol, error handling, and generics to advanced topics such as memory management and concurrency. Finally, you will learn how to improve code efficiency and enhance your application's performance.

Test Driven Ios Development With Swift 3 Second Edition

Author : Dominik Hauser
ISBN : 1787129071
Genre :
File Size : 77. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Write testable and maintainable code to develop highly-functional iOS appsAbout This Book* Learn test-driven principles to help you build apps with fewer bugs and better designs* Become more efficient while working with Swift to move on to your next project faster!* Implement all of the principles of test-driven development (TDD) in to your daily programming workflowWho This Book Is ForMy reader have already done some application development with Swift. They follow the changes in each new Swift version. They also follow a few Swift developers on Twitter or Tumblr and read blog post from famous Swift bloggers. My reader have already heard about Test-Driven Development (TDD) but haven't done really much about it. But they have heard/read that TDD can help to write better code but they don't really know why.What you will learn* Implement TDD in Swift application development* Find bugs before you enter the code using the TDD approach* Use TDD to build models, view controllers, and views* Test network code with asynchronous tests and stubs* Write code that is a joy to read and to maintain* Develop functional tests to ensure the app works as planned* Employ continuous integration to make testing and deployment easierIn DetailTest-driven development (TDD) is a proven way to find software bugs early. Writing tests before your code improves the structure and maintainability of your apps. In combination with the improved syntax of Swift 3, there is no excuse or writing bad code.This book will help you understand the process of TDD and how it impacts your apps written in Swift. Through a practical, real-world example app, you'll start seeing how to implement TDD in context. You will begin with an overview of the TDD workflow and then deep dive into unit testing concepts and code cycles. We will showcase how functional tests work, which will help you improve the user interface. Finally, you will learn about continuous integration using the new user management feature in Xcode Server.

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