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3d Displays

Author : Ernst Lueder
ISBN : 9781119963042
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book addresses electrical engineers, physicists, designers of flat panel displays (FDPs), students and also scientists from other disciplines interested in understanding the various 3D technologies. A timely guide is provided to the present status of development in 3D display technologies, ready to be commercialized as well as to future technologies. Having presented the physiology of 3D perception, the book progresses to a detailed discussion of the five 3D technologies: stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays; integral imaging; holography and volumetric displays, and: Introduces spatial and temporal multiplex for the two views needed for stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays; Outlines dominant components such as retarders for stereoscopic displays, and fixed as well as adjustable lenticular lenses and parallax barriers for auto- stereoscopic displays; Examines the high speed required for 240 Hz frames provided by parallel addressing and the recently proposed interleaved image processing; Explains integral imaging, a true 3D system, based on the known lenticulars which is explored up to the level of a 3D video projector using real and virtual images; Renders holographic 3D easier to understand by using phasors known from electrical engineering and optics leading up to digital computer generated holograms; Shows volumetric displays to be limited by the number of stacked FPDs; and, Presents algorithms stemming from computer science to assess 3D image quality and to allow for bandwidth saving transmission of 3D TV signals. The Society for Information Display (SID) is an international society, which has the aim of encouraging the development of all aspects of the field of information display. Complementary to the aims of the society, the Wiley-SID series is intended to explain the latest developments in information display technology at a professional level. The broad scope of the series addresses all facets of information displays from technical aspects through systems and prototypes to standards and ergonomics

Human Factors Of Stereoscopic 3d Displays

Author : Robert Earl Patterson
ISBN : 9781447166511
Genre : Computers
File Size : 56. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Human Factors of Stereoscopic Displays provides an overview of all vision-relevant topics and issues that inform stereo display design from a user-centric or human factor, perspective. Although both the basic vision science literature and the applied literature will be reviewed, the strength and originality of this book comes from the emphasis on the basic science literature on human stereo vision and its implications for stereo display design. The reader will learn how to design stereo displays from a human vision/human factors perspective. Over the past several years, there has been a growing interest in the development of high-quality displays that present binocular parallax information to the human visual system for inducing the perception of three-dimensional depth. The methods for presenting binocular parallax to an observer vary widely and include three broad categories of display: stereoscopic, holographic and volumetric displays. Because the technology for stereoscopic displays is more developed and more widely used, than those based on holography or volumetric methods, the proposed book addresses those human factors issues involved in the viewing of stereoscopic displays. Despite the diverse methods for creating stereoscopic displays, which includes stereo spatial multiplexing as well as temporal multiplexing (i.e., field sequential) techniques, there remain common human factor issues that arise when viewing such displays. Human Factors of Stereoscopic Displays will provide a detailed review of these important issues so that they can be considered when designing and using 3D displays. In doing so, the following topics will be covered: interocular cross talk; interocular differences in luminance and contrast; accommodation-vergence mismatch; stereoanomaly; spatio-temporal frequency effects; distance scaling of disparity and high-level cue conflict. body>

3d Displays And Spatial Interaction

Author : Barry G. Blundell
ISBN : 0473177005
Genre : Computer vision
File Size : 60. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Use Of 2d And 3d Displays In Military Settings

Author :
ISBN : 9155482902
Genre :
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Scalable Volumetric Three Dimensional Up Conversion Display Medium

Author :
ISBN : 9780549488354
Genre :
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There are many different techniques to display 3D information. However, not many of them are able to provide sufficient depth cues to the observers to sense or feel the images as real three-dimensional objects. Volumetric three-dimensional displays generate images within a real 3D space, so they provide most of the depth cues automatically.

Visual And Auditive 3d Displays As Support For Locating Target Jets Visuele En Auditieve 3d Display Als Ondersteuning Bij Het Opsporen Van Doelvliegtuigen

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:227839257
Genre :
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An experiment was conducted in the TNO-TM flight simulator to investigate which manner of information presentation is most effective in helping pilots to locate target jets. Twelve pilots had to follow a target jet that suddenly disappeared and reappeared at a random spot somewhere around the own jet. The task of the pilot was to get the target jet as fast as possible in front of the own jet. They were supported by a 2D or a 3D (perspective) radar display. In half of the conditions, the position of the target jet was also presented by 3D sounds, provided by headphones. To investigate the effects of high visual load upon task performance, the pilots had to perform a visual task together with the flight task in some conditions. To investigate the effects of 3D sound when two sounds are presented, two target jet could be heard in half of the trials. Results show that performance was at best when a 3D perspective radar display was used. 3D sound improved the performance when it was combined with the 2D but not with the 3D radar, probably because performance was already maximal with the 3D display. The performance on the visual task was improved in the conditions with 3D sound, from which can be concluded that more attentions is available when a visual radar is supported by a 3D sound system. The combined auditive 3D presentation of two target jets did not affect performance.

The Current Trends Of Optics And Photonics

Author : Cheng-Chung Lee
ISBN : 9789401793926
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Optics and photonics offer new and vibrant approaches to meeting the challenges of the 21st century concerning energy conservation, education, agriculture, personal health and the environment. One of the most effective ways to address these global problems is to provide updated and reliable content on light-based technologies. Optical thin films and meta-materials, lasers, optical communications, light-emitting diodes, solar cells, liquid crystal technology, nanophotonics and biophotonics all play vital roles in enriching our lives. We hope to raise readers’ awareness of how optical technologies are now promoting sustainable development and providing reliable solutions to basic human needs. Furthermore, in order to broaden new research fields, we hope to inspire them to pursue further cutting-edge breakthroughs on the basis of the accomplishments that have already been made.

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