a history of ottoman economic thought developments before the nineteenth century

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A History Of Ottoman Economic Thought

Author : Fatih Ermiş
ISBN : 9781134682171
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) existed at the crossroads of the East and the West. Neither the history of Western Asia, nor that of Eastern Europe, can be fully understood without knowledge of the history of the Ottoman Empire. The question is often raised of whether or not economic thinking can exist in a non-capitalistic society. In the Ottoman Empire, like in all other pre-capitalistic cultures, the economic sphere was an integral part of social life, and elements of Ottoman economic thought can frequently be found in amongst political, social and religious ideas. Ottoman economic thinking cannot, therefore, be analyzed in isolation; analysis of economic thinking can reveal aspects of the entire world view of the Ottomans. Based on extensive archival work, this landmark volume examines Ottoman economic thinking in the classical period using three concepts: humorism, circle of justice and household economy. Basing the research upon the writings of the Ottoman elite and bureaucrats, this book explores Ottoman economic thinking starting from its own dynamics, avoiding the temptation to seek modern economic theories and approaches in the Ottoman milieu.

A Monetary History Of The Ottoman Empire

Author : Sevket Pamuk
ISBN : 0521441978
Genre : Business & Economics
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An important book on the monetary history of the Ottoman empire by a leading economic historian.

Economic Thought And Policy In Less Developed Europe

Author : Maria Eugenia Mata
ISBN : 9781134514960
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43. 2 MB
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The essays in this volume explore and discuss the process of dissemination of economic ideas among Europe's less developed countries and regions, as well as the interaction between economic thought and economic policy in different times and places during the nineteenth century. The comparative approach adopted sheds new light on the course of economic development in Europe's less developed countries in the nineteenth century and the role played by political economy. Amongst a host of others, the topics covered include: economic policy in Denmark monetary and trade policy in Norway the influence of the German Historical School in Finland land Reform and the abolition of serfdom in Russia and in Poland With contributions that disclose important insights into national traditions in economic thought and policy, and the diffusion of ideas in Europe, this work will be essential reading for all scholars of the history of economic thought.

Finding Equilibrium

Author : Till Düppe
ISBN : 0691156646
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 57 MB
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"Duppe and Weintraub have written a powerful book that is both a marvelous introduction to modern economics for all who want to know what mathematical economists are up to, and a deep, textured account of the paths Arrow, Debreu, and McKenzie followed on their way to general equilibrium theory. A thoughtful mix of biography, intellectual history, and mathematical expertise, "Finding Equilibrium" invites us into the moments that proved decisive for economics as it exists today."--Peter Galison, author of "Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Maps" "A fascinating account of one of the central quests of modern economics--finding general conditions under which the existence of a competitive equilibrium is assured. Offering remarkable insights into the workings of the economics profession, this book illuminates the interplay between the personalities of the researchers, the structure of their ideas, and the historical events of their time."--Jerry R. Green, Harvard University "Lakatos used history to show us the informality of mathematics. Duppe and Weintraub use history to show us how personal mathematics is: how the commitments of economists, and their personalities, are expressed in their mathematical accounts. Three different economists, three different mathematics of general equilibria--this narrative brilliantly destabilizes any linear story about a central motif in the creation of modern economics."--Mary S. Morgan, London School of Economics and University of Amsterdam "'Unputdownable' is a word more often used of novels than of books on general equilibrium theory, but it describes this book. Written in a style accessible to nonmathematicians, "Finding Equilibrium" makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in the rise of mathematical economics after the Second World War."--Roger Backhouse, author of "The Ordinary Business of Life: A History of Economics from the Ancient World to the Twenty-First Century" "By focusing on what became one of the central theoretical endeavors in postwar economics--proving the existence of general market equilibrium--this important book investigates not just the transformation of economic theory, but also changes in the discipline of economics, the blurring of disciplinary boundaries, and the evolution of the economist's scientific persona."--Harro Maas, Utrecht University

History Derailed

Author : Ivan T. Berend
ISBN : 0520932099
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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There is probably no greater authority on the modern history of central and eastern Europe than Ivan Berend, whose previous work, Decades of Crisis, was hailed by critics as "masterful" and "the broadest synthesis of the modern social, economic, and cultural history of the region that we possess." Now, having brought together and illuminated this region's storm-tossed history in the twentieth century, Berend turns his attention to the equally turbulent period that preceded it. The "long" nineteenth century, extending up to World War I, contained the seeds of developments and crises that continue to haunt the region today. The book begins with an overview of the main historical trends in the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, during which time the region lost momentum and became the periphery, no longer in step with the rising West. It concludes with an account of the persisting authoritarian political structures and the failed modernization that paved the way for social and political revolts. The origins of twentieth-century extremism and its tragedies are plainly visible in this penetrating account.

Routledge Handbook Of The History Of Global Economic Thought

Author : Vincent Barnett
ISBN : 9781317644118
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 47 MB
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The Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought offers the first comprehensive overview of the long-run history of economic thought from a truly international perspective. Although globalization has facilitated the spread of ideas between nations, the history of economics has tended to be studied either thematically (by topic), in terms of different currents of thought, or individually (by economist). Work has been published in the past on the economic thought traditions of specific countries, but this pioneering volume is unique in offering a wide-ranging comparative account of the development of economic ideas and philosophies on the international stage. The volume brings together leading experts on the development of economic ideas from across the world in order to offer a truly international comparison of the economics within nation-states. Each author presents a long-term perspective on economics in their region, allowing global patterns in the progress of economic ideas over time to be identified. The specially commissioned chapters cover the vast sweep of the history of economics across five world regions, including Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Russia and the Ukraine), the Americas (the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Spanish-Speaking South America, Brazil and the Caribbean), the Middle East (Turkey, Israel, Arab-Islamic Economics, Persia/Iran, North Africa), Africa (West Africa, Southern Africa, Mozambique and Angola), and the Asia-Pacific Region (Australia and New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia, the Asian Tigers, India.) This rigorous, ambitious and highly scholarly volume will be of key interest to students, academics, policy professionals and to interested general readers across the globe.

The Great Transformation

Author : Karl Polanyi
ISBN : 9780807056424
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this classic work of economic history and social theory, Karl Polanyi analyzes the economic and social changes brought about by the "great transformation" of the Industrial Revolution. His analysis explains not only the deficiencies of the self-regulating market, but the potentially dire social consequences of untempered market capitalism. New introductory material reveals the renewed importance of Polanyi's seminal analysis in an era of globalization and free trade.

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