a peoples history of the american revolution how common people shaped the fight for independence

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A People S History Of The American Revolution

Author : Ray Raphael
ISBN : 9780060004408
Genre : History
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A sweeping narrative of the wartime experience, A People's History of the American Revolution is the first book to view the revolution through the eyes of common folk. Their stories have long been overlooked in the mythic telling of America's founding, but are crucial to a comprehensive understanding of the fight for independence. Now, the experiences of farmers, laborers, rank and file soldiers, women, Native Americans, and African Americans -- found in diaries, letters, memoirs and other long-ignored primary sources -- create a gritty account of rebellion, filled with ideals and outrage, loss, sacrifice, and sometimes scurrilous acts...but always ringing with truth.

A People S History Of The American Revolution

Author : Ray Raphael
ISBN : 9781595588517
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 63 MB
Format : PDF
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The best single-volume history of the Revolution I have read. —Howard Zinn The first major effort to tell the history of the American Revolution from the often overlooked standpoints of its everyday participants, A People’s History of the American Revolution is a highly accessible narrative of the wartime experience that brings in the stories of previously marginalized voices: the common people, slave and free, who made up the majority in eighteenth-century America. This first volume in The New Press People’s History Series skillfully weaves diaries, personal letters, and other long-overlooked primary source material into the historical narrative. The result is a remarkable first-person perspective on the events leading up to and during the war. With a simple shift of the focus of history’s lens—away from Revolutionary leaders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and on to the slaves they owned, the Indians they displaced, and the men and boys who did the fighting—author Ray Raphael brings us a true people’s history of the Revolutionary experience.

The American Revolution

Author : Ray Raphael
ISBN : 0756769531
Genre :
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This excellent & highly readable book presents an assemblage of little-known voices which convey just how complex & multi-faceted the American Revolution was in fact. Ray Raphael states that Real people, not paper heroes, made & endured the American Revolution.Ó In this groundbreaking study, & with a simple shift of history's lens -- away from leaders such as Washington & Jefferson & on to the slaves they owned, the Indians they displaced, the men & boys who did the fighting & the women who were left behind at home -- Raphael brings us a true peoples' history. He includes chapters on rank-&-file rebels; fighting men & boys; women; loyalists & pacifists; Native Americans; African Americans; & the body of the people.

The First American Revolution

Author : Ray Raphael
ISBN : 9781595587343
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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According to the traditional telling, the American Revolution began with “the shot heard round the world.” Now in paperback, Ray Raphael’s The First American Revolution uses the wide-angle lens of a people’s historian to tell a surprising new story of America’s revolutionary struggle. In the years before the battle of Lexington and Concord, local people—men and women of common means but of uncommon courage—overturned British authority and declared themselves free from colonial oppression, with acts of rebellion that long predated the Boston Tea Party. In rural towns such as Worcester, Massachusetts, democracy set down roots well before the Boston patriots made their moves in the fight for independence. Richly documented, The First American Revolution recaptures in vivid detail the grassroots activism that drove events in the years leading up to the break from Britain.

Defiant Brides

Author : Nancy Rubin Stuart
ISBN : 9780807001189
Genre : History
File Size : 85. 78 MB
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The story of two Revolutionary–era teenagers who defy their Loyalist families to marry radical patriots, Henry Knox and Benedict Arnold, and are forever changed When Peggy Shippen, the celebrated blonde belle of Philadelphia, married American military hero Benedict Arnold in 1779, she anticipated a life of fame and fortune, but financial debts and political intrigues prompted her to conspire with her treasonous husband against George Washington and the American Revolution. In spite of her commendable efforts to rehabilitate her husband’s name, Peggy Shippen continues to be remembered as a traitor bride. Peggy’s patriotic counterpart was Lucy Flucker, the spirited and voluptuous brunette, who in 1774 defied her wealthy Tory parents by marrying a poor Boston bookbinder simply for love. When her husband, Henry Knox, later became a famous general in the American Revolutionary War, Lucy faithfully followed him through Washington’s army camps where she birthed and lost babies, befriended Martha Washington, was praised for her social skills, and secured her legacy as an admired patriot wife. And yet, as esteemed biographer Nancy Rubin Stuart reveals, a closer look at the lives of both spirited women reveals that neither was simply a “traitor” or “patriot.” In Defiant Brides, the first dual biography of both Peggy Shippen Arnold and Lucy Flucker Knox, Stuart has crafted a rich portrait of two rebellious women who defied expectations and struggled—publicly and privately—in a volatile political moment in early America. Drawing from never-before-published correspondence, Stuart traces the evolution of these women from passionate teenage brides to mature matrons, bringing both women from the sidelines of history to its vital center. Readers will be enthralled by Stuart’s dramatic account of the epic lives of these defiant brides, which begin with romance, are complicated by politics, and involve spies, disappointments, heroic deeds, tragedies, and personal triumphs.

A People S History Of The Civil War

Author : David Williams
ISBN : 9781595581259
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 94 MB
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Bottom-up history at its very best, A People's History of the Civil War ""does for the Civil War period what Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States did for the study of American history in general"" (Library Journal). Widely praised upon its initial release, it was described as ""meticulously researched and persuasively argued"" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.Historian David Williams has written the first account of the American Civil War though the eyes of ordinary people?foot soldiers, slaves, women, prisoners of war, draft resiste...

The Brave Women And Children Of The American Revolution

Author : John Micklos, Jr.
ISBN : 0766030199
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 78. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Learn how the women and children kept life going, spied, and fought in the Revolutionary War"--Provided by publisher.

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